16 Jan 2020

The Holiday Heroes


There were a couple of pieces I found to be heroes over the holidays.

I did wear dresses, every evening, but I found myself in a kind of uniform during the days.

What to wear, must be easy and the longer I get dressed the easier I want it to be. I need a guaranteed outcome because our time is so precious and thinking about all the “whats” just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I cannot begin to fathom the amount of energy consumed thinking about this in my younger days.

Fashion is no less important to me, I am just way better at it.

I get me and I get it.

Understanding us, whether it’s fashion or career, takes experience and practice and we are allowed to change our minds. Although what I like and rely on today is much the same as the versions in my 20’s. It is not boring knowing what suits and what works for our lifestyle – far from it – it is smart and brilliant. Many women I admire and who have a well-known signature look often repeat the same version of an outfit. We don’t look at them and think they are boring or dull; admiration for getting it right is what crosses my mind.

To save time know your heroes and know them well.

Hard-working pieces aren’t the same for all women and my holiday heroes may be the last on your list. For me, they work so if the idea of an easy “uniform” is on your mind, do think about bringing these back.

The turtleneck and black pants – a classic, a no-brainer but a winner every time. There are no revelations here and some may consider my options dull but I feel good when I wear this and have complete confidence. I can add lace-up boots or sneakers – switch to loafers or a mule, add a fancy coat or not. I’m ready to watch Netflix or slip out for dinner and the best news of all? I am ready, steady go in less than 5 minutes giving me more time to play with our new baby or read a few pages of my current book. Making use of time and not wasting this precious commodity is high on my agenda this year.

Repetition during the holidays may have been my crime but I lost no sleep worrying about that.

These holiday heroes did me proud. xv

My Best Holiday Heroes

merino turtleneck  ||  cashmere turtleneck  ||  flannel pants  ||  ankle pants

wear with

veja sneakers  ||  nike air max 270

image, shop spring 

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Ines de la Fressange comes into my mind when I read your post today…she is perfect for what you describe. Like always how she looks in her jeans, blazer and white blouse
Agree with your paragraph……
“fashion is not important to me…..” because we know already our style. My wardrobe is be filled with too much and I really must eliminate a lot but what I will keep is definitely the black trousers and the black turtleneck which both accompany me from morning to night. And of course some other basics for summer (white)


I have been searching for the perfect wool pant for a long time. I like them lined, or at the minimum half-lined, but it seems they are not made this way anymore. Ines de la Fressange had the best wool pants in her first shop.


I never find pants lined either.. not anymore… with luck, maybe half.. but not often.


Well said, Vicki! I am with you all the way! I’m still wearing the same silhouettes as I did in my twenties, and they’re all pieces that work well together which means I can create more outfits to wear. I love black pants, jeans or leather pants, a crisp white shirt or a turtleneck and often a long duster of some kind, a smashing necklace and trainers or silver flats or espadrilles. By tweaking this combination, it works year round. xoxox, Brenda


Agree 100% Brenda… these pieces never let us down .. I’m wearing them today.. again :) :)

Linda B

I am about to travel (to see the precious granddaughter again!) and will be bringing all four of my black turtlenecks. They are the best base layer for sure.


Are you permanently back and forth Linda? I can imagine as I am so besotted with our baby boy.. :)

Linda B

I am trying to see her (in person!) about every two months. And looking forward immensely to spending the whole summer again in Oregon! So yes, it’s a lot of back and forth. So worth it! Being a grandma is the very best, right?!


So so amazing! I understand completely and am feeling like I might have to write a few words about it :)


So agree Vicki, cigarette pants, slim jeans and a new found bootleg jeans are my go to with black or navy turtle neck or a beautiful feminine blouse. So easy to wear and not hours thinking of what to wear!! Select and wear – job done!


Oh, I agree. I finally found a few fitted turtlenecks that work for me; I am not a fan of the “cowl” turtleneck because I have a delicate and still young-enough neck to feature with a fitted version. This look you are showcasing here is exactly what I’ve grown into over the years. As a younger woman, this look “rocked” me. Now as a mature woman, I rock this look and isn’t’ that what we hope to do, to define the fashion rather than it define us? You can’t go wrong with simple but tailored styles that move with who you are.


Perfectly said, Anita… I am not a fan of cowl necklines either.. never really.. I prefer a structured piece most often.


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