8 Aug 2018

What She Loves: Highlighted Brow Bone


When VA discover a new product that we find ourselves regularly applying each morning, we know it’s a goodie and we want to share it with you.

Lately, we’ve been experimenting with makeup products that aren’t our norm. That’s how we discovered the instant brow lift.

After grooming and filling our brows we’ve been sweeping the stick over our arch and brow bone.


The product camouflages any tiny stray hairs we may have missed and enhances our brows, making them pop. We gently blend the product in using just our fingers.

This highlighter can also be used on the inner and outer corners of the eyes and below the bottom lash line for an instant brighten up.

It’s so quick and easy. One small step and an amazing result.

For years we’ve been highlighting our hair and cheekbones to achieve an illuminated effect, it only makessense that our most predominant facial feature is further enhanced too.

When sleep is not on our side, using this helps to brighten the eye area and mask the tiredness.

Over all, Chantecaille is a brand we find ourselves liking a lot of late. Last week we introduced the eye kajal, the pair is a duo made in heaven.

What She Loves: Highlighted Brow Bone

chantecaille brow lift highlighter

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Leslie in Oregon

Vicki, there are three comments on the Nordstrom website page for the Chantecaille Brow Lift Highlighter (the page to which readers are linked when they click on the product’s underlined name in your post). Each of those comments strongly criticizes The Chantecaille Brow Lift Highlighter for specific reasons. It would be really helpful to readers of your post if you would read and comment on those criticisms. Thank you!


Yes, I just had a look, Leslie,
I love this pencil so I’m not sure why they don’t but I do apply differently. I rub the highlighter from the pencil on my index finger to warm a little at first then I press with firm dabs under my brow bone. Some pencils like the inside natural kajal and the lip pencils work well used as a “pencil” but the skin under the brow and on the eyelid is sensitive so I prefer to pat it in with my fingertips. The other way is to use a soft sponge if you don’t like the fingertips and dabbing. For the inside corners of the eye and outside I dab but using as a pencil, so far my mascara is not budging, but I don’t apply much to my under eye line.

As for the sharpener I use the largest of mine and simply pay attention to “sharpen” on the edges when needed.

I think it is an easy to use highlighter which adds just the right amount of sheen and doesn’t look powdery. It is a fresher look than an eyeshadow – it is not a major change but it is the softness of the look and the hint that I like. :) xv


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