15 May 2019

Having a Style Crisis?

How to navigate a style crisis

I am having a style crisis so often lately – I think it’s more to do with time management than nothing to wear if I am absolutely truthful. When this happens I reach for the reliable, the dependable and I try not to think about it. At VA, We started chatting about our individual fashion ‘hiccoughs’ and decided each of us should share our interpretations.

P.S Mary always looks perfectly put together and true to herself; I love her style. She has an ageless look – it’s classic but stamped in her own delightful way. 

Over to you Mary,

Style crises come thick and fast.

One second we know exactly what to reach for and what works best for us. The next we’re lost, floating around in a sea of “unfriendly” clothes.

When our wardrobes don’t reflect our style, it’s easy to over-shop and make impulse purchases. Having key pieces easily available will allow us to re-build our aesthetic and make navigating a style crisis a little bit easier.

I recently found myself in the middle of a style crisis.

Each morning started with staring at my closet struggling to choose something to wear. I didn’t feel inspired and I didn’t feel like myself.

Upon reflection, was I holding onto an old size or a younger body shape?

Our clothing can mean so much more than pieces of fabric. They can represent phases; our busy social lives or our 9 to 5’s, a sense of identity.

And that’s when it clicked; the clothes I had weren’t representing who I had become. I no longer needed the party dresses and high heels. What I needed was wearability, comfort, and versatility. I was entering a new stage in my life, and a lot of what I had was not going with me down this new path.

What To Do

Having a big clear out is a great place to start.

The Marie Kondo method may not be for everyone but her philosophy of sparking joy can be incredibly helpful.

Get a sense of what is in the wardrobe and then start the detox.

Include a friend, it’s always fun with company.

Stay clear of trends.

Instead focus on timeless, classic pieces with versatility.

The Pieces to Have

Great black pants are a necessity. Style them up or dress them down, they’re a reliable piece to hold onto.

A trusty pair of blue jeans is essential. A high waisted style in a slightly looser fit will always flatter and be dependable.

The classic white and black tee will help us form the building blocks of an everyday outfit. Style them with everything, they’ll always have our back.

We recently talked blouses, and they too are a piece that has stood the test of time. Ideal for wearing with jeans or dressed up with black pants, they will forever reign supreme.

A good pair of white sneakers will always work, be comfortable and practical – a fashion emergency go-to.

See this ’emergency’ as an opportunity to inject new life into our wardrobes and get to know ourselves even more. A curated closet takes time and reliable pieces are one of the stepping stones to getting there.

Style crises don’t need to be feared; embrace them.

Having a Style Crisis? Start Here.

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Carrie Smith

Great insight and very timely for me! Does Mary have a public Instagram account? Would love to follow! The few glimpses I’ve caught of her on VA are stunning!

Michelle à Détroit

My biggest style crisis revolves around the “to wear or not to wear hosiery in winter “ dilemma. I love to wear dresses. I feel uncomfortable without hosiery in the winter, and opaques don’t look good with every dress. Sheer, nude hose is thought of as stodgy (unless you are Megan or Kate) This bare legged trend started with the Hollywood set in warm California. I think bare legs in winter look (and certainly feel) all wrong in a cold climate. In summer, I don’t mind going barelegged; a bit of self tanner on the legs does wonders. Otherwise, it’s always a struggle.


I hear you, Michelle :)
Try patterned tights in the day.. fishnets/ lace or some kind of geometric… they work for me when opaques feel wrong. I only wear sheer blacks at night and never nudes.. I can’t do those.. ;)


I find it frustrating to say the least when you can buy a beautiful piece and it looks fabulous the first time you wear it but the next time you pull it out to wear it looks all wrong. What is that about! Some days I think I have too many clothes and never want to buy again and then the next day it is a « What on earth will I wear? » day.

Marsha Scott

No style crisis here. I’m just trying to be exactlly like Iris !!!
That woman amazes me with her energy and her completely “Iris Apfel” way of doing things. If we all had a big bowl of inner confidence for breakfast and “just go for it” life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it?


I know the source of my style crisis: NO MONEY!

If I could spend a little more on pieces I love, I’d have no problem!


We all have that one to contend with:( I do believe it’s about buying well and I also don’t believe in buying if it is a stress.
I buy less these days and I hope better I try to make sound advice and useful choices – and a good across the board representation.


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