2 Oct 2019

Helen Mirren: We Are On The Same Page

Helen Mirren: We Are On The Same Page on vickiarcher.com

Who better to agree with us but Dame Helen Mirren?

She is a catwalk sensation.

Dame Helen Mirren shows time and again that beauty has no age limit. Yes, she is gorgeous, glamorous and imbued with an infectious personality; she also makes great sense.

In her words,

“Try to find joy in your life, wherever you can, and be optimistic as far as is possible,” she says is her personal philosophy. “Because I think this weird thing called ‘beauty’ (which I’m not too sure I altogether agree with that word), has many different forms, and only one form is the outward form of your physicality. There are many other ways of being and feeling beautiful.”

My point exactly and why I believe wholeheartedly in “better, not younger”. If you haven’t read 20 Best-Kept Beauty Secrets, I would love you to – this is exactly what I must remember and aspire to. We can’t all look like Dame Helen but we can subscribe to an empowering and liberating philosophy when it comes to beauty and aging.

Let’s do it.

Thank you for your overwhelming response to The Keepsake Collection.

I am so disappointed some missed out; the good news there is one very special piece left.

It’s hidden way down at No 17 so you may have missed it. I know when I see sold, sold, sold I move on and make a note for next time.

The Clementine is exquisite and I am so looking forward to sending it to the new owner. It is in excellent condition, a powder puff of the finest and one of the prettiest vanity or dressing table additions I have seen. It is tempting to sneak it out of the collection for myself but I made a promise at the outset I would refrain.

No 4 launches next month, but in the meantime, take a little peek. xv

Helen Mirren: We Are On The Same Page

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Good morning Vicki!

This woman has had the opportunity to represent a “beauty” for many women of a certain age. She seems to get better and better as she matures! I am convinced that the beauty that leaves a lasting impression comes from within. She has it.


Yes! I just thought through something too Anita,
We want to be remembered not simply noticed… Don’t you think?
Dame Helen certainly is :)


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