17 Jul 2018

Home-Making: Transforming Interiors In 5

Home Making In 5 on vickiarcher.com

Not exactly 5.
What I have been pondering are the elements that make the home feel like a home and in particular those that switch it up with ease and style.

Creating a home is a lifelong journey and that is whether you make many or stop at one. I believe home is our “castle” and should be the place we spend our creative energy. I am not immune to nights in luxurious destinations, to decors I can only admire and never emulate but ultimately I want our home to be the prize.

Home is not a static adventure.

What I mean is the way we live and the way our homes develop moves with our moods and whims; at least ours does. Many features stay the same wherever I live and they mostly revolve around comfort and practicality. The decor scheme has a familiarity because some well-loved furnishings find their home in every environment. Change is brilliant but a few constancies make the differences even more impactful.

The physical environment of “home” must resonate. That’s where to start. Loving where you live, the interior and exterior dimensions, make all the difference; it sparks ideas, fuels creativity and most importantly gives us our sense of purpose and belonging. Even temporary homes need to hold our feelings in this way if we are to feel grounded. I am a homemaker, even as a small girl and I suspect I will forever seek to enhance my surroundings in ways to make me feel happy.

Once an interior is created it doesn’t have to stop.

Some I know never change the way their interiors look or work; not me. Moving and re-inventing happen on a daily basis. I change interiors to suit not only my latest crush but also the seasons. I move our bits around for no other reason than the idea strikes. Try it – it is such fun and very liberating once you realize how many looks can be manipulated with the familiar.

The easiest way to change an interior especially to track with the seasons is to accessorize. It is really no different to how we think about our wardrobe essentials. We may love our classic “little black dress” but that won’t stop us changing shoes or bag, adding a scarf or wearing a new hairstyle.

Dressing up doesn’t stop with fashion.

Adding and subtracting to our environment is an easy way to feel like we are in motion without the upheaval. Additions can include colour, porcelains whether it be vases or dinnerware, contemporary glassware or a refresh outside in the garden or terrace. Home fragrance and scented candles can elevate the ambience and the addition of indoor plants can revolutionize a space. All is possible and small moves can transform.

Small moves to transform our interiors; that’s what we are all about this week. xv


In The Home-Making Mood

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, for those with early access, has started. It is the best sale of the year – here are a couple of ideas to start with and more to follow when the sale is in full swing. Cashmere, slippers, jeans or trainers – my tops when it comes to home-making attire :)

cashmere crewneck pullover  ||  patricia green velvet mules ||  nike running shoes in khaki  ||  le slender jeans

image, architectural digest, designed by kelly wearstler, photographed by roger davies

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Taste of France

I’ve always thought that décor was just like dressing. Just moving the furniture around can make a place feel different–and you get a different perspective just because the sofa, for example, is facing a new direction. I also like to strip down to the bare minimum in summer. When I take things out again for winter, the fact of such a change makes it feel different, even when it’s all the same stuff. In winter, more (cushions, throws, candles) feels cozy; in summer the same stuff feels fussy. Just as I wouldn’t think of dressing without a scarf in winter, I no more would wear one (especially when it’s 34 C outside) in summer.
Those pink chairs are amazing!


I totally agree. My husband, bless his heart (LOL), often says, “STOP. When are you going to STOP?” referring to the occasional movement of a piece, the painting of a room (after 20 years of not getting any paint) or rearranging the décor. There’s nothing wrong with changing things up a bit, even adding. We are living in the house, we are constantly changing seasons, so why does the home have to be static? He’s finally come to understand that in his own “Man Cave” and has learned the joy of rearranging his art collection. Home is always on the move!

Michelle à Détroit

We live in an historic district. Our house was built in 1913 and the architectural design is very formal. In the past, I let the space tell me how to decorate. Now that we’ll be selling the house, I made changes to lighten it up a bit-removing heavier chairs and other pieces. Most people buying in our area are in their 30’s. They are not into “brown” furniture, antiques or formal homes. It’s going to be interesting.


Love what you’re doing to your garden terrace. So beautiful already, just think what it will be like when the plants are fully settled in and grow bigger. You’ll have the joy of seeing them develop and change with the seasons.
Hope you’ll post some more pics of the lovely interiors. Loved your kitchen chandelier! Best wishes, Pamela


Vicki I have your two beautiful books on Mas de Berard in Saint Remy and like many of your followers wonder if you have sold this beautiful property, please tell us!


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