4 Dec 2018

Have You Heard About LashFood?

Do Lash enhancing serums really work?

Lashes. We are either blessed with wonderfully long ones or equally as blessed with shorter ones.

With the rise of lash extension treatments, there has also been an upscale in lash enhancing products.

These serums advertise longer, fuller looking lashes if applied every day for an extended period of time.

But the question is, do they really work?

How Did It Start?

It began with Latisse, a product only available via prescription, originally developed to help treat glaucoma.

Latisse has an active ingredient in it called bimatoprost that aids in eyelash growth and it soon became highly coveted but inaccessible to most.

Beauty companies cottoned on to its success and have created products available to buy in-store and online.

Seeing as these products are at a higher price point than most serums, it leads back to whether they work in the first place.

Do They Work?

The overarching comment is lash serums work differently for everyone. Everyone has an incredibly different and unique type of skin. What works for someone may not work for someone else.

Similarly is sensitivity. What may be non-offensive to one may be irritable for another.

A general observation is the serums are effective. But again this is loaded, as some people have noticed a difference in a week, others, months, and some, not at all.

The serums contain conditioning peptides and fatty acids which when combined, stimulate, promote growth and strengthen the lashes.

Another note from research is the emphasis on continued use.

Many people who have tried the serums and have said they work, also state this is only after continuous usage and when the applications are stopped, their lashes have returned to their original state.

Lash serums are seemingly a trial and error product with more success stories than failures, but it is advised to consult a doctor before using them.

It may also be a case of finding what formula works the best.

The Products

LashFood is the serum often spoken about. It promises to triggers growth without irritation with results in as little as four weeks and contains key ingredients such as soy protein and coconut juice.

Revitalash’s Advanced Eyelash Conditioner contains hopeful ingredients; green tea and ginseng to nourish and biotin to shield the lashes and prevent them from breaking. This product is also a firm favourite of Meghan Markle.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes to Die For is labelled as a Night-Time Eyelash Treatment. It, again, contains peptides to nourish the eyes and has also been said to be non-irritable to even the most sensitive of eyes.

Dior has developed a Lash Primer intended to be used before applying mascara to boost the lashes or at night as it contains soy proteins that plump up the lashes too.

Shiseido’s Full Lash Serum has been praised for its effects and can also be used on eyebrows – two birds with one stone.

The Alternatives

A healthier diet is a great place to start. Eating foods that are packed full of vitamins and proteins will maximise eyelash growth.

Not rubbing the eyes often will also help as this increases the chances of eyelashes falling out, and remembering to take off makeup before sleep will also prevent this.

Another option is Biotin, a vitamin-packed supplement that promotes hair, skin and nail health, and can be bought in most health stores. This again is something recommended to speak to the doctor about before use.

Coconut oil can also double as a DIY eyelash growth serum. It contains fatty acids similar to those found in the serums, which will stimulate lash growth.

Combine a tablespoon of it with a drop of lemon or lavender oil and apply with a cotton bud to the lash line every night.

And finally, lash extensions. Lash extensions are a quicker alternative that most practices and beauty parlours will offer as a treatment.

Most extensions last a few weeks to a month meaning longer lashes arrive a little quicker.

The Conclusion

There are effective ways to make our lashes longer. Whether this is through a product, a DIY method or having an extension treatment, but it goes to say, everyone is unique and it is worth trying to see what the best solution is for you.

There’s a lot to be said about them and a variety of results so we’d love to know your thoughts about lash serums.

If anyone has tried them, what are your thoughts?

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Nancie N Bartley

LashBoost from R&F (hate the company idea but love a couple of their products) has changed my life. Eyelashes went from translucent/non existent to amazing. To the point people comment on them. Prior to use a dear friend told me I have “bunny eyes”…
Lash extensions are amazing for a trip or special occasion. Don’t think they are good for constant use but o! Rolling out of bed with eyes is amazing!


I know Nancie… I have had the extensions for special occasions and seriously, they changed everything! But agree not a permanent option… thank you for the recommendation…


I don’t know about other countries, but in the US these eye lash serums do not have the government oversight as prescription drugs. R&F is being sued for the product Lash Boost due to adverse effects from the ingredient, isopropyl cloprostenate, a prostaglandin analog, which has never been approved by the FDA as a drug. This ingredient has been shown to cause eye pressure changes, iris color changes, etc. Yikes! A curler and mascara for me!!!


That sounds daunting!
Although a friend just emailed me and said she has been using it for years and absolutely swears by it. As a nervy one about my eyes .. I have stayed away .. and am looking forward to everybody’s input and opinions. I like the idea of the natural remedies but then I guess the results are less interesting.

Nancy jamison

Larissa g,ave me lashes that almost touch my eyebrows!
Had to (carefully)trim them.
The downside was a slight yellowing of my eye, so stopped using it.


Too chicken to add any chemical on or near my eyes…regular mascara for me, and simple lotions/serums around the eye for moisturizing. I know, I know, mascara and lotions too have ‘chemicals’ – so to speak, but anything designed to promote growth or attaching for length I am leary. Eyes cannot be replaced. And I would be that 1 in a million adverse effect! That’s just me.


It’s amazing, I try very few products but got LASH as a sample. It is amazing and works pretty fast even though I didn’t use it every day and didn’t use it for a month when people started commenting on my eyelashes.


I tried one (can’t remember the name) but had to stop. It irrated my eyes and caused them to swell. I returned the product and was refunded my money. It’s definitely not for everyone.


Hmmm. I think I’d settle for a great age appropriate mascara with volumizing properties. Do you know of any?


I like the Chanel, Le Volume… I have used it on and off for years and always come back to that one.

Liz D

I’ve used Latisse for years, without issue. I am down to 3 to 4 times weekly for maintenance.

I would strongly caution against using lavender or lemon oil near the eyes, lemon essential oil is an acid (and therefore a potential irritant), it’s not safe for use directly on skin or eyes. Just my 25 cents.


I used Latisse for about 2 years and loved my beautiful, lush lashes. Then one day my eyelids began to itch, swell and redden so I discontinued the product. My lashes rapidly returned to normal. But the worst part by far is that I now am allergic to eye liner; I’ve tried so many but each one causes redness, itching and swelling. I wish I’d never started using the Latisse because I HATE not being able to use eyeliner. Consequently, I won’t try these other products.


Mmmmm no for me Vicki it’s the alternatives I’ll use .
anything to do with eyes/serums =ANIMAL TESTING.
someone in the comments mentioned Bunny Eyes. 🐇🐇🐇🐁🐁🐁🐰🐰🐹🐹
Love coconut oil.

Melanie Comins

I have used Revitalash for several years and absolutely LOVE it! I am lucky to be blessed with pretty good lashes to start with but a Revitalash really makes them super luscious long. After using it every day for a week or two I find I only need it a couple of times a week or else they start to look ridiculous. And yes, if I stop using it completely they do go back to their normal length. Little hint, it also helps to stimulate the growth of brows if you have any gappy areas! Hope that is helpful.


Whilst lash growth serums work great in the first month , as the eyelashes fall out and repelcsthenslves after around 21-28 days , the new cycle will grow back just as they weee . It’s not a permanent solution
Beauty therapist of 20 years and tried and tested by me also . I’d say save your money


Hi Vicki-I, too, use the R&F product and I have used it for about 5 months. I started seeing a difference after a month–and as i have continued, the results are impressive. My friends consistently comment about how long and full my lashes are–and that is a big change from blond, aging and thin lashes…It is a game changer for me and use it every night as part of my evening ritual. Worth every penny and minute.


You have reminded me … I must try it again.

I used Rapid Lash years ago and it was incredible that after 6 weeks of continued use at night my friends suddenly remarked on my eyes but I was a bit useless as I , quite often, would slap it over the top of my eyelid and often wake up battling to open my eyes as I had obviously put too much and it forms a crust if you use too much !

Michelle à Détroit

I found Latisse overpriced and only temporarily effective. Also, it lengthens lashes but does not thicken them. Drugstore Minoxidil (Rogaine) does WONDERS for brows and lashes. Brush the 2% liquid on brows twice a day. Your brows will thicken and your lashes will grow. I swear by it. Do not apply it directly to your lashes. Just putting on your brows will work for lashes, too.


Rapid Lash used to work very well, but they were sued by Latisse and had to remove the active ingredient so no longer worked for me. I use Revitalash now, which does make some difference but it’s not dramatic. Sounds odd, but it seems to stop working when I’ve had the tube for about 4 months so I buy the smaller size now!

Ryannan Hickman

I have been using the Dior lash primer for a couple of months now and love it. My lashes are normally short and blond. Now they are somewhat longer and look much better with an application of primer and mascara.


I love these products
I’ve used Lilash and Rapid Lash
I’ve now bought eyebrow versions .. can see huge difference
And I think it’s too wonderful x


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