12 Sep 2016

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc: Plus ça Change, Plus c’est la Même Chose

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc on vickiarcher.com. Photographs by Slim Aarons

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Rock; it really is true to say the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I am slow today, still luxuriating in the most wonderful weekend we enjoyed at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. If you follow me on Instagram you will know we were there to celebrate David’s birthday.

It was a big one and deserved attention, as does he. He is one amazing and fabulous guy.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is probably one of the world’s most beautiful destinations but it is so much more than that. Set in magnificent parklands with an incredible piece of rocky coastline as piece de resistance, Hotel du Cap has been a hideaway for many of the world’s most rich and famous for many decades. Yet somehow the hotel has retained old-fashioned charm, exquisite service and none of the glitzy glamour that has struck many contemporaries.

Yes, one pays dearly for the privilege of staying there but we have all paid dearly to stay in less than desirable hotels and come away feeling, at the best nothing and at the worst short changed. Hotel du Cap, for all its glamour, has a family atmosphere and makes you feel just as special or even more special than the myriad of celebrities who pass through their doors.

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc on vickiarcher.com. Photographs by Slim Aarons

Spending a few days at the Hotel du Cap reminded me why the French Riviera had such a reputation and attracted so many celebrities since forever.  I had forgotten how glorious the Mediterranean is when paired with rolling lawns, manicured gardens and soaring pine trees; a unique blend of ocean meets garden. It really is an extraordinary coastline and the location of Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is nothing short of magnificent.

We spent the weekend like the people in the iconic photographs of Slim Aarons. We lounged like lizards, we swam, we dived into the sea and we attempted to climb the hanging ropes and bars. We were reminded of days gone by, when as children we whiled away hours by the pool or at the beach. The only difference, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is far more sophisticated a playground than our childhood destinations.

I say that Hotel du Cap is sophisticated yet in many ways it is not.

The decor, while in perfect state, has not changed in any discernible way in the last 20 years. The bedrooms have retained their gorgeous panelling, French antiques and lustrous chandeliers from the owner’s personal collection. Beautiful toile fabrics, in the softest pastel shades adorn the windows and frame the classic turquoise-blue shutters that distinguish the Chateau.

The restaurants and bars can create whatever your heart desires and yet classic French is still at the heart. Merci mille fois, chef for David’s incredible birthday cake; we are still recovering from that one and the detox starts today.

It is 20 years since our last visit. We celebrated David’s birthday once before at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, back in the days of French francs and cash only. We felt like kids let into an adult’s playground; this past weekend I felt we had come of age.

It was only a weekend but it felt like a lifetime. xv

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc: Plus ça Change, Plus c’est la Même Chose

many asked me about my dress, it’s a favourite from roksanda and I would almost say it’s the perfect piece. i wore it with flats because we were on the move but i can see it with some great heels

**roksanda margo  //  roksanda yasmin  //  roksanda nair

images slim aarons from getty images


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Taste of France

What glamour! You have gorgeous photos of an iconic destination. Of course, its location there on the tip of the peninsula is perfect for exclusivity and privacy.
I am finding some amusement in speculating what the gentlemen alongside the pool is doing with the big stick.
Passing on best wishes to the birthday boy!


Probably one of the world’s best locations for a hotel, this looks sublime! I hope you all enjoyed every single minute. Special occasions call for special celebrations, and what is better than celebrating a birthday? One of life’s true luxuries is to be able to stay somewhere where the owners make the experience the absolute best in the world.


What a lucky girl you are. The Hotel looked amazing and so did you and David #thanksInstagram. Detox indeed but I am happy you indulged this weekend


I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures on IG! Your dress was beautiful. Glad you all had such a nice celebration in such a lovely place.


I’m new to Instagram and so enjoyed the beautiful photos. I loved the sentiment of feeling like you had “come of age”. Thirty years ago tracking through Europe with a back pack, staying in youth hostels was wonderful but now nice luggage (with wheels) and lovely apartments is a sign of getting older I’m more than happy to embrace. Thank you for sharing this special time and the dress is truly beautiful!

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I have enjoyed your Instagram journey and once again here, seeing your experience through this special lens. What a gorgeous array of photos! Such a place is fitting for a couple like you and David. I am following him now; his photos are wonderful snippets of sunshine and elegant moments. CHEERS to the both of you!


Glad you had such a wonderful weekend for David’s birthday.
Love this place, it’s so beautiful. We had lunch there and spent the afternoon in late May, glorious weather. Normally when we’re staying in Antibes it’s closed to outside visitors because of all the VIPS who stay for the Cannes Film festival. But this year we were a bit later. The beautician who normally looks after me (she’s currently taking maternity leave) at our hotel in Antibes used to work there and had attended to Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue etc in earlier times. Her fiancé is/was (not sure about now) the pool captain at Eden Roc and has taught many stars’ children to swim.
She loved working there but the hotel closes down every winter for les travaux to keep it beautiful – so she always had to find another job for those months – finally she decided to move to a hotel that’s open year round.
The nearby Hotel Belles Rives is also gorgeous for lunch – right down by the waterside. It’s bliss and a little more laid back but still gorgeous. Best wishes, Pamela


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