15 Jul 2014

Sleek And Shiny Hair… Coiffirst in Paris

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When in Paris, I know that the majority of our thoughts are focused on architecture and history,  art and culture and of course where we eat and what we drink.

I have one little extra thought when I travel… and perhaps it is not something that even remotely enters your radar.

For me, my hair and the blow drying of it is an issue.

Shallow, fickle, silly… yes, yes… I am aware that my life would be so much easier if I could escape ‘hair prison’… there is no point even trying to dissuade me.

If I was on a desert island, the last thing I would relinquish would be the blow dryer.

I’m not going to justify my addiction to sleek, smooth locks but I will tell you… a professional blow dry once a week is my therapy.

I have been having my hair washed and dried for years .. and I don’t want to live without this luxury.

My hair isn’t that easy kind of hair… it needs pulling and yanking… twisting and torturing.

It is how it is.

Where to have hair done in Paris?

I don’t have my hair cut or coloured in Paris but I do have a regular blow dry when I am there.

I found a chain of salons called Coiffirst, that do a really good job and don’t require any advance notice.

They aren’t inexpensive, nor are they over the top… but it is Paris.

Most importantly, their hairdressers do a fabulous job.

** A little tip… In Paris, the prices can run away at the basin of all places.

The price for the blow dry will not include conditioner or any other masques that might be applied to the hair.

When at the basin a “special” treatment is often suggested… be aware… as the massage lulls you into the never-never… the final bill at the cash register will certainly wake you up.

 I am sure you are all so much more sensible than me… or are you locked in with the locks, too… xv


52, rue Faubourg Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

+33 (0) 1 40 07 11 01

44 rue du Four

75006 Paris

+33 (0) 1 45 44 84 39

40 rue Marbeuf

75008 Paris

+33 (0) 1 42 25 08 50

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Hi Vicki – interesting post and I notice ‘blow-dry bars’ are opening up around here lately too!
Can you believe I’m no longer attached to my dryer since getting my hair ‘cropped’ a few months back, and my life has changed, for the better! I don’t have to wash and blow my hair every day so less falling out/breaking off (a little warning – be aware this does happen as we age!). Some days I do nothing but dampen it a bit, ruffle with my hands and go. On days I shampoo/condition I add a little styling product for texture and perhaps just a roll around a brush at the crown with a bit of heat to set it. I never thought my hair had any type of bend, let alone curl, but now with layers rather than life with straightening and smoothing the one length ‘bob’ every single day, I have just enough bend and texture to make for a much easier life……well at least when it comes to my hair!

Of course I still get a trim and professional color service every 5 weeks……not cheap here either but a definite must to keep any style looking good!

Happy week – hugs, Mary


You are so lucky to have made the break Mary… letting the grey shine through is enough adventure for me at the moment!
I just look awful with… at least I feel awful.. if I don’t have the smooth and sleek ‘do’… :)


how much do they charge there Vicki, here you can walk out with $70 for 1 step process color, another $70 on a cut and highlights, add another $70…..repairs from bad coloring, can run as high as $300.00….wow……


I am not sure what they charge for colour and cutting Suzanna… I haven’t had that done at Coiffirst… :)

Anita Rivera

So well written, I just laughed! No dear Vicki, I have a head of straight, thick and easy to manage hair that I don’t bother..maybe that’s my problem, and I should! Oh Paris, only she can create a special getaway for such a fantastic luxury. I bet you are just beautiful…

Deborah McKenzie

Those odd grey hairs have mind of their own. I don’t have many but they require more work to lay as I sway them. I too like my slightly curly sometimes frizzy hair smooth and silky. I too will work with my hair on a weekly basis, but the rest of the week is fairly easy because of it. Do those adorable swim caps really workto keep the hair dry?. I have not worn one in years!


The majority stays dry Deborah… and then I can just re dry the damp bits underneath… :)

Cathy Wong

I think this is a wonderful post! It was my sister-in-law who introduced me to the lovely luxury of getting a shampoo and blow dry “just because”. Off we would go on a random Sat….The thing about it is that you feel so chic and put together afterwards-you hold your a head a little higher, and feel more beautiful. (sounds like I’m still stuck in last week’s beauty edit). Whenever we travel together, we watch for a possible salon to “drop into”.


Hi Vicki. I’ve just discovered the joys of weekly hairdressing trips in my mid- late 40’s. I remember when I went to Paris I couldn’t have bad hair so i had a blow dry in sydney and found the best dry hair shampoo to prolong the life of the do! Before that, I’d run out the door with wet hair but I couldn’t possibly do that in Paris!!! Den xxx


I too have to blow dry my hair with the round brush etc and use an iron to straighten the ends. Funnily enough my hair is naturally straight anyway but I just like to tame the very ends and add body with the round brush. We are never happy with what we have and venture to change it in some way! Many years ago I used to spend $$$$ every 6 weeks having my hair spiral permed!! Haha! Now, I look forward to my 8 weekly visit to my hairdresser for cut and colour and I just LOVE the luxury of having someone else wash and dry it for me. Enjoy it Vicki as much as you want! P.S I love that you have given the little tip about salons in Paris re the costing and how it works there. Very handy, thanks! X


It is a handy tip Lorraine… I have been stung quite a few times…
I remember the funniest (now it is)… I “popped” into a salon in Paris for a very quick blow dry… I was in there for 5 hours!!! A quick masque turned into some elaborate treatment that cost me a bomb! It was good… but instead of my afternoon of planned shopping I lost the day and blew my budget… :)
Never again… much more cautious now…


Oh no!! Haha! Yes at least you can laugh about it now. AND it was valuable experience you can pass onto the rest of us through your blog. Keep it coming, thanks! X


Good morning Vicki
Ah, this post! My mind was cast back about 35 years to what my sister referred to her but never to be discussed ‘Parisian Hair Horror’. With her then ‘holiday’ French she ventured into a Parisian salon for a trim and a blow dry of her amazing Farrar Fawcett style locks. After Meg’s initial bonjour her next words were actually je suis un snip snip (visualize scissor action with fingers). Much gesticulation meaning hair swept across face and keep it full and bouncy please and even more nodding of acceptance from the young hairdresser was translated as give me a short fringe and cut it just below my chin. I can still remember her hysterical phone call to our mum. Naturally, she tipped the coiffuse – after all, she was rather well brought up plus her guide book recommend it.

Move forward a few decades and both Meg and mum have their hair pro washed and dried every Thursday morning following their yoga class. Both have sleek to the chin bobs – even my yoga bending Mum who’s 83.

You have a good day now. x


Love this story Ruthie… I am still smiling… and can just imagine how she felt!
It’s wonderful that they have their hair done together and practise yoga… What a great way to spend time… win/win… :)


Oh, I enjoyed this post so much, plus all the comments. I have just had my naturally curly hair cut and I am dismayed at the outcome. Maybe I need to go to Paris??

Pamela in portland

Hi Vicki! I love my naturally wavy hair blown out because it’s just so much easier to manage but ironically, I noticed sleek perfect hair is not the norm amongst the french. My sister and I kept laughing to ourselves because we struggled to get our hair perfect, only to see most of the Parisian beauties embracing a very casual look we call, ” bed head.” We assumed it was part of their sex appeal. You know, I’m so sexy I just had an afternoon romp and I still look amazing!

Donna De Luca

Good Morning Vicki

I wandered into Coiffirst Rue du Four when I noticed they used Kerastase hair products and have been using them ever since! I have tried several of their hairdressers and and have been very happy with them all. The language barrier discourages me from trying any “cuts or colours” but certainly the blow-dry has alwways been great! Enjoy Paris!


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