18 Jul 2018

Home-Making: Changing Up The Porcelain And Glassware

Interiors are all about adding and subtracting.

Yes, it is about moving the existing all about but it is also about additions; changing the familiar and setting the scene with different objects here and there.

Oftentimes changing porcelain and glassware can revolutionise the space we are familiar with. An interior is not only an evolving space over time but also a good interior requires a dose of bravery. It is easy to stay with what we know and to place the objects in the same way, fill the vases with the same colour and lay the table familiarly, week after week. Last year I have made some big moves and the one major change, apart from the obvious of location, is how re-arranging and adding a few smaller items can completely re-invigorate an interior.

Home-Making: Changing Up The Porcelain And Glassware on vickiarcher.com

I am still waiting on the big pieces to finish our sitting room in London but in the meantime, a couple of coffee tables and chairs have been my playground. I’ve swapped my clear glass vases for coloured porcelain and our china for a more “ceramic” look. More texture and more colour than we normally live with, but it is working.  Easy, simple and not a huge investment; the flipside, I feel like a trailblazer. I’m joking but it is really true that one small addition or removal can change the way we live.

In Provence, I have made the reverse move – the focus is on clear glass and white porcelains only.  In the past, La Maison du Village was very colourful with her accessories and I loved it, but because a refresh was in order I wanted to make the house feel different. Now calm, tranquillity and peace emanate from the surroundings and it feels like a very different space to stay and play.

Glassware and porcelain are only some of the ways to switch an interior up. As a first step, they are easy and the changes are small but the result feels major. I like that. xv

Changing Up The Porcelain And Glassware

febbie day gold rimmed dinnerware  ||  luke edward hall sugar bowl  ||  anthropologie fruit bowl

anthropologie poppies plate  ||  la double j murano glasses  ||  anthropologie edie glass

tse & tse vase d’avril  ||  forest & co pleated vase  ||  rosenthal plissé vase

images, architectural digest, elsie larson, a beautiful mess, styled by rose hammick, photographed by adrian briscoe 

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Hi Vicki, I bought the Neiman’s leopard skirt with the slits all the way around and partially lined you suggested recently. Just wanted you to know I love it!! Thanks so much, Brenda


I am so glad Brenda… it’s a beauty and I know you will look wonderful wearing it… :)


I have many pieces from grandparents, parents, great aunts, etc. which has made for a large collection to choose from. My decor changes frequently by moving around these pieces. Some are put away, while others take their place. They bring back fond memories. There is one blue ceramic vase that will always stand the ‘test of time’ and it is a vase my uncle made before he went to war…he died as a POW in a Japanese camp during WWII. His finger prints are on the inside. The style and color goes with any decor and it brings me such happiness on a daily basis.


I am looking for new everyday dishes too to go with my new gray interior wall color! I’m leaning towards a pretty pottery look with muted colors or a solid gray to mix with my existing dishes. Hard to decide!

I agree we can get stuck in using our items the same way! I noticed a pretty pewter bowl on an IG site and thought, “I have pewter tucked away. I need to get it out!”


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