16 Jun 2018

How Many T-Shirts Are Too Many?


A t-shirt will never go unappreciated. Basic as they may be, they are an essential and practical item.

When braving the white jeans, there is no better companion, and when your tailoring is in check, no doubt the reassuring tee is right by your side.

We may look at our collection and believe it’s a little OTT but with a reliable assortment, at least we know we’ve always got ourselves covered.

But how do you discover the ‘perfect’ tee? 

This is defined by our favoured style.

With so many options,  finding ‘the one’ can become a comprehensive task.

The T-shirt Spectrum


From v-neck to crewneck, find the style that works best with your shape.

A crewneck helps to accentuate the shoulders and neck whilst the v-neck is a flattering option to emphasise the chest area.

Length & Fit 

When you’re not wanting to embrace the less than toned arms, loose tees with slightly longer sleeves are the answer and give more of a slouchy, effortless effect. Slim-fitting and shorter capped sleeves serve well for a more tailored approach to tees; perfect under the blazer.

Colour Chart

There’s a t-shirt available in every colour imaginable. A white, black and grey are basic necessities.

If you’re thinking of adding colour, don’t miss khaki and blush and never navy.


Sourcing the best fabric is what truly makes for the perfect tee.

Cotton is a firm favourite as it’s soft and comfortable. It is also effective cost per wear as it’s more durable compared to alternative materials.


Plain tees are a faithful classic and patterned is a fun option to play around and boost an outfit. And what about a designer tee covered in clever slogans? Are you a fan or do you consider them a fad?

Once you’ve whittled down the requirements, knowing what you are looking for in a tee doesn’t seem that complicated.

Next time you spy the perfect tee but the voice inside your head is telling you it’s not necessary, don’t listen.  We are firm believers there is room for one more.

How Many T-Shirts Is Too Many?

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Although I love all of these, I would really love to find a tee that has sleeves down to the elbow -arms are not what they used to be. I so wish I could wear the ones you show, they’re so great, bus alas, as une femme d’un age certaine, I am on the hunt for longer sleeves, maybe even a 3/4 length sleeve. Any suggestions would be appreciated! You’re so fashionable, love your blog!


Judi, you might find what you’re looking for at Boden. They have an online shop and offer a wide selection on well made clothing. I just purchased a cotton boat neck tee with elbow length sleeves. Hope this helps.


Hi Judi, I too love 3/4 length sleeves and the best I have found that come in a few different colours are the John Patrick Organic tees. Retain their shape, are beautiful and soft and don’t crease therefore great for the suitcase.
I have included the link – hope that is okay Vicki. http://www.organicbyjohnpatrick.com


I love a good t-shirt too. But especially white and struggle to find one that isn’t see-through. That would be my number one priority!

Marilyn Phillips

Just ordered the Top Shop T. I always buy new white Ts each season. Last year’s is relegated to every day—at home and errands. Two year’s ago Ts become pj tops. Thanks for the recommendations. Simplifies my search.


haha me too! White tees are fab but they only look good for so long.

I meant to add in my other post – one of my favorite easy looks is “white jeans and black tee” (or just white bottom black top).

When I see white jeans and black tee it reminds me of the famous photo of Jackie O scampering around Capri, holding her sandals.


Never have too many t’s,. I have a collection of linen tee shirts that I love!


Would you believe – Target? Many colors, short sleeve, elbow length, as well as 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve, and they had boat neck tees too which were also 3/4 sleeve. I prefer boat neck myself and two years ago bought 2 white 2 black, one B&W stripe, and 1 red in boat neck – and a stupid amount of others, in scoop neck (I probably have 20 tees total from them). They were under 15 bucks each – some were under TEN bucks.

This year they also have something called the ballet back – scoop in front and deep scoop in back. Haven’t bought any this year because I have so many and they do hold up well.

Linda B Kerr

Can’t beat a fresh white T. Sometimes they get a bit yellowy though, so I put a few in a large bowl with some bleach for awhile, rinse, wash, dry…it works to make them super white again.

Michelle à Détroit

Great idea, Linda. I’ll try this. Soaking them for a while must do the trick.

Michelle à Détroit

Tees are essential for me. Black, white, gray and navy are my can’t live withouts. I’ve recently added a soft royal blue called “Pacific.” I’m not sure whether we are allowed to mention brands, but Tommy Hilfiger v-neck tees are my favorites. They are all cotton, not too boxy, very reasonably priced and well made.

Michelle à Détroit

…Tees are also an item that needs almost annual replacement. For that reason, I don’t like to spend a bundle on them.

Ann Ibbotson

Hi Vicki, I swear by an Australian brand Mele Purdi, they are just the right length, not too short and not too long and they skim, not cling to, my bumps. They travel well and don’t crush. They are just a little dressier and more “grown up” than the average t-shirt, but that works for me. I’ve discovered the scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeve works best for me and I have them in every colour (and a number of white ones).
The other brand worth mentioning is an English one, Kettlewell Colours, for their amazing colour range.


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