29 Aug 2018

Houndstooth: Make Sure To Read The Small Print

Houndstooth and I go way back.

My favourite pair of trousers was a black and white houndstooth check with side zip. They finished just above the ankle, had hidden pockets and were fairly narrow. I liked them so much I also had them in black and grey flannel. They went with everything and as nothing much has changed from those days you know what I wore with them – the black tee, the black turtleneck or the white versions. If nothing else I am predictable.

Fast forward a lifetime and I am back in tow with houndstooth. This style of plaid is revived this season and I don’t want to be left out. Besides as a compliment to grey hair, I think it works well. Pants, the narrow houndstooth kind, will no longer be relegated to memory – I’m wearing them this coming winter and wearing them often. Crazy about them, you could say?

And, as it is my year of living “brave” that means I must venture into other territories, so I’m thinking about a houndstooth coat, like the one I am wearing. This coat is still a classic but it is a breakaway from plain black, navy or grey – which is too often my uniform of choice. Houndstooth looks good over most shades and if I had found a decent yellow in my wardrobe, I would have styled this coat with that.

Sneakers and all black are really a go-to for me, especially after a rushed morning. Throwing this coat over the basics dressed me up in seconds and a slick of red lipstick worked its wonder – no lengthy lead time today. It was one of those days where only a coat would do.  Nothing was right until I added the black and white.

Nordstrom invited me to preview fall fashion and while the choices are endless I want to kick-start the season with houndstooth. Like leopard print, houndstooth is a major statement this season. There are so many reasons why I am happy to work with them and I do wish their fellow department stores in Europe would take notice; their returns policy, the online experience and their personalised shopping service are all streets ahead of here. If I lived in the US I would be collecting my goodies curbside; that is almost enough to warrant a jump across the pond.  

Back to houndstooth.

*I will wear it together and separately. A 3/4 coat would be a happy addition, especially with jeans – even a winter white pair.

*The idea of a houndstooth suit strikes me as dandy in the best possible way.

*Houndstooth trousers – narrow or wider legs – look brilliant with the primary colours. Yes, this plaid is gorgeous with the neutrals but imagine a little emerald or ruby red in contrast.

Houndstooth and I will be inseparable this winter. xv

Houndstooth: Make Sure To Read The Fine Print

down low

halogen slim pants ||  eileen fisher ankle pants  ||  halogen side stripe pants ||  boss bootcut trousers

over the top

halogen plaid wool coat  ||  boss mini houndstooth blazer  ||  stella mccartney contrast wool and silk coat  ||  givenchy houndstooth wool coat

Thank you ShopStyle and Nordstrom for partnering with, “Houndstooth: Make Sure To Read The Small Print”

images, amy brooks

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Oh Vicki, I love seeing you! You look ravissante! I’ve never worn houndstooth, but it’s a lovely pattern and this is truly a classic style for the inevitable but beautiful season of fall. Oh your hair…you constantly inspire me to let my hair go long!


Thank you so much, Anita…
I have neglected houndstooth for years but have decided it is really a great addition to my wardrobe – especially with the hair! My hair is the longest it has been in years.. and I am not entirely sure – but it was an easy option for the summer months – tied up all the time!
It does take perseverance, the growing, but I don’t think grey short would look any good on me… One day! You have gorgeous hair.. so try it… you can always cut it..!

Taste of France

Yes, it does go well with your hair. I also like seeing the photos of you rather than of models barely out of their teens (or still in). And your hair looks great. So do the glasses.
Houndstooth (chicken feet in French!!) is so versatile because it’s a pattern but one that goes with so many other patterns, like florals, leopard or stripes, without being too much.


Yes! It’s my new favourite print… I like the “chicken feet” reference.
If you saw too much of me .. ha ha… you would be begging for models … any age… ;) ;) :)

Margie Laughton

I also love seeing you ,you are real.Its no good being our age and havein half starved child models showing off clothes

Beth M.

Loving your HAIR! The entire outfit is great, but for me, the hair is what makes you stand out as someone to consider and then consider again! :) Looking wonderful!


Always wonderful to see a new post from you in my inbox. ❤️
I love these pictures of you, Vicki! I also appreciate you sharing your journey with growing your hair longer and letting it grow grey! Both look fabulous on you.
A couple of years ago I gave away to a charitable cause some clothes I wasn’t wearing. Though it was for charity (I feel good about that) I gave a few items that I “miss.” And yes, one was a beautiful houndstooth blazer!


You are so lovely! It is nice to see pictures of YOU in your posts. And houndstooth is absolutely a favorite of mine as well!!! That coat is straight from my dreams! :)

Linda B

Terrific look! And so nice to see it on YOU! I am inspired to find me some houndstooth now. . .


Love the houndstooth and especially on you! More pictures of you please! I’ve been looking for a little houndstooth to spice up my neutrals for fall/winter- one of my fave neutrals is red. Thanks for the curated options. And the sweet little furry guy goes great with everything.


Loved seeing you this morning. So often you speak of an article of clothing and what you might wear with it but we don’t see how you put the outfit together. As others said, seeing it on a very young model does nothing to aid us in styling it for our age. More please!


Houndstooth is such a classic. I am going to dive deep into my closets and see what I find. It is a holiday weekend in the U.S. so if I come out empty-handed, store discounts will be available!


Yes….you have reminded me how fabulous houndstooth can be! I am now on the hunt …. !!!
PS LOVE your hair colour and trying very hard to follow suit though patience is needed…………


Vicki, you look fabulous as always.
I cannot wear houndstooth… I always think, David Jones, shopping bag! Now you live in London and no longer Sydney I cannot imagine you have this concern. Love Lx


This bought back memories… :) :) Lovely D’J’s such a Sydney institution… I remember well the “black and white”…


I love the way you have put your outfits together. They are current, chic age perfect. You need to get off the fence concerning your hair. It looks amazing!! You are an inspiration!!


I’m with everyone else, love these photos of you Vicki! And yes, Houndstooth, such a classic and a neutral just like the leopard!

Michelle à Détroit

Love seeing you model, Vicki. It brings your ideas to life and you look FAB! Encore, s’il vous plaît !


YOU will bE HAPPY TO KNOW I WORKED FOR NORDSTROMS BEFORE THE 30 year old was born!I was a PERSONAL SHOPPER for them!WE were told in training if someone wanted to bring back a CAR TIRE to take it back!!!
I can even recall my employee number to this day!They were a GREAT COMPANY back in the DAY still are I would imagine!


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