1 Jun 2017

Franca Sozzani: Another Beautiful Face

Another Beautiful Face: Franca Sozzani on vickiarcher.com


‘It’s not that fashion itself is ridiculous. Only at the shows you see those people. When women go out and enjoy their life they want to be beautiful, they don’t want to be ridiculous.”

Franca Sozzani, Italian journalist and editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia for 28 years, understood women and their desire to be beautiful.

Her style was constant and classic with a ‘twist of Italian’.


What is a ‘twist of Italian’? I cannot define it or even a ‘twist of French’ when it comes to personal style but I do know when I see it. Her hair was part of her signature, just like Grace Coddington and those majestic red locks or Linda Rodin’s perfect silver up-do

Looking at portraits of Franca Sozzani reminded me nothing beats a simple black dress and a pair of wonderful earrings.

Why do we spend so much time searching for the perfect outfit? This combination must come pretty close to being the all time winner in the fashion stakes. She was right, no woman wants to look ridiculous but we do wish to feel beautiful.

And if we feel we look our best then confidence, happiness and beauty radiates from within.

A new black dress and a pair of fabulous drops is where I am headed. xv

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She was cool… Is it me or do I only find older women to be the coolest now? Must be my age ;) ;)

Anita Rivera

I am with you Vicki, women of a certain age (our age!) ARE COOL, especially when they are comfortable in their skin (very French). Those of us whose youthful swagger has transformed into an elegant dance through life know what really works for us, and we use it to clothe our happy spirits. This woman is stunning, and look at how time sits on her radiant face. Love it.


It’s that look of “effortless” elegance that I always try to strive for . . . she was amazing!Thanks for reminding us.

Vicki Ford

She has the face of a rose, the face of a Tuscan sunset. In the photo she has a song in heart that is eternal. She was a woman, a daughter, a friend, a lover, a mother who cherished and WAS cherished. I think we all have a song in our heart that is eternal. It depends if we crush it’s voice under the weight of care and worry and what we think we should be according to the society and politics we live within, or whether we let that voice which is outside of time and space sing it’s beautiful song. The world needs women to sing their songs, the world is dry and uncomfortable without the beauty of women and without the spirit of women. We are here for a reason and a purpose – to spread love, beauty wisdom and peace to the world. When I look at her face and I consider God’s purpose – yes, it becomes clear to me – we are here as part of His divine plan on earth.


So interesting that her son is engaged to marry Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer. The fashion world brought them all together. Both the mothers seem to have been really happy about their engagement. Sad that Franca Sozzana hasn’t lived to see it. Best wishes, Pamela


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