15 Aug 2020

I Really Do Know Better: The Importance of Cleansing

Going, Going, Gone: The Importance of Cleansing on vickiarcher.com

Cleansing is probably my most important beauty routine.

And recently I have let myself down. All the excuses under the sun but really, I do know better.

If my face is well cleansed I feel my skin looks brighter and I feel so much better.

Generally, I am religious in my habits and give my face a thorough cleansing morning and night. Without my twice-daily routine, when I looked in the mirror, I can see the results. Not so great.

Less clarity, more redness and uneven texture; most importantly the serums and creams I rely on are less effective.

I mostly use two products in my routine, Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk which I have been using for at least 20 years on and off; it’s gentle, works beautifully and doesn’t dry my skin out.

I just love it and even though I try many others, I come back to this one. I intersperse, say 3 days a week, with a foam cleanser and right now Darphin Intral Air Mousse with Chamomile is my choice. This one provides a slightly deeper cleanse which is why I chose to use the two.

I always believe it is best for the skin to mix up our products but that does not mean we forget the true stars of our skincare routine.

I have slipped but I’m back and there will be no more excuses. xv

The Importance of Cleansing: I Really Do Know Better

darphin intral cleansing milk  ||  darphin intral air mousse with chamomile


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Jacki F.

Your post is so timely. I guess I’m not perfect either, because last night I was so tired I simply took off my mascara and only did a quick swipe of a wet washcloth on the face to remove any of the tinted moisturizer I put on yesterday morning. Since skin is sort of like hair–part of our “Integumentary System” it makes sense to switch products, just as I do for my hair. I love Darphin but have yet to try their cleansers; I have recently tried Clarins (both) & Fresh (soy) but I ultimately came back to my old favorite Resurgence from Murad. Next time I switch (& after I use my other ones up) I will try Darphin. I use their Intral shield faithfully as well as their moisturizers and have used the cleansing balm in winter. Love the post! Will check out the sale!


I think you will like their cleanser Jacki… it’s very soft and non-greasy which I like for every day. I do like balm as a special treatment and to switch things up but this cleanser.. it’s my real workhorse of the skincare products :)


I have started lurking at reddit’s sub (group?) called “skincare addiction” several times a week. It’s a great place to do a search on anything related to skincare (new product name etc) and then find out what others are saying. I think it may be one of reddit’s most popular “groups”. One big think I notice is the DOUBLE CLEANSE. At night many people do a double cleanse – apparently two different products? I get the sense they do this no matter what (makeup or not).

I only started regular lurking after the virus so of course I rarely (as in nearly never) wear makeup these days but I did purchase micellar water and on the rare days I get made up I will swipe my whole face with that soaked in a cotton pad and then a cleanse with something else using water/product etc. Otherwise I don’t double cleanse.

New word for me: shelf-ie. As in put your new haul on a shelf and take a photo and post it and talk about it.

off topic, sort of: would you happen to know the brand of coat that Audrey Hepburn wore in Funny Face, when they first arrived in Paris and she was wandering the streets and the Seine, solo? I figure if anyone would know or know where to find out, it would be you! Thank you Vicki.


Hello Beth,
I think the coat Audrey Hepburn wore would either be designed by Hubert de Givenchy or Edith Head.
For cleansing, I agree the double cleanse is excellent and whether I have makeup on or not, cleansing is a must. Thinking about today – this morning I double cleansed with the Darphin Gentle cleanser and later tonight I will do the same.

Jenny Barton

You recommended the Darphin cleanser in one of the first of your posts I read – I gave it a go, and have never wavered since. I am Scottish born with sensitive skin, not the best for dealing with the highs and lows of the Provence climate, and my face physically hurts if I get water on it, so a lovely creamy cleanser is just what I need. Add to that the fact that it cleans thoroughly and it has to be a winner. Interesting what you say about the Mousse product, I will give that a try for days (more and more infrequent) when I wear any kind of foundation.


I think you will enjoy it too, Jenny. There is another serum from Darphin in the Intral range you would like for your sensitive skin.. I think you will find it at a large pharmacy in Provence… I know the big one near Intermarche in St Remy stocks it.. (Serum Apaisant Anti Rougeurs is the name in French) Its really very soothing but also nourishing.


Bonjour, Vicki,
I thought I was the only one neglecting the most basic of skincare in these times! When the days run together and you never leave the house – except maybe dinner under the patio umbrella – it isn’t always easy for the unconscious to move through the twice-daily rituals. The Darphin intral air mousse sounds lovely! Might be just the incentive.
In the meantime, my Nordy anniversary sale packages are beginning to arrive and I am so excited. Did you know they have the Bose micro bluetooth speaker for less than Amazon?


It is an amazing sale and glad you are finding some beauties! The Air Mousse is fab.. you will love it :)


After reading one of your posts on cleansing and moisturizing all skin types I decided to try Darphin intral air mousse with chamomile for sensitive skin and love it….good choice for me and thank you for that post. I also use Bioderma nettoyant apaisant micellaire that is equally good at cleansing and their lightweight moisturizer. Before I walk in the morning I alway apply sunscreen on my face so I may wash my face 2-3X due to reapplying sunscreen again after showering. I use Rhodan and Fields sunscreen for sensitive skin and my face really likes it. Whew!!! It sure seems like it takes a lot of my time and when I am feeling plain lazy the consequences are not so good:-)


The lazy never pays off… but I guess we need it every now and then to realise what’s best ;)

Sandra Sallin - Apart From My Art

Amen! I definitely do the double cleanse. I love using a balm to begin whether I have makeup on or not. Then that warm washcloth to take it off. Love that feeling of a warm washcloth on my skin. Then I’ve started using Beauty Pie’s second cleansers, and again using that warm maybe a little hot washcloth. Use this method wether I have makeup on or not. Just feels good.


Just popped into the pharmacy near the Intermarche in St Remy (we have managed to get away on holiday!) and purchased a Darphin cleanser. It is a fabulous welcoming pharmacy. Lovely assistant treated me six samples from Darphin including the delightful 8 flower nectar oil which I love. Plus I purchased many little offers on Caudalie to hide away for Christmas gifts!!! A good visit Vicki!!


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