31 Jan 2015

Here, Here “Over The Knee” Puss-In-Boots

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“Puss-In-Boots” over the knee flat and fabulous boots; I have fallen in love with them.

I thought that over the knee boots were not something that I would or could ever wear.

I have changed my mind.

Forget all the models out and about in Paris wearing these fabulous numbers, of course they look amazing. Youth, height and slight makes pretty much all things possible.

I have been admiring my friends wearing these boots; they are looking super chic and extremely fabulous. Like all my fashion feelings, it’s how we adapt a style to suit ourselves that makes it work.

They wore their over the knee boots with dresses and opaque tights. Classic lines, the length of the dress touching the knee or a little above. I also like the idea of an over the knee boot with a fuller skirt and tailored jacket.

A current style, an elegant interpretation.

Over the knee boots, tucked into jeans at my age, would not only be unflattering but none too glamorous. I would need an extra five inches on my height to even start giving it a thought . My daughters can, I can’t.

But with a simple dress, yes I can and I am going to… xv


the most beautiful soft suede over the knees are from stuart weitzman, the praline colour, impractical perhaps but such divine extravagance 

sturt weitzman lowland in black //  praline  //currant  //  nice blue

try the style and find a happy medium

asos kingfisher  //  dune torz  // dune trishy


image garancedore.com

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Anita Rivera

OK…..you convinced me. I can pull this off…I know I can. AND these boots will provide extra warmth! I have been spying these on some of my high school kids….I have the frame for it, WHY NOT even though I’m pushing 57! No stopping me, Vicki. Come on, let’s do it! Anita

Mimi Gregor

This is something I would SO wear! Alas, at that price, it means waiting for the consignment shops to catch up. All the high boots right now have stiletto heels, which I never wear. I’ll have to wait for others to buy these low-heeled boots, decide against them, and resell them. (I don’t understand people who buy things they don’t need, but I enjoy profiting from their mistakes!)


Have a look at the ones on sale too, Mimi… some really good buys areound at the momnet if your are lucky enough to find your size…


Oh how I understand you! I didn’t think over the knee boots were for me but with a dress, it can look so lovely <3 I have yet to find the perfect pair for me though. Thank you for the suggestions! xx

Wendy Shippee

I had purchased the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots early in the season. I have enjoyed wearing them but as you said (and I am a women over 50), you need to be careful how you wear over the knee boots. Over the holidays I was with my daughter-in-law shopping in Washington DC, (it was quite cold to me as I live mostly in Florida). We both wore pixie pants and over the knee boots. She wore a short jacket, I wore a coat to the knee. I did not feel comfortable and I never removed my coat the entire day, no matter how warm I was! Love the coat, love the pants, not together!


Glad to have your take Wendy… I think the coat and the boots would have looked fab… :)

Beth Anderson

I think the boot needs to be slim cut to work. And it probably only works with dresses, not pants, unless you are tall. I ordered a pair of boots that come just to the knee, just, and they are a bit “gappy” at the knee – I’m not convinced that works even with a dress because I like to show the lines of my leg – my legs are slender/nice muscles and having a boot that doesn’t fit well enough makes me leg seem shapeless. Also re: pants… in jeans, the tall boot only serves to make my thighs look short. In black form fitting pants it may be better… I haven’t sent them back yet but nor have I worn them…


I have seen teh style I featured worn on a couple of my girlfriends and they look absolutely stunning under their dresses. Like you, I am not convinced that I will ever wear them with pants. I am goung to wear the LBD with them and a tailored coat… Can’t wait… and plus … I will be warm!


As much as I adore these boots and fell in love with them when visiting Italy about 4 years ago, I do wonder if there is an age limit to wearing these


I believe it’s how you wear them Elizabeth… and if worn in an elegant way, I don’t think so… not at all…

Heather in Arles

I think that they are super elegant if worn correctly. I am right with you on this one! I have a gorgeous pair of cuissards from Mui Mui in the closet. Why in the closet? Alas, someone *cough, cough* isn’t fitting into her LBDs these days. :(


…oh my yes!…i love them…and…my 47 year old paris coat is back in style…the trick about fashion is to just keep living…


These are gorgeous and the look in your header image is so classic Vicki!
You are the friend to show us we can carry off almost any style with the right fashions and correct cut!

French Artist Frederique Chemin

Cathy C

First of all I hadn’t any idea that Garance had such lovely and apparently long legs! She makes me smile.
I really, really want to be on board with you on this Vicki, so I searched all over for pictures of ladies wearing over the knee flat boots with dresses and almost universally I got images of women (mostly models, celebrities, etc.) who were quite slim, long legged and young- oh and very few flats and all mini skirts. Any ideas where I can see some photos of this look? My legs are on the shorter side (long torso) so I have some trepidation. Help!


There are never any images of “real” women… or rarely… but when I saw my friends wearing them, and they are real, I promise… it made me think about the boots.

We are not the “selfie” generation, so I don’t think we will be finding many images anytime soon… that doesn’t mean we won’t be wearing the latest in our own unique way… :)

Try them on and see how they look Cathy, but wear them under a dress that you love… :)


Perhaps, you & your friends could post a couple of pics, sans head if wanted, showing us how to wear them. It would be nice to see a mature take on the over the knee boot.

Marsha @ Splenderosa

They are super fantastic looking to me. For me, it’s all about the heel. And, the comfort. This is where the grand shoe designers win, they wear well, they look well, and they will last forever. Great investment pieces.


The heel and the last does make all the difference… I love these boots because they are flat.. not so mch with a heel, then I prefer a bootie…


I am confused. I have followed French Essence for years. I have not visited it recently, though. When I attempted to find it, again, I am having no luck. “Vicki Archer.com” keeps coming up. Does the blog form of “French Essence” not exist anymore? Thanks!!


It’s one and the same … French Essence is me… :)

The url is vickiarcher.com and so when I uodated the site it seemed less confusing to call it after my own name. French Essence and all the old posts are still here and categorised at the top. xv


I’m still humming and harring over them Vicki ……. only last month I threw a pair away that I have never worn but, you have made me see them in a new light. I’m off to research them !!!! XXXX


Garance’s suede boots (super soft I imagine) are by Gianvito Rossi – $1,595! No wonder they look so fabulous! They have a bit of a higher block heel – what we used to call a Cuban heel – so even though she is not overly tall those heels give her more height than a completely flat boot.

My favorite height for the shaft is just to the bottom of the kneecap and very fitted from the ankle up. I have a pair I purchased inVenice a couple of years ago – have loved them – and find that height more comfortable for sitting than over the knee.

Aren’t boots fabulous – I hate it when it gets too warm to wear them!
Mary –


Found them in NYC in January and love them. Stuart W has been making the 5050 for twenty years. Where have I been.? I like them with short skirts and with skinny pants. It’s all good! Thanks Vicki.


Your key words, Vicki: “youth, height and slight” say it all! I am none of those at my age, but I still can dream! Never, ever give up bending fashion to suit you personally. Otherwise, you HAVE given up! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration — always!

Juanita in OH

I have LOVED these boots since the late sixties! I bought a tan suede pair for a Christmas present for her and she LOVED them also. If I could find a pair to fit me I would definitely get them. I can’t wait to see your’s. TFS.


I can’t get past the “Puss ‘n Boots”! A woman just older than me wears them in my office as you describe…..she looks ridiculous. I think they have to fit perfectly.
, you have to be quite slim, and they have to be worn with the perfect outfit as well. Love the picture you show, but I love the coat more than the boots! Sorry!


I’m so glad you wrote about this, Vicki…I just bought a pair (over a week ago) much like the Dune Trishy above at Macys here in the States and I love them!! I have gotten a lot of compliments on the boots and my look…..I wear them with a longer sweater top and black leggings. I feel that maybe the higher heeled boots would be better for the younger ladies, but the flatter heels really look good for people over 50 possibly. Rockin the look at 54. Thank you so much for the write up, I loved it.

Segreto Secrets

I love over the knee boots! A staple for fall – you can and should wear them!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes


I have worn 50/50’s for 4 years and I am over 50! They are comfortable and warm – I wear
them with skinny pants and long sweaters. I do feel self- conscious if the sweater is not
long enough. Sending photos of real people would be very helpful so I could get new ideas.


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