23 May 2018

Her Point Of View: Susanne Kaufmann

Her Point Of View: Susanne Kaufmann on vickiarcher.com

Susanne’s energy, excitement and passion are what stands out.

We met recently in Austria, where her incredible skin care range is discovered, developed and produced. Seriously, I was blown away by all that Susanne has accomplished. Add into the mix her effervescent personality, her love of beauty and her commitment to well-being and she is a fascinating woman to get to know. 

She runs the Hotel Post in Bezau, one of the most enchanting villages in Austria, tailor makes retreats for those who love to get away and focus not only on their inner selves but also on improving their physical energies and she is the creator of a truly beautiful spa with her own skincare and body range. Susanne makes it all seem effortless and we all know, it never is. 

I really would like to tell you all about the spa but first, let me introduce her.

SUSANNE KAUFMANN, bezau, austria 2018

How would you describe yourself?

  • Mother
  • Beauty addict
  • Sports enthusiast
  • Food & Wine lover

Tell us about your day-to-day life?

I start my day at 7 with breakfast and my family.

After my kids leave for school, I have one hour just for myself where I do any kind of exercise and if possible outdoor activities. Yoga, Pilates, biking, it´s always something different.

Before noon I usually have meetings for the hotel or for Susanne Kaufman™.

When my kids come home from school we have lunch together around 12:30. After lunch, I take care of our guests of the hotel and the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, talk to the team or have telephone conferences with our agents and press people. According to how many guests we have, I leave the hotel late.

Are you the woman you imagined you would become?

I feel very lucky and fortunately most of my dreams have come true, for which I am very grateful.

What are the valuable life lessons you have all figured out?

How to be a working mother without a constant bad conscious.

How to integrate good food (good in quality and good for your soul) in my daily life, especially when I travel or during busy times.

What do you like most about getting older?

Gaining experiences and serenity. When you get older you learn automatically to be more calm, which is, in fact, a great thing.

What do you like the least?

Loss of skin elasticity.

What’s your favourite way to dress? Do you have a signature style?

Dresses. I really love dresses.  I feel really comfortable in a dress. They don’t have to be fancy, I like a good fitting, casual and simple dress for working days.

Her Point Of View: Susanne Kaufmann on vickiarcher.com


Do you have a beauty secret to share?

A lot of people constantly increase the hyperacidity of the body. This is so bad for body and skin because in an acidic environment bacteria grows so much better. Due to this, it is so important to neutralise the ph value and recreate a basic milieu. For this, I love to drink our acid alkalizing tea or alkali water.

From the outside, I recommend baths with our alkali salt deacidifying, peelings and cleansing with alkali water.

What are your “top” can’t live without skin care products?

Eye Cream Line A and Lifting mask Line A, are two of my favourite products.

Use eye cream daily because the first impression of a person is always reflected through their eyes. I sometimes use the eye cream Line A as a mask and put a thick layer around my eyes. It is a wonder weapon – you will look fresh and well rested the next day.

Our new Pollution Skin Defence System, a 15-day skin renewal treatment that helps the skin cope better with harmful environmental influences. The result is a youthful, fresh and smooth complexion.

For the first 5 days, you apply every day an ampoule of the Vitamin C serum to the skin in the evening. The Anti-Pollution Active Ingredient Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals in the skin. Vitamin C stimulates the skin’s own defences and releases the skin’s detoxification pathways.

For the next 5 days, you continue with 5 Ectoin ampoules. Ectoin acts as a “molecular companion” preventing premature cell damage. The Ectoin ampoule thus increases cell protection, improves the skin density and thus also the capacity of the skin to store moisture.

Finishing the treatment with 5 ampoules of Q10. The enzyme Q10 is irreplaceable for the cellular metabolism, but due to stress and harmful environmental influences, our endogenic Q10 is quickly depleted. The Q10 ampoule boosts collagen production and cell metabolism while keeping oxidative stress away from the skin.

What are your 3 “top” can’t live without make-up products?

I love the fragrances by Aedes de Venustas. They have a delicate, edgy scent. 

RMS Lipstick.  When I‘m feeling tired or exhausted I love to wear a flash of colour like a red lip.

Diorshow Mascara

Her Point Of View: Susanne Kaufmann on vickiarcher.com

What’s on the bucket list?

Travelling through South America with my family.

Visiting the Oscars.

That my beauty line becomes a classic for further generations.

If you could change one thing in the past, what would you do differently?

I would definitely learn more languages.

What age do you feel right now?

I feel good in my skin and do not think so much about my ageing.

Who would play you in a movie?

Diane Krüger – if I could choose.

Her Point Of View

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It is so nice to learn about your friend Susanne. She sounds like a lovely person. I will look up her spa and product line. She definitely has beautiful skin!

Dovey Ensey

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to visit France.
Thank you for offering g this to one lucky person!!!


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