21 Mar 2018

Haircare Gold: A Can’t Live Without

Haircare Gold: Can't Live Without on vickiarcher.com

There is one product I cannot live without.

It’s not a beauty potion or a skincare miracle, although there are still plenty to fall into that category.

When it comes to my hair I cannot be separated from dry shampoo. Truly, it’s a lifesaver.

On our recent trip to Paris, the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo saved the day (actually the evening) about three times. I absolutely love it and especially the way it makes my less-than-ready-to-go hair work. I was late to the party to enjoy the benefits of dry shampoo so I guess I am making up for lost time. This makes my hair feel clean and voluminous and it also makes the silver shades very clear.

Haircare Gold: Can't Live Without on vickiarcher.com

Haircare Gold: Can't Live Without on vickiarcher.com

Haircare Gold: Can't Live Without on vickiarcher.com

We were running all over town during the day, starting early and finishing late in the evening, there wasn’t the time to work on an immaculate blow dry. The thing about having the grey (maybe it is my sensitivity) but I like it to look well groomed most of the time. It’s the fine line, especially with longer hair, between looking groomed and downright messy – not cool messy French style – but messy as in unloved. I had already washed and conditioned with the Oribe Silverati line before our trip so it was just a case of maintaining with a blow over and spray.

Easy, easy and that’s what I need when I am on the move.

Hair is a funny thing; I find if it feels good, I feel good and even more so now I am courting silver. Natural hair, especially as it is changing colour, needs extra vigilant attention and the right products to suit. Going grey is not a quick fix for most and it is a patient process. The Oribe Silverati products have really helped me maintain my equilibrium when I have felt like faltering. In particular, when my hair still had blond remnants, the silver products were my best friends.

Oribe is still my best silver shampoo and conditioner. – I have experimented with many, but these work beautifully for me. The Oribe dry shampoo is also one I use sparingly but nothing works as well as this to hold the volume. I do a lot of “upside down” spraying and blow-drying to get the look I want. Believe it or not, I have even started teasing a little underneath?

Haircare Gold: Can't Live Without on vickiarcher.com

Maybe the French “messy” has rubbed off. xv

Can’t Live Without

gold lust dry shampooo  ||   silverati shampoo  ||  silverati conditioner

not silver?

gold lust repair and restore shampoo  ||  gold lust nourishing hair oil  ||  dry texturizing spray

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WOW! Vicki, first of all, your hair is gorgeous. You are again encouraging me to give my long hair a chance. The photo shoots are marvelous, you make a fantastic model, and the sets, well, they are PArIs!

Another great product that you are introducing to me that I honestly must research. Thank you!

Mimi Gregor

I sometimes use dry shampoo even if my hair has just been washed, as it gives me so much lift and seems to hold my style in place without having to resort to hairspray.


Vicki, your hair is gorgeous. Although I still have my stylist color my hair, letting my hair grow out to a layered bob with full bangs has allowed me to not have to shampoo, cut or color as often. My aim is to let my coloring go the 6 weeks instead of the usual 4. Even though my colorist probably isn’t very happy about this for obvious reasons, I feel liberated! Letting the hair by my temples grow out in the bob helps conceal the greying a bit plus I use the spray on color on days that I feel it needs it.

Mimi Gregor

Sue, this is exactly what I am doing. I am growing my hair longer, but having long layers cut in (I already have the bangs!), and it DOES help hide the roots. But even more effective has been lightening my color from medium ash brown to dark ash blonde. My roots aren’t as glaring this way, and I have been going 6 weeks without coloring. When I can put it off for 8 weeks, I’ll throw a party! (When I used to dye my hair black, during my goth phase, I was coloring every 3 weeks! Yikes!)

Diana Ferguson

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour. Congratulations. I went down the same path as you at about the same time and yes it has taken a few years to achieve but I am happy. My hair was dark to begin with so a bit of a harder struggle early on….. Thank you for the tip about the shampoo and conditioner and the dry shampoo. I will look into those.

Martha Gelnaw

Vicki, What I’d like to hear about is how did you transition into grey – what was your process? Now I’m sorry I dye my hair. I’d consider going to grey if I knew how to do it well. My stylist recommends against it. My sister did a drastic thing by shaving her head. That is not an option for me. Can you let me know what you know about the process of transition? I’d greatly appreciate it. And thanks for the tip of Oribe products… once I get there.

Jane Jess

Thank you for this! I’ve been trying different products for my new grey hair with so-so results. I will check it out. (For the Canadians out there, looks like Holt Renfrew carries this line.) Your hair looks beautiful! PS – where did you find your pearl bracelets, they are amazing!

Elizabeth Etter

Hi Vicki and other ladies going grey!

I have a problem for which I don’t think there is an answer but maybe someone out there has found a solution. I have gold skin undertones and am classified as an “autumn” as far as my color palette goes, which does not include greys. And it is true. Grey is a most unflattering color for me. So grey hair seems like a bad option, although when I wear grey on rare occasions, I try to make up for it with red or orange lipstick which helps somewhat. I would actually love to go grey and at times wish I had never started coloring but now I seem locked into it.

Love the website, Vicki. Very beautiful and inspiring!!


Hi Vicki, I am an avid follower and I too have gone gray. After a lifetime of color and highlights I finally stopped on my 60th birthday. I recently discovered a hairstylist on YouTube named “Harmonize_Beauty”. I’m mentioning this because you mentioned backcombing your hair. I know mine is lacking a bit of oomph since I do not color it any more. Her video on how to get “big straight hair” is the best. LOVE her technique, tried it and it’s fabulous. Check her out.


NOT there YET……….I have lost over half my head of hair these past 6 months and I am BESIDE MYSELF.


Dear Contessa, Have you tried to find out why? Could it be stress or diet related? Or an allergy? Or perhaps after surgery or a serious illness? When I was in my 30s I lost at least half, more I think, of my head hair. Luckily, before it had been long and thick. We were living in Colombo at the time and had household staff – our nanny/maid who looked after our bedroom was appalled because every day the waste paper bin was full of handfuls of hair. She cried “Madam, what is wrong? All your beautiful hair?” I didn’t know either, I was terribly afraid I was going completely bald – and wondered if it was caused by some medication I was taking. The doctor told me it was (in my case) an after effect of having had a very prolonged high fever for over a week with dengue, so bad I was hospitalised in Hong Kong. By this time I was definitely on a slow mend, but the doc explained that the hair falls out later. He reassured me it would grow back again but would take time. Luckily I didn’t lose it all.
But there’s usually a cause. I know we all lose more hair as we age but I don’t think losing half your hair is normal. Perhaps you should consult a doctor/specialist about it. One of my friends recently lost all her hair during chemo – now it’s growing back, all silver/grey this time and looks good. Good luck with finding a solution! Best wishes, Pamela


THANK YOU, YES I have seen a HAIR dermatologist and she said I willNOT be BALD that my condition is called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM.Thankfully, the hair has STOPPED falling out but is a fraction of what it was BEFORE.I also was told it will NEVER be as BEFORE……………..NO diet changes STRESS always a bit floating around but Nothing to TRIGGER something like this!I was so STUNNED By IT as at age 57 I never thought I would have to worry about HAIR LOSS!
THANK YOU for your concern and sharing your story!

Sue Malizia

Love your hair btw and thank you so much for sharing your “go to” hair products…I’ve been trying different brands out there for a year now; will give your favorites a try! =)


Thank you for your lovely emails.. just looking at your hair reminds me why I have mine longer! Although recently I have been so tempted to cut it short, I get soooo hot (my head)?? Suppose it is just to do with getting on in life?? I have to tie my hair up to cool down!! Today I embrace having long hair – at my age – 63 in a few days time. I use the silver shampoo and conditioner which brings out the colour. I have not coloured my hair for 5 years and will not colour it again I love my hair colour.


I was interested to read your piece on French ‘messy’ hair. I live in Nice and people here dress very casually but hair is always sleek and immaculate whether long or short. French women here go to their hairdressers very regularly for ‘ le brushing’, it is a real priority despite the cost, whereas in the UK where I spent most of my life hairdressing visits were only for cuts or colouring. I think this is one of the key messages for achieving French chicness. My hair is grey, short with a very sharp cut. My colourist adds brown (my original colour) highlights which give the appearance of just beginning to turn grey. Rather clever, it looks remarkably natural in a good way. My grey hair is not a particularly ‘good’ grey colour despite using specialist shampoos so this is a good option for me at the moment.


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