16 Dec 2010


 I have to tell you about the cutest French film.
It has everything to do with breaking hearts and falling in love.
The French know all about this.

Heartbreaker or L’Arnacoeur, starring the gorgeous Vanessa Paradis and the very handsome Romain Duris.
I would be surprised if Heartbreaker  didn’t make you laugh and smile and feel like dancing…xv

ps… if you don’t like a little Wham and you don’t feel all girly when you hear the Dirty Dancing music… then disregard my recommendation

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White Rabbit

I've been dying to see this movie for AGES. It was released when I was in Paris but the DVDs they had on sale didn't have English subtitles. I was gutted :(


Impossible to go past a recommendation like that… I will scout around for Heartbreaker and look forward to kicking back with this movie and a glass of champagne sometime shortly after our chaotic Christmas… G

A Gift Wrapped Life

I love a good movie, especially on December 26th. Hoepfully I can get it here as it looks like a wonderful movie Vicky. Happy to see you are taking some festive breaks. Much love XO

Alcira Molina-Ali

Oooh, thanks for the recommendation!
Romain Duris is incredibly talented and entertaining, and I haven't seen Vanessa Paradis in anything in years.
My Netflix queues would certainly agree with your opinion on the French, btw, romance and heartbreak — no one corners that market better ;)



Oh, I can't wait to see this movie! It's in my Netflix queue, but won't be released in the US till January.

Roses, Lace and Brocante

Oh Vicki – my kind of movie.
I'm making my Christmas cake today, so I'm forced to stay at home (and not go shopping!!!).

It will be the perfect distraction while I wait for the cake to cook!!

Thank you
Christmas hugs
Shane x


Ah oui oui, I love that actor. He was in that "Paris" movie with Juliette Binoche, where he was a dancer, but he got sick, and sadly…

Anyways, just wanted to wish you a very Joyeux Noel, and also to tell you that your new book is in my Christmas list (which I'm pretty sure mon cheri will get for moi).


I loved it, especially the 'team' with his funny sister & her husband!
The classic Vanessa paradis and dirty dancing seemed completely incongruent but she's absolutely beautiful in the film!

Splendid Sass

This may horrify some, but I am starting French classes this summer. I have decided that if I want to go to France with my daughter, I need to at least make an effort to understand and speak the French language.
Now back on course. I would love to be able to understand the movie. Looks wonderful.
I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season, Vicki.


Love a bit of Wham and watched Dirty Dancing for the zillionth time the other day so, this sounds right up my street. Thanks for the recommendation Vicki. XXXX


Oh gosh Vicki, I pushed the panic button a little prematurely when I saw the title of this post in my sleepy state. I thought I was going to open up FE & see a break of an orthopaedic variety, similar to my 'incident' last Chrissie!! Phew am I ever relived to see that's it's a HEART break not a LEG break!
Millie x
P.S. I had a little Christmas Wham going as I wrote Christmas cards at the dining room table last night. MOTH was not impressed, so of course, I just turned them the boys up louder!


Thanks for this recommendation – will have to see it :)
I can see also you changed your black dress to more beige… I like this one better.


à la parisienne


I am always up for any French film recommendation! Thank you for leading me to this film. My husband and I will look for it on Netflix tonight (We may have to wait for it to be released)Last night we finally got to see MicMacs! I just love Jean-Pierre Jeunet's work! Wishing you a Happy New Year full of joy and peace!



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