26 Nov 2019

Mastermind: Play The Cyber Sales

Mastermind: Play The Cyber Sales on vickiarcher.com


Now We Know How to successfully master the art of sale shopping. Let’s


By now you know my feelings about shopping the sales. I need to be strict and experience has taught me it is essential to stand firm. Sure, buying on a whim is fun for a moment but the time it takes to disentangle the ‘mistakes’ is far more annoying.


50% of sale shopping is about luck and 50% about skill but with close attention, there are some good opportunities to be had. This time of year, I focus on stocking up on the new season basics and replace those pieces that need a freshen up.


My mind is just out of summer mode and trying to pre-empt new winter styles so Cyber Week sales always come in at the perfect time. I spend hours perusing online to find us the best deals and the one clear light bulb moment I have is to use my strategy.

Remember These Top Tips


Break the sale shopping into segments; this makes navigating far less harrowing.


Start by re-assessing the wardrobe and replacing some of the classics.


Check on the accessories; the bags, the luggage and any of the practical pieces I could do with smartening up a bit.


Dip into the lingerie and shapewear. Look for replacements you know work.


Buy what you already like.

Replace the old with the new.

Invest in sale time; cost per wear is the best.

Buy the classics; they aren’t boring but good value.

Return if need be; when in doubt, vote out.


Buy the unfamiliar.

Try and reinvent a whole new you.

Choose because the price is right; the piece must be right.

Grow into or squeeze into; it never happens.

Don’t be put off by too much choice.

Take a deep breath, read the above and streamline the basket. xv

Mastermind The Cashmere Classics.

beautiful crewneck  ||  classic v neck  ||  the best ever turtleneck  ||  superfine for underneath cashmere

be brave in stripes  ||  our favourite shaker stitch  ||  think highlands  ||  colours galore and bargain v neck

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One Comment


I have the same habit and for me it’s OK when I replace year by year the basics, like a
black turtleneck (of course always from the same brand) and sometimes I buy 2 pcs
Just went trough my winter wardrobe and made a list which stuff I have to add or
replace…was an interesting experience and made fun


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