18 Jan 2016

Girlfriends, Let’s Talk About Them

The Women, George Cukor 1939, Girlfriends, vickiarcher.com



“Unless the story line carries the scenes, the scenes don’t really mean anything.” George Cukor

Girlfriends, what would we do without them.

This last week I have been travelling with a group of friends to celebrate another’s significant birthday. It has all been so much fun and like a million others I do believe I left my heart in San Francisco. The one really significant revelation on this trip has been about girlfriends.

Girlfriends are a special bunch and as much as relationships with partners, children and work colleagues are equally significant nothing and I mean nothing is like the love shared between great girlfriends.

How is it they get you?

Time doesn’t matter. I live on the other side of the world from many of my girlfriends and don’t really keep in touch as much as I would like. It is never intentional neglect, far from it, day-to-day life has a habit of intruding.

And yet, the distance does not matter in any way. Nothing has changed in all the years we have known each other. We start off in exactly the same place we left off. The gaps in time are non-existent, explanations un-necessary and the chat simply flows in a way like no other.

Women understand each other and we face many of the same obstacles and hurdles together.

Bringing up children, re-inventing us to start new careers and striving for that path of balance and moderation that we aspire to. We encourage each other simply by listening and we support each other because we can visualise ourselves in the very same place.

How is it we can talk for hours about nothing much?

In the talking, whether resolutions are made or not, we feel better. We feel supported and comforted at the same time; knowing someone understands and is on the same page makes all the difference.

The Women, George Cukor 1939, Girlfriends, vickiarcher.com


There are girlfriends and girlfriends.

There are those we meet and make friends with in an instant. They may be friends of a few years and yet the bonds are strong because we meet and click over common ground. There are “work” girlfriends and they are the ones who listen ad infinitum to subjects that others cannot possibly have the bandwidth for; it is natural that passions are not always shared.

Then there are the long-standing friendships, the girlfriends who have been along for the ride for decades. They know us inside and out; the good the bad and the ugly. These women support us unconditionally and are proud of our successes and not invested in our failures.

These women are the rocks, the foundations and the ones who give us strength and own a place in our hearts. They are to be cherished.

Girlfriends with a look, a smile and a knowing glance make our world a better place. xv

Best Girlfriends

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The Enchanted Home

Everything you said I soooo agree with. I am blessed to have an amazing group of friends and some of my most fun times and trips have been with them. Amazing how we never ever run out of anything to say, and we laugh non stop…nothing like the company and friendship of a great and true friend. Cheers to great friends!


There is nothing like that “giggle” with the girls… it’s so energising and re-vitalising… wish we could bottle it and take one a day… ;)

Linda B

You are spot on! There are all sorts of dear friends, but certainly, I don’t know what in the world I would do without my very closest girlfriend. We’ve known each other for almost 20 years. Seen each other through thick and think. There is no one in the world–even my beloved husband of 34 years–with whom I can share ALL of my deepest thoughts and silliest whimsies. We have not lived in the same city for over a decade but that does not matter. I thank the heavens every day for my BFF, and all the amazing women in my life!


I think so many of us have friends who live in other cities but we feel as if they are right next door… distance in this case changes nothing.. :)

Anita Rivera

Hello dearest Vicki! I’ve been married for 33 years and my husband became and still is, my best friend. But about the middle of the second decade together, we realized that we needed to rekindle camaraderie with old friends. There is nothing like sitting or going out with the girls. When any of my husband’s friends or colleagues come to the house, my husband becomes an excited little boy again or overcharged teenager, discussing his favorite movie or even COMIC! To see him transform into a young man again with his buds, for me to feel like one of the girls – there is something very primitive about that, and I LOVE IT. SO, you are in the US! Oh Vicki, enjoy yourself! Anita


I love the US Anita… it is especially a great combination when I am travelling with dearest friends and in beautiful locations.. I am totally spoilt… and enjoying every second of this trip… San Francisco and Aspen are a long way to meet up with a bunch of loveable Aussies but it’s much closer than Oz.. Worth every air mile :)

Wendy Ervin

Of course your pictures include “The Women”, the quintessential movie that every woman needs to watch. Thank you for making my day.
-Wendy Ervin


Isn’t it the best film… we were all saying here we want to re-watch it together… :)

Leslie in Oregon

I agree completely about the wonderful bonds between very close friends, but for me, that category includes both men and women. (And frankly, when it comes to the nature or quality of our bonds, I do not distinguish by gender.) Three of my very closest friends are men and the fourth is a woman. I can and do talk about everything with them. My oldest friends, a group of women with whom I shared my days as a student, all live at least 500 miles away, and while it is lovely to get together, much of what we talk about is our shared history since we do not, cannot, live our daily lives together.

Alison at The Gracious Posse

Girlfriends share our lives, and their love fills our lives, especially when husbands and children leave. Your words remind me of how blessed I have been to have a posse of wonderful women in my life who bring me joy just from being a part of it.


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