11 Jun 2019

Grey Diaries: All About The Cut


Growing the grey in means the best cut possible.

Staying with the silver is all about the cut.

When our hair is short, the cut is an easy one; we make the decision for a style and we keep it maintained. Short hair is like that and it needs regular supervision to stay sharp. It is more obvious with short hair when a re-shape is in order; long hair can be deceiving.

Long hair and especially long grey hair needs constant attention and very regular styling. One day silver can look magic, the next dowdy and unattractive. My hair is very long and when I need a trim, I need a trim. The difference a half-inch makes is amazing and the cut makes me feel like a new woman. I’m ready for one now and as well as my hair is blow-dried, shiny or my clothes feel perfect, I don’t. I need a cut and until I have one, I feel messy. (Texting the hairdresser as soon as I finish writing to you.)

Growing in the grey or aiming for long hair is so much easier with a solid shape; whether layers or blunt, it helps. When my hair is looking unkempt my first reaction is to cut it off – if a longer length is the aim, then regular cutting is the answer. I would even go as far as to say trim the hair even more frequently than normal. Little bits and often to get the desired length and also assist with the willpower needed to grow in the grey and add length.

A few twists and waves are one way to hide when a haircut is overdue.

Like the beauty above, her grey looks wonderful long and wavy. Once the length is in the waves are easy and the layers a good way to maintain the wave. Layering shoulder to mid-length hair is another aid to growing in the grey.

Hair, whatever length or shade we choose is all about the cut. Like a tailored blazer or classic pair of pants, the cut is everything.

The key to gorgeous grey is to cut well and cut often. xv

All About The Cut

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I am so glad you are posting as often as my hair is in need of a trim! Thank you for the reminders, Vicki because I’m trying to grow out a short, layered cut and the MESS it’s been…but I’ve been patient and faithful and a good hairdresser has been giving my layers the easy treatment. I’m able to maintain a clean, cute cut that when put behind my ears, adds a 60s style flip to my hair. Now however, I’m in desperate need of another trim to keep going the distance. You are so right; it’s all in the cut!

Linda B Kerr

I agree with the importance of keeping up with regular cuts. I am seeing so many long-haired women, young and old, grey and not, with scraggly hair that tapers off into skimpy strands. It is not a good look! I want to sneak up to them and trim the ends! Thanks for the reminder!


I can’t thank you enough for your posts on going grey. I’ve been contemplating grey for sometime after 31 years of dyeing my hair and finally told my hairdresser that there will be no more dye jobs and what does she have in mind and also mentioning that I’ll need a killer hair cut to pull it off. She’s a pro and I can’t wait for my upcoming appointment. Not that it made a difference with my decision my husband and children are all on board and very supportive, BUT last night while out to dinner with a group of girl friends I mentioned that the next time they see me, I’ll be grey. The barrage of negative comments sideswiped me and I’m still stunned. I came home and immediately pulled up your blog and several others for comfort. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of wisdom. I’m still looking forward to my hair appointment. I’m looking forward to new changes in my make-up, clothing and finally being the real me.


Take heart Lisa,
I have just returned home from a party and the topic of “grey” kept following me around. My friends obviously know my opinion and now those who colour have started umming and arring and almost apologising for their lack of grey.. with a sense of humour of course :)
It’s a divisive topic and one where it is very much each to his or her own.
Stand your ground.. it’s an exciting adventure.


Mariana Moneymaker, the model in these photographs is not only a stunning woman, but she is also a sweetheart and a good woman. Thanks for featuring her. She looks fabulous in everything! xoxox, Brenda


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