24 Jul 2018

Getting Highbrow About The Brows


They are the focal point of our faces and make the greatest amount of impact.

Eyebrows help to frame our facial features and assist us when displaying our emotions.

We may now spend hours preening over our brows yet mastering them is still easier said than done.

We’ve previously discussed shaping our brows, though I’m still yet to find a woman 100% happy with theirs.

There is always something about them we would prefer to bypass. Are they too thin and fine, shapeless and archless, patchy and sparse?

VA’s tips & tricks

* Avoid Overplucking
Excessive use of a pair of tweezers can harm the hair follicles.

Allow your brows to grow and hold off taming them too regularly. Experts recommend once every three weeks.

* Look After Them
To boost hair growth apply a primer to your brows before applying makeup in the morning.

Overtime brows will look thicker and fuller, resulting in less time in front of the mirror filling them in.

* Tools Of The Trade
Use the best pair of tweezers once every three weeks and tweeze in the direction of your hair growth to remove unwanted hairs.
In between, keep your brows trim and tidy using a pair of shaping scissors. Be careful with this and if in doubt ask a beauty professional to trim the eyebrows.

* Product Perfect

Discovering the product best suited for you can make or break your brows.

To achieve a natural finish, always ensure you are applying a shade to the brows that is a true match to your hair colour. The exception is with the greys, a darker brow looks fantastic with a silver mane.

– If you are already blessed in the brow department, all you need is a gel to tame the rebellious hairs.
Opt for a clear formula or a tinted fibre to settle them down.

– Apply a powder product for natural, defined brows. Use a brow brush for extra precision, using soft strokes and blend.

– Use a thin pencil product if you have sparse brows that need filling.
The thin nib will help mimic your natural hairs.

– Invest in a pomade for long-lasting brows. They are smudge-proof and perfect for those who find their brow products tend to slip and slide through the day.

Remember, a little goes a long way with a creamy product so only apply a small amount with an angled brush.

Back to the beginning; eyebrows are everything.

Getting Highbrow About The Brow

the ones you want

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tools of the trade

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Oh, the brows. I’ve been going with their flow now for years, and just letting them be as I pluck to keep them tidy. During the 80s when, was it Brooke Shields, who introduced the bushy brow, I wanted to have the look. But I learned and accepted immediately that I didn’t that that kind of brow. So, I went for the tidy look. But now, I keep them neat but I’ve learned to love their natural shape, and that’s all I can do!


we get there, in the end, don’t we, Anita :)
Mine have had their fair share of torture… now it’s minimal and colour only :)


Timely post! I was told many years ago, “Don’t leave the house without your eyebrows” and as my eyebrows become lighter, sparser and almost invisible, I have taken that to heart. I trim, but dont pluck them as I would have nothing left. I am still coloring my hair, although am having serious discussions about transitioning to gray as I have seen your hair as well as several other woman who have gorgeous gray hair. I think mine is peppered black and gray so maybe not that attractive. I color my brows when I do my hair, blonde, and use a slanted eyebrow brush and powder. I have very pale skin and without my eyebrows and a little blush, I look like a sheet of white typing paper. Thanks for the info.

Oh, by the way, I’m using a lip Stain which seems to be staying on better than lipstick. I asked a friend in the chemical department at Revlon how many calories are in lipstick as I seem to have consumed about a hundred tubes over my lifetime…otherwise, where does that stuff go??? She said she had never been asked that question. I’m suspicious that lipstick is the hidden culprit for my weight gain over the years. Haha Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks, enjoy your blog.


Love this thought about lipsticks… you made me laugh… Mine are all half eaten!! ;)


Have my brows threaded about every four to six weeks then tinted to match the darkest colour of my hair (not very dark). So easy, the beautician is so expert. Then all I need is to give them a fast brush each day, once each brow. No need for any product or work by me. Have been doing this for years and it works. Best wishes, Pamela

Frith Latimer

I have had my thinning brows micro-bladed and it’s the best thing ever but obviously you do need to go to someone very skilled who is subtle. I went for a few top ups to get them perfect. I would highly recommend it.


I haven’t tried that… Mine aren’t too bad but I could do with a fill-in here and there!


I have always had light and sparse brows, but they got even more sparse as I got a little older. I also started seeing an occasional silvery hair in my brows about a year ago. I started using Latisse on my brows (a little off label, I know!) and began dying them every 6 weeks. Now I have beautifully full eyebrows a shade or two darker than my ashy blonde/light brown hair, and they frame my face so much better! The only thing I now use on a daily basis is a little clear gel to hold them in place. It worked well for me!

Joanna Hudson

I haven’t been happy with mine for years. I’ve been going grey from the outside in until all I had left was a little show of dark hair. It looked like I didn’t have eyebrows except for “the little dark show”. So in February I got… gasp… tattoos! Yes I got my eyebrows tattooed and once again I was staring at the old me in the mirror. And with the fading of eyesight, I don’t have to worry about doing my eyebrows. Yay!


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