23 Sep 2017

Girl’s Night In: The Best Face Masks

Girl's Night In: The Best Face Masks on vickiarcher.com

I am ready for a girl’s night in.

Usually, when I think of a girl’s night in I imagine lots of chat, copious amounts of laughter and beauty treatments. Beauty treatments are more about the camaraderie than the actual results. I remember younger days when ‘the girls’ would get together for a sleepover and part of the fun was slathering us in beauty products and in particular facial masks.

We sat around, covered in thick face creams and waited for a transformation. Little did I know that I was already sitting on a miracle; youthful, beautiful skin that really needed nothing more than simple looking after. Isn’t the benefit of hindsight a luxurious concept?

This weekend it will be only me and the masks, yes, we are old friends and I am in the mood to apply more than one. I find applying and wearing a face-mask very relaxing. It is probably because the treatment makes you slow down and pace yourself, even for 30 minutes.

Do I use a mask as often as I should?  No, of course not. When do we ever look after ourselves, as we should? I certainly crave the benefits; the extra nourishing, the highlight and polish they provide to a mature skin.

Girl’s Night In

use the mask at night, this allows for the greatest absorption

apply the face mask to clean skin after cleansing and toning, either use before moisturiser or over a facial oil for super results

 masks are a treatment, use regularly between 1-3 times a week, depending on the mask

My latest skincare crush (hardly latest since I have been using these products on and off since 1995) on Darphin is showing positive results – my skin has never felt better. I’m going to generously apply my new jasmine oil, then cover my face with the hydrating mask and luxuriate in it all night long. Two words – can’t wait. xv

On The Face

darphin youthful radiance camelia mask  ||  darphin hydrating kiwi mask  ||  darphin jasmine aromatic care

image, julianne moore for the cut, watch her HERE

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Mimi Gregor

I use a mask twice a week, religiously, and have no problem finding time to do it. It seems that a lot of women think of it as a “nighttime” ritual. I use a mask during the pre-dawn hours when I have just gotten up. I prep breakfast, exercise, meditate, and then — on Mondays and Fridays — I slather on a mask before I check what is going on online. By the time I’m finished running through all the blogs I follow, it is time to rinse it off and get dressed. A lot of time that is wasted staring at a screen can be used to apply a mask, file one’s nails, or whatever. It’s not like blogs are the nuclear codes, after all.

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! Yes, I remember those wonderful slumber parties when us girls did all the above as you describe, and then some! We’d actually do the contrary, by eating all the sweets we could possibly take in, stay up all night, and dream of our futures. But I love your idea here of a girls’ night in but just with myself. That “me” time is essential in order to be a better YOU in the world. Have a fabulous time!

Cathy C

I love a girls’ night in. After a good exfoliation, I like applying a masque from Dermalogica: the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. It smells and feels amazing and my skin always feels renewed. Enjoy your me time!


Vicki I too love using a facial oil prior to using a hydrating mask . . . I do believe it adds a little extra! My favourite at the moment is the Caudelie hydrating mask which I leave on overnight.


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