30 Apr 2018

Grazie, Grazie, Grazie: Grazia

Grazie, Grazie: Grazia on vickiarcher.com

Grazia magazine is on it.

They understand we older women have a thing or two to say about fashion and style.

I might have one or two ideas about that too. They asked me to pen a few words about the “Over 50” Influencer and here is the unedited version. xv

  • Why did you start your blog and what was missing?


I started to shift my writing and content focus more and more towards fashion and beauty because my readers responded very positively to these conversations. Women, as they age, are wiser, even more, beautiful and more self-confident. I felt we could all lead lives that are infinitely enriched and all we needed was a little inspiration and know-how.

I believe in an ageing philosophy I have coined, “Better Not Younger”. Trying to go backwards or recreate the past is a futile pursuit and one that leads to a lack of self-confidence and unhappiness. Facing the future with the goal of “better, not younger” is the way I want to think and live my life.



  • What do you think the appeal of ‘older’ influencers is?


An older influencer has experience and understanding. We have something to say. It’s not just a photograph and a suggestion to buy. With every feature, we create there is solid reasoning behind my advice. I will never endorse or suggest something I don’t use, seriously covet or have already. Authenticity is everything and my number one priority.


Sometimes women need encouragement or simply someone to tell them, “they can wear that” or “this is how it’s done’. I believe fashion is for everyone; it is how we adapt trends to suit ourselves that makes the difference.


It’s not about a number it is about knowing yourself and your own signature style. Working that one out is easy for some and an ongoing journey for others.



Who is your following?


My readers are predominantly women 40+


They are smart and well educated. They are either re-starting their careers or re-engineering them. They enjoy engaging with each other through my platform and they want to be knowledgeable about all that is available in the fashion and beauty world.


They are a group of fascinating women always ready to comment and I write to them as if they are my best girlfriends – even though we haven’t met I feel we are the greatest of friends.



  • How do brands respond?

Brands are in a difficult position. They know the “older” demographic of women have more disposable income and yet traditionally for campaigns, the younger influencer has seduced them.


This is changing and the brands I work with are beginning to understand women are discerning and prefer an honest and truthful form of marketing. Women demand to see real women, whatever age. I like working with brands that trust me to spread their message in my way. I know my reader and I know what she wants and I won’t push anything that wouldn’t work for me.



  • Do you subscribe to the ‘rules’ of style?


I subscribe to the ‘adaption’ of style.


Rules don’t work for everyone because a style is not a static concept. Mine ducks and weaves over the decades but essentially there are elements recurring since forever.


We each have our own unique way of dressing and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Trends are there to be interpreted and not necessarily obeyed; style is much the same.


Anyway, I have always thought rules are for breaking ;)

images atelier dore and vicki archer


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And dear Vicki ~ this is exactly why I read every single one of your posts. xoxo


Good morning, beautiful! Vicki, this is sensational.Anytime anyone is given a chance to voice who they are and their passions, is a time to listen and celebrate. I am particularly keen on allow older women speak their wisdom. Whether it’s about beauty, fashion, self-esteem, or other bits and bobs of wisdom, it is time for the elders of each community to be given the microphone. I hope that one day I too can elaborate more on the wisdom that is set in the empty crown each one of us wears, but for which we have to earn each jewel. You look marvelous, your style is flowing like your light yet wise spirit. AND…I just got two new pair of the most gorgeous flats and I thought of YOU when I put them on.

Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all to walk in the light and beauty of our souls.


Congratulation . I love the “adaptation” of style . Your interview is very fresh and inspiring . Bravo


If I told you how often I have bought the beauty products you recommend (right down to lip colour and fragrance) is seem like a stalker 😳


You put us across perfectly as always.
And . . . Is that a bedroom in the new hotel?????


Vicki I love your blog and remember the first book you wrote and I still adore.

Lesley from Dallas

Fantastic response to their questions!
As we age we have more insight and confidence to be who we are meant to be, not what some glossy magazine tells us who we should be. The sooner the brands figure this out, the more they will profit. I am happy to be in my 50’s and see this shift happening in our culture.

Mona Turner

I share in your philosophy and enjoy being continually inspired by your daily posts.

Brenda Barnes Jones

I love all your blogs…..and your beautiful books!! You give advice like a best friend…..one with great taste and finesse at putting things together well to look easy and uncontrived! Bravo! on any attention you are getting for sharing uncommon wisdom about adapting and accepting every stage of life as wonderful as we strive not to stop time but to be THE BEST ONE AND ONLY US AT EVERY STAGE!

Keep sharing and enlightening! Cannot wait to read your blog every day!!

Wendi Yates

Well done Vicky AND I didn’t “hear” any “ah’s” and the end of any of the sentances as is the current annoying trend, for example: “I loved your interview-ah”! Congratulations.

Lucinda Payne

Vicki… Love reading your blog..so addicted!!! I’ve told many of my clients to read your subscribe I tell them it would give them confidence in being true to their own personal style instead of feeling the pressure of trends. Nothing is more unattractive than a 65 year old woman dressing like a 35 year old! She may look okay retreating but head on….YIKES!!! One of my favorite ladies bought the beautiful Roksanda Navy Dress all because of you (I might take a bit o’ credit):) Thank you for your effervesent enthusiasm and your inspiring thoughts for all of us to ponder. You’re such a Gift!


The slogan “Better not Younger” is a positive message for all. These two sentences, “An older influencer has experience and understanding. We have something to say.”, truly capture us. Brilliant writing, Vicki!


That is a WOW, Vicki. Wonderful article, not only explanatory but just darn validating!! Love the photos of you!!


Could we love your blog anymore!!!!! A big wave of feel good just swamped me as I was reading this and I thought ‘yes!’, our Vicki sure knows where we are all at – thank you.
Love the pics especially bouncing on the bed, it says so much about you!

Susie Linton

Brava Vicki .. eloquently put as always! How lucky we are to be living today with sensational choices and amazing opportunities to share our loves and passions with each other. Thankyou for bringing us your impeccable taste and for sharing your thoughts with us. “Better not Younger “ !
Grazie! xox


I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.

Deborah Petereson Milne

I hope so many opinions of you dear Vicki and what you’ve brought to your readers. You are my go-to for beauty products, especially lip color and skin care. You are my go-to for a jolt of inspiration when I can’t figure out what to wear. You are my go-to for what I consider a true, unwavering style, but very up to the moment. You are up front with your readers age bracket(s) and although staying true to what works for our ages, you also rebel in the way that I worship. I refuse to give in that my primary choices would be Ann Taylor & Chico’s. There are many ‘fashion bloggers’ to read, but fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Piling on more and more seems to be the trend of the moment.

Basically, thank you for being my ‘rock’. xx


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