24 Nov 2016

Gillian Anderson: Steal Her Style

Gillian Anderson: Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

Gillian Anderson has got it so right.

Mistress of the workplace attire, she embodies the mastery of being both feminine and practical in the most elegant of ways.

As ‘The Fall’ returns to our televisions, so does Stella Gibson’s impeccable style. Gillian Anderson’s personal fashion is not all that far apart from her on-screen ego, even down to that scrumptious blow dry.

Aged 48, she is the epitome of chic, and who wouldn’t want to steal her style?

In an industry of male supremacy, Stella Gibson dresses for herself and the confidence she radiates is not just for show. She continues to stay true to her illustrious blonde locks which frame her subtly made-up face, but despite her beautiful appearance, it is often her clothes that speak a thousand words.

“I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. “

Let’s talk about the silk blouse.

White, deep burgundy or blush, Anderson suits them all. Perhaps it is her signature piece, or, perhaps blouses are just a naturally flattering option. Whatever the case, silk is always a good idea. Draping gracefully across her shoulders, the blouse does wonders for Anderson’s figure. It speaks professionalism, with just the right note of seduction.

With a naturally pale complexion and fair hair, light colours could easily wash her out. The silk fabrics accentuate her dewy finish in a way that I would love to emulate. Her fictional fashion heroine illustrates there is more to neutral than black and white, consistently blessing our screens with peach, apricot and coppers.

“And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.”

How do we steal her style?

It is impossible to ignore Stella Gibson’s enviable outlook on life. Besides her love affair with the silk blouse, she is a working woman, enjoys keeping fit and manages to write a journal in her spare time. Second to looking the part, making time for herself is high on Stella’s agenda.

The blouse is the perfect place to start.

Gillian Anderson: “Steal” Her Style

vince faux wrap  //  vince concealed collar  // atm dolman sleeve  //  mcq pintuck tie neck  //  l’agence high low  //  cinq a sept monarch

chloe satin trim  // chloe pussy bow

Gillian Anderson: Steal Her Style by Megan Goodey

image, gillian anderson telegraph uk

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Anita Rivera

I have to learn to wear a silk blouse; this minimal look is the most attractive to me, with a white silk blouse and your OWN good looks and confidence and fitness shining through. SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS and I remember her from the XFiles. She looks even better now!


Doesn’t she! I like her style and she really knows how to wear a blouse.
I was very into wearing blouses a few years ago… After seeing her in The Fall, (not all of it.. still watching)… I decided we should get the blouses back out.. :)

david terry

Dear Vicki,

I never saw “The X Files” (not surprising, since I’ve never owned a television; there’s only so much culture I can consume in any given year), but I have seen Anderson in the movie “The House of Innocence”. I went in prepared to utterly hate it (part of my dissertation was on Edith Wharton, one of my favorite 19th century writers)….and I was really taken aback.

All I knew of Anderson at the time was that about 1/2 of my smart lesbian friends had predictably unrequited crushes on Anderson, and that she’d been in a hit-tv-series with David Duchovny (whom I knew only from the movie “Kalifornia”, which is indeed wonderful).

She was STUNNING in that movie……particularly in her scenes with Dan Ackroyd (who knew he could be a serious actor?)….and, even more so, in the scenes played with Laura Linney (whose character is basically&essentially a social queen-cobra, encircling Anderson’s character and eventually ruining her life/happiness.

In any case?…Anderson is a very fine thing in many ways. As for wearing a blouse?……I’ve been wearing shirts for at least the past fifty years, so perhaps you might feature my “look” sometime? It’s not that had a look to pull off, you know. I can send you photographs of me wearing various shirts, if you like.

as sincerely as ever,

David Terry


The movie is “The House of Mirth” – looked it up as one to search for on Netflix! I love a simple shirt look too but here in Canada, it is either too cold (like now!) or too hot!!!

david terry

Oh, Wendi…..of course you’re right….it’s “The House of Mirth”. Would you believe that I have two masters degrees, an m.litt (a weird English degree), and a Ph.D. in Literature (with an emphasis on Feminist Studies and late 19th century literature)??????? Doesn’t show now, does it?

I suppose, after all that reading over all those years, my brain is doing some sort of automatic file-compressing to save unused memory space. Hence, “The House of Innocence”.

In any case, you’re quite right. Just now, I[‘m wondering what google fetches up when ones types in search for “The House of Innocence”. Probably a soft porn-flick made in 1970’s California….Miss Wharton would not be amused..


David Terry


I’m a 70’s type of girl dresser. Love me my tee shirts. I find blouses confining and while I do own a few, rarely wear them as I feel constricted when I do wear them. As for silk anything, unfortunately silk clothing makes me sweat profusely. I do love my linen dresses and slacks for the summer heat.

I sure do wish I could look as great and comfortable as she does in her blouses!!!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t look like a silk shirt. The collar on a silk shirt never stands up so smartly. I believe it’s a fine cotton, perhaps a quality blend. I love shirts – whether dressed up or down, silk or cotton.


You won’t be wanting to steal her style, but she’s unbelievably great (sporting raven black tresses) in the BBC 2005 series “Bleak House”. The entire cast is excellent, including early work by Carey Mulligan.


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