16 May 2011

french obsession…

That would be me, who is obsessed, with roses…all roses, any roses…real, painted and porcelain. I can’t seem to help myself… xv

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Villa Bjørkhaug

Hey!! I just loooove your blog and you sense of taste! If you don't mind, Im going to link to yor blog så that others from Norway can get inspired!!! You are also welkome to my blog.



And it can be a simple rose or a complex garden of them.I love them too, in all shapes and sizes!
I am planning on a arched gate to the garden with climbing roses…
An old dream of mine.
Love those little Faberge style boxes.


Yes; what would life be without roses? I love them, too. From polyanthas to hybrid teas, roses are wonderful.


Vicki these are gorgeous beyond, a friend of mine collects the little ceramic boxes…roses take me back to another era!!

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Art by Karena

hostess of the humble bungalow

Those roses are utterly divine…they look like David Austin roses to me.
The wee trinket boxes are lovely grouped together like that…

Hope that you are enjoying the weekend..
it's raining cats and dogs here!

24 Corners

I can't get over how pretty your little painted china boxes are, what a lovely collection, and the roses are beautiful…so lush!
xo J~


Limoges? Vicki I purchased the exact same oval one (at the back with the centre rose on it), when I was in Paris. When I saw yours, my heart skipped a beat and I was back there for a brief millisecond. Sigh! A-M xx


Roses – the way their petals curl and hug eachother, they look like they are whispering secrets. :)

La Petite Gallery

Well Vicki,
Just bought a new Rose bush, sub-zero. The name is Margret Chase Smith. It fits for MAINE.
My bed room in florida was all chintz cabbage roses… Were you born in April?


My grandmother lived on a farm and she always grew sturdy flowers like 4 O'clocks and hollyhocks and zinnias. But on her china, kept safe inside the house, there were roses of all colors. I have that china now. I'm glad those roses lasted.

Tess Kincaid

Our peonies are not quite ready yet….but soon! They are undoubtedly my favorite flower. Love the limoges boxes. I have a few of them, as well.


Hi Vicki,
I left you a comment on your beautiful Iceberg roses saying, I think, that I was a little envious and now, you show me these divine pale pink ones making me even more envious !!
I think that I must pick some of my David Austin St. Swithin's roses that are quite prolific at the moment. XXXX


Oh my word, these roses are so divine that I could swoon. I am a rose lover too, what a lovely post, thank you.

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki!
With pictures like those why wouldn't you just be gaga for roses….. And if you ever can't find the little porcelain box with the pink cherubs????? I 'Borrowed" it!!!!!!Hugs Maryanne

Ingrid Mida

I love roses too but I love little boxes even more because they don't die. I thought of you every time I passed a floral display when I was in Paris this weekend. I took several photos too – with you in mind.


wow what beauties those are! I know some people say buying fresh flowers is a waste of money but they really do lift my mood no matter what

Angie Muresan

I never tire of looking at roses. They are perfection!
The photos are so lovely, Vicki. The roses, the porcelain boxes, the light… Like a still life painting.


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