14 Dec 2012

French Essence… What’s In The Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings are the most fun of all… Ours are always heavy with books… Santa… Are you reading?

FICTION FABULOUS… A little romance, a dash of suspense, a shiver or two and a dose of the historical

Gone Girl… The Witness… Sweet Tooth… Bring Up The bodies


KITCHEN CREATIVE… a pinch of savoury and a tablespoon of sweet
FRANCE and ITALY… from me… from Carla

 Happy Browsing… xv

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Anita Rivera

Of all the great choices here, I want a copy of MY FRENCH LIFE in my stocking! Oh what great ideas my dear! Anita


Oh Vicki, I was at a loss for gift ideas, but I just knew you would not fail me! Books are always perfect and these are some great reads. Thanks ever so for the inspiration.
Hugs and happy holidays,

david terry

Well, how funny to see “The Smitten Kitchen” on your list, vicki…I was just thinking of you (and Tish Jett, plus some other bloggers-who-have-books). I’d never heared of the blog or the book until ten minutes ago, when I read, just before I came to “French Essence”,a long-ish, very interesting article on the woman who’s written “The Smitten Kitchen”.

go to: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/13/books/a-cooking-blog-yields-a-franchise-and-a-husband.html?hpw

And wasn’t it happy-making when the marvelous Hilary Mantel won The Booker Prize for the SECOND time? I’ve heard two lengthy interviews with her (you can find the best interview by going to the website for the radio program “Fresh Air”….the interview was about two weeks ago and should be archived in the podcasts by now) One of my plans for January (I’ll be here alone most of the time) is to re-read “Wolf Hall” and “Bring Up the Bodies” consecutively….and without being on an airplane (which is where I first read them).

Level Best as Ever,

David Terry

Francine gardner

Love reading Ian Mc Ewan…I just left Amazon, having ordered books and more books for associates and friends. For my close friends, I go to Ursus bookstore in New York, where I find the most beautiful and rare Catalogues Raisonne…and your book is of course on my bookshelf!


I ordered your book MY FRENCH LIFE for Christmas! Can’t wait to read it! A little gift to myself!

Christina @greige

I am a book lover for sure – I think any of these would be a perfect addition to my stocking!! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Christmas to you and yours!



Wonderful choices but are we all going to be sewing nice, fat stockings in which to fit these wonderful books? I loaned “My French Life” to somebody and that somebody (and I forget who it was) has not returned it in months. So I’ll need a nice, wide stocking for another precious copy!

miss b

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is making up the stockings (and receiving one of course!) I would be very happy with some of these lovely books. I have recently been reading about Limoncello and Linen Water too.


Ah… Et comment commander au Père-Noël les mitaines rouges à bouttons du ‘daily click’? Elles me font rêver!


Je vais essayer de trouver qui sont les mêmes pour vous et les poster dans mon prochain guide de cadeau de Noël… :)

Kathy Andersen

Hi Vickie,

I just want to congratulate you on you amazing efforts with blogging!! I never tire of your stories. pictures etc
You manage to retain a freshness that keeps my interest!!

Enjoy your Christmas in red!

Warm wishes,
kathy Andersen (Downunder)

lisa | renovating italy

Books in my stocking?? Now you’re talking!
Santa could lock me in a book store and I would be good all year.
I spent last Saturday with Carla at her workshop in Sydney and it was fantastic, a big insight into the behind the scenes of getting published and all it entails.
Sending you and your family Christmas wishes and thanks for bringing joy and magic to our family all year!!
love lisa x

david terry

Dear Vicki and readers……I noticed that you’d put “Bring Up the Bodies” on your list…..

here’s the link to the “Fresh Air” Interview with Mantel. I recall hearing it about two weeks ago (after Mantel won her scond Booker Prize. Having already been wildly impressed by the woman’s astounding ability to articulate QUITE precisely, thinking to myself “Oh……she’s that smart and precise and articulate and wickedly/darkly funny even when she’s giving a live-interview…..”

go to:


Level Best as Ever,

david terry


As a greedy fan of Ottolenghi, Jerusalem is going on my wish list along with Italian joy to sit alongside your books. Merry Merry!

Mona Louise Turner

Dear Vicki, I found your blog while preparing for a vacation in Paris this past September. Ever since, I’ve daily looked forward to French Essence and your Daily Click over my morning tea. It feels like an escape for me. It’s absolutely everything I love deep down in my soul. I take a deep sigh of comfort and content when reading and admiring the photographs on your blog. My husband ordered French Essence and My French Life, they arrived a few days ago. I’ve never met you, but feel so connected to you, as I read from the many comments from other women who feel the same way. So glad I found you. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


I noticed you have that wonderful book “Jerusalem” on your stocking list Vicki … I’ve just received Ottolenghi .. the first book and love the way these guys cook and present food. Rosé water, maple syrup and lots of lemon and garlic…. their food is amazing. Have you been to one of their eateries in London Vicki?


Hi Vicki,
Everyone who reads french essence and gets the daily click would love to have you as their best friend ! We get to do that in a way through your marvellous blog and daily click . You truly have a gift for writing and creating the most interesting and inspirational images (and giving great tips). Thank you so much for the joy (and ideas) you bring to all your followers.
Every best wish for Christmas and 2013.
Annie (also downunder !)
P.S. We cycled around Provence this year , it is SO beautiful !


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