24 Mar 2021

The Glow Stick: One Way To Light Up

The Glow Stick on vickiarcher.com

Luminosity is everything.

It makes photographs, defines interiors and changes how we look. Luminescence and how it can impact a surface is nothing short of miraculous.

When you think about it we should always incorporate “glow” into our make-up routine. Like so many clever cheats to looking our best, I forget about them in my rush to be done.

Reading about glow sticks or highlighters as I once called them sparked my interest and had me contemplating what I might be missing out on and what I should perhaps be doing.

Okay, it is super easy and the difference is noticeable. I love this little addition to my make-up routine.

A swipe across the cheekbones and a dash on the temples and somehow I do look brighter. And that is a good thing. These sticks are different from concealer or ysl touche eclat type highlighters. The best way I can describe their purpose is they attract and throw light. When you take an image on an iPhone and you touch the area of the photograph you wish to lighten, “to highlight” – it seems to be much like that.

I have been trialling two glow sticks and like them both – maybe this one more by a smidge. I have worn them predominantly on their own over my tinted moisturiser without a hint of blush. If I were out and about in the evenings I would add my blush and then swipe it across the top of the cheekbones to catch the light.

Small gains, small finds; it’s keeping me happy. xv

The Glow Stick: LIght Up

chanel baume essential glow stick ||  westman atelier light up stick i’m using peach

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Oh Vicki, this is a great idea! You are so right; that light, that glow, coming from the inside to produce a joyful smile as well as the shine of healthy skin, this is where that glow of life shines. Thank you for the suggestion!


Such beautiful tulips – my favorites at this time of year. I bought white and yellow ones yesterday for the weekend – tightly closed but hopefully will open soon. Love how they always keep ‘growing’ in the water – and even in their last days remain so picturesque before dropping their petals.
Happy weekend Vicki.

P.S. Any tips on preventing ‘maskne’ – perioral dermatitis – around the mouth, cheeks and nose? I’m having bit of a problem even though I wear disposable masks at times and my cloth masks I wash often. I’m rarely using any makeup these days.


I don’t know, Mary… I am sorry… I guess keep hydrated and maybe try a different brand of disposable mask?

Michelle à Détroit

What gorgeous tulips! I approach the skin “glow” factor with great caution. I strongly dislike the “Instagram look”, with its obviously sculpted and highlighted faces. Generally speaking, a matte face works better for me, especially in photographs. I have been also using Retin A daily since 1987, and that has left my skin without the need to add highlighting products. I find that here is a fine line between glowy and shiny. I can almost always see highlighting products on other women, no matter how subtly applied. Healthy skin provides the best glow. I do occasionally use a product called Inner Glow Complexion Enhancer, by Osmotics. It is extremely subtle.


The Westman Atelier highlight sticks are fabulous. I too, wear peach. It is such a fun makeup product to play with. Her makeup is making this 63 year old face glow. So natural and easy.


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