24 May 2018

Come And Stay At La Maison du Village

La Maison du Village, Saint Rémy de Provence on vickiarcher.com

La Maison du Village has been a labour of love.

From the first moment, I saw this property and had a feeling.

A feeling that was not shaped nor defined but nevertheless a feeling. I get a little like that about surroundings – they resonate with me and from past experience it generally means something.

When La Maison became ours my first instinct was to change nothing and hang on tight to those past memories. Now, nearly a year later, decoratively speaking I have changed pretty much everything. As time progressed I felt the need to quieten down the decor and make it a haven of peace and tranquillity.  I wanted the sensual elements of Provence to reflect the mood at La Maison du Village.

Provence is where the senses play an integral role in life; where the scents never fail to overwhelm and where the sights and sounds stop me in my tracks. Having this in mind made the changes easy. Questions flew back and forth but the answers were at my fingertips. Twenty plus years in Provence and counting – I know what I love about the place.

I started with the colour palette.

At first, I wanted a mix of shades and for every room to have its own personality.  I wanted to retain the colour and be brave. It didn’t feel right so I stopped and re-thought. I have settled for a soft palette of creams and greys that play gentle games with the Provencal light. The intention was to introduce colour into this tender mix; that didn’t happen either.

La Maison du Village, Saint Rémy de Provence on vickiarcher.com

Vintage linens and all the luxury they conjure were whirling and twirling as an idea.

Practicality put a foot down, but only for an instant.  I wanted to share what I love about my journey in Provence. Collecting vintage linens has been one of my biggest pastimes so where better to use these pieces. Beautiful linens cover the beds from head to toe and most of the furniture is upholstered in the same way. No, it isn’t a sensible choice but I believe our guests will feel the better for it. The linen curtains are the same – they tumble effortlessly from a great height to dress and add serenity of the Suites.

And then there are the little luxuries.

Maison Diptyque has supplied all things delicious for the bathrooms – potions for bath and body to pamper.

Astier de Villatte, another impractical choice on my part, porcelain have been on my interior radar for many years. I couldn’t resist but serve our petit dejeuner on their beauties.

There are so many of my favourite books, all from my personal collection,  in each Suite. Occasionally it rains in Provence or the mood strikes to stay home and relax; that’s why they are there. For me, books make a home a home and I am hopeful La Maison du Village feels like  “home away from home”.

Those of you who have stayed with us at Le Petit Bijou will know I like to share my sweet tooth if my penchant for caramels is anything to go by; La Maison won’t be missing out. Let’s say I have a fondness for nougat right about now.

La Maison du Village, Saint Rémy de Provence on vickiarcher.com

I could go on and on. xv

If you would like any information about La Maison du Village, please email me vicki@vickiarcher.com 

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Oh Vicki…..you are so fortunate to have the means to develop these enchanting places, for ANYONE who decides to make your destination their rest stop. I wish I could go….I so do.

Every detail is perfectly thought out, staged, ready to take someone’s breath away.

Taste of France

You made the right choice with the linens. Every single guest at our place in Carcassonne remarks on the antique linens–the embroidery and how nice they feel.


Congratulations Lori! You are one lucky “gal.” I wish you “magical” moments and memories as you enter a truly “fairytale” at La Maison du Village. Knowing Vicki and her “talents” and “beauty” this will be a vacation you will never forget. And to you Dear Vicki what can I say but thank you once again for bringing “beauty” into my life each and everyday.💕

Debra Pinck

A beautiful labor of love. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Congratulations to Lori, I know she will cherish her stay with you.

Jean Rowlnd

Lucky Lori! La Maison du Village looks sensational – a labour of love indeed.

Judith Stewart

It takes a refined eye to resist the temptation to add a pop of color and keep the palette restrained… well done, Vicki ! Congratulations to lucky Lori …. judithxo


Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Lori! Enjoy your time at La Maison!


This is so beautiful Vicki! I think you made absolutely the right choice in keeping the palette restrained – a gorgeous tranquil resting place and one that I will visit one day. When I arrive at a destination the light is paramount as I suffer from SADS – what you have created appeals immediately and I am sure it completes the beautiful landscape and surrounds perfectly. Lori, I bet, is still pinching herself – have the best holiday Lori!


Vicki it is absolutely beautiful. can’t wait to see the website. Very very nice


I am fortunate to have some of the French Day beds. I have wondered about the value. Would you share how much these would sell for? Thank you

Lori Roth

Oh my gosh I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to visit La Maison du Village! Thank you dear Vicki!!!

Trish Murphy

Hello Vicki, La Maison looks absolute heaven. The palette is just perfect. Congratulations to Lori what a stay you will have. Loving all the posts of La Maison on Instagram.xx Trish


Another beautiful outcome, Vicki! That’s unsurprising, but it’s such a delight to unveil your projects! What a divine, peaceful and elegant home you’ve created, certainly a tranquil haven on days of summer heat or whirling mistral. Those extra details of crisp cool linens, luxurious scents, fine furnishings, tableware and books – parfait! All one needs is wine, fromage, fresh crisp baguettes….perhaps a fig or two, et, voila – c’est le paradis!

Felicitations, Lori! How wonderful for you to anticipate the sensual restoration of an indulgent break at La Maison du Village. Bon plaisir!

With love,

Pauline from Phillip Island

What a magical place you have created, Vicki. You are so very talented and I hope that one day I will be able to visit.


Lucky Lori! And absolutely fabulous detailing . . . A trained eye indeed. Restrained colours allows the eye to roam and take in all those hundreds of tiny details that you have so lovingly procured. Vicki you are one talented lady! Congratulations Well done!


Bonjour Vicki,
I discovered and started following La Maison du Village on instagram about 3 months ago and thought it was absolutely beautiful. 12 months ago I booked Le Petit Bijou for my husband and myself for a week’s stay in September this year. It is our second time at Le Bijou as we love it so much and I had commented to my husband that I had seen a new boutique hotel in St-Rémy on instagram and that it would be fun to have a look when we came to stay. I’m still laughing at myself when 2 weeks ago, I suddenly recognised your signature style, your use of beautiful vintage linens and the penny dropped that you had created another beautiful place to stay. Tomorrow we will be walking from Le Petit Bijou to La Maison du Village to explore and enjoy.


Thank you Gail
I am so pleased you found it and loved le Petit Bijou too … please come and stay at La Maison du Village next time … we would love to have you :)
I have really loved getting it together and creating another “home away from home”… it has always been a favourite house of mine so I’m so very happy we have been able to make it ours…


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