10 Dec 2020

Fringe Appeal: Not Always In A Straight Line

Fringe Appeal on vickiarcher.com 

Have you ever worn a fringe?

I’ve had them on curtains, on sofas and on chairs but only ever once on myself. Disaster. Seriously. Really.

A round face, coupled with wavy/curly hair and the look was not the fringe of my dreams. I imagined Amélie; not exactly. One of those mistakes I will only make once.

The fringe I am mad for and able to wear are those that decorate our ears. Do you remember the old paste earrings that cascaded from the earlobes of the most elegant women? Starbursts with tails, icicles basically a trail of blazing diamantes in a variety of shapes. I do love a drop earring and these are a style worthy of our collections. Especially now, whats more festive than a pair of fancy earrings?

The length of the earrings is dependent on the length of hair and the length of neck. The longer the neck the prettier they look and especially if a short pixie is your cut. Shoulder length hair is more forgiving and can support most drop earrings.When I wear drops I tend to wear my hair down and blown out straight – it’s getting long again so I will be getting the drops on when I can.

Wearing earrings, like applying a red lip, makes me feel dressed up and as if I have made an effort. The small things can make the biggest difference. xv

Fringe Appeal

fun and festive

london chain   ||  isabelle marant  ||   anissa kermiche  ||  panacea  ||  crystal fringe drop  ||  staggered cupchain

These fringe earrings will look so pretty for the holidays and also make a fab stocking filler or gift for your girlfriends.

The Edit Highlights

*Have you tried this clever cleanser?

*Add these to the tree.

*These are on the top of my list.

And a cocotte for my boys who love to cook.


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Good morning, Vicki!

OK, I’ve been wearing a fringe (or bangs as we call them here in the states) since I was about 25. I feel they suit me much better than not having them. Of course, everyone has a different shape face and length of neck so I feel fortunate that at least I can wear this style and highlight the “chandelier” type of earrings I adore. A fringe is also highlighted nicely with an updo; could you wear your hair UP for a while until your fringe grows out? OH the things we attempt and love or hate…it’s all experimentation! I bet however, that you know how to remedy this and get through the months of growing out. I know you’ll come up with a gorgeous way.


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