3 Jul 2019

How Many White Sneakers Can One Woman Wear?

Every season is sneaker season.

The answer is, there are never too many.

I have a lot of sneakers. Season after season, they’re the shoes I rely on for every outfit and almost every occasion. Perhaps not for the dinner reservation, but in all other scenarios, they’re my go-to. Comfortable, durable and minimal – they’re an essential I’m not letting go of.

The white variety has always been a necessity; no need to overthink them, they’ll go with everything.

However, writing about the longevity and essentialism of sneakers got me thinking about the years they weren’t such a key fashion item.

Many of us would never have thought of pairing trainers with our investment dresses or may have only got them out for exercise. Some of us who still aren’t fans of the trend now.

Why Are Sneakers So Popular?

Is it comfort? Versatility?

It’s both.

Sneakers have come a long way in the last few years, transforming into a staple we depend on. Wearing them with dresses is now one of my everyday outfits. They give a sporty, casual element to some of my more formal pieces, ultimately allowing me to get more use out of them.

They are also extremely comfortable. Living in a city involves lots of walking, commuting and various other activities, all made a little easier when uncomfortable footwear isn’t holding me back.

And while sneakers are still a fashion favourite, they can keep their place in my wardrobe and in my heart.

Because There’s No Such Thing As Too Many White Sneakers

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I no longer have a pair but I must get some; I’ve been wearing boots and flats so far!


Nordstrom is finally catching up to you Vicki – the current anniversary sale catalog shows models wearing many outfits with sneakers where in the past they would have been wearing boots. Due to your influence I am looking for a great pair to add to my wardrobe. I have a pair of Meds made to look like baseballs with red baseball stitching I am wearing this summer.


I am so thrilled with a pair of bright crisp yellow patent leather sneakers – I guess you’d call them sneakers, as they’re lace up with white rubber souls. Arche, made in France, and like most Arche shoes superbly comfortable. Also – they were 40% off in the Paris sales this last week! I’ve been wearing them with white, black or navy jeans and they’re perfect. People stop me to admire them, in Paris! And they’re not Converse which so many French women insist on. When I was trying them on in the shop, other women (all French) saw me walking up and down and asked to try them too. I always load up on Arche shoes, sandals or boots when I’m here during the sales. Just wonderful for women of a certain age who need comfort and stability but like a little style and colour too. Have you ever tried them Vicki? It’s a French family company and they’re actually still made here. I like that. Best wishes, Pamela


So pleased to read a comment from Pamela, I’ve missed her sophisticated, stylish insights.
Pamela’s comments provide brief glimpses into a magnificent life. Now there is a profile I’d be very interested in seeing featured. I’d be particularly intrigued by her considered approach to an elegantly curated (professional) wardrobe.


Yes, I am familiar with Arche Pamela and have bought pairs there from time to time. :) They were fab…

Michelle à Détroit

I have a wonderful pair of Sam Edelson woven black and tan jute/ rattan sneakers. White shoes look great on women with small feet, which does not include me. I have one white pair of white Keds and one pair of white canvas espadrille oxfords. I wear neither very often. Vicki, huge white sneakers are simply not flattering to everyone. Absolutely nothing will ever convince me to wear them with much of anything, let alone everything. They do not look good on me. Sorry, the herd will have to again charge along without me. The most important thing is knowing what works for us.


Sneakers and slip-ons have been a Godsend! A custom pair of cowboy boots rubbed a blood clot on the arch of my foot and surgery to remove it damaged the nerves so most shoes are pure agony now. For years I mourned high heels with my investment pieces. Even now I’d give anything to wear heels but sneakers and flat espadrilles are my jam! xoxox, Brenda


I have many pairs of sneakers, preferring the solid colour ones versus the multi coloured ones. I usually only wear them with shorts or jeans. I’ve never tried them with a dress but I will, then look in the mirror and appraise the look.

Michelle à Détroit

BTW, has anyone ever seen Anna Wintour in a pair of big white trainers? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.


I just bought some white Stan smiths and a white with gold Hilfiger and now I can’t choose which one to keep… can I really keep them both? Do I need more than one pair of white trainers


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