5 Nov 2020

Sleeping Well, Sleeping Sound And Dreaming Sweet

Sleep is such an elixir.

How delicious it is to feel refreshed after a sound sleep.

Refreshed is the key. Sleeping well is not so much about the hours of sleep but the benefits that come from solid sleep.

And we all know that sleeping sound is one of the best-kept beauty secrets.

The older I become the more I appreciate and understand the benefits of great sleep, especially when worrying ourselves sleepless is very much on the agenda right now. Sleep and good quality sleep really does mean the difference of dealing with whatever we must face on a day-to-day basis. It helps to sleep well and nothing ever feels as bad in the morning as it does in the middle of the night.

I have always been envious of those who can sleep serenely in any circumstances.  I am full of admiration for those who cat nap for ten or twenty minutes and wake up on top of the world. There are some who fall asleep in moments, who never finish reading a page or watching a movie; that’s the kind of sleeping I aspire to.

Sleeping well for me is all about routine and ritual.

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How To Sleep Well And Sleep Sound

* Leave caffeine alone after lunchtime; that does include chocolate.

* Unplug. Fall asleep the old-fashioned way with a page turner of a book and leave Instagram alone for the evening.

* Wear an eye mask and use ear plugs. These will become your rituals and trigger the brain that it is sleep time.

* Make sure sleepwear is not only pretty but also comfortable.

* Breathing, practise relaxed breathing to lower your heart rate. Hold your breath until the count of 7 and exhale slowly, repeat over and over. Anxiety means shallow breathing and that speeds up our heart rate. Anxiety is our adversary when it comes to sleeping well.

*Lower the room temperature; cool sleeping is the best sleeping. Somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees is the zone we want to be in. Add a blanket if needed but keep the room temperature down.

*Mattress and pillows, a personal choice, they make all the difference to sleeping well.

*Soft lighting and a dedicated reading light. A harsh overhead light is overstimulating.

*If you like organised and tidy, make sure the bedroom is too. Feeling shambolic does nothing to aid sleeping well.

*The benefits of lavender. A spritz of lavender on the inside of the pillowcase smells delicious and nudges sleep.

*Take a long soak in the bath with essential oils before bed.

Waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep is my worst nightmare.

I have learned that I am better to get up, make a hot herbal tea and read my book. Trying to maintain a relaxed state is my goal. The worst idea (and what I really, really want to do) is to look at my phone and my computer. That will ensure my day has begun and sleeping is well and truly over.

I am not a brilliant sleeper but I am so much better than I was and it is because I follow these bedtime routines. Now more than ever they're important to follow xv

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Excellent list Vicki! 2020 has been nothing but anxiety and stress filled for me. These times have challenged our understanding of what normal is supposed to be. I think we all long for some peace and calm. I’ve tried most of your list (except the bath) and those things do work. I work out at least 4 days a week on treadmill and throw in some yoga and core followed by a nice shower and those days I usually have no trouble getting to sleep. I have some L’occitane lavender candles I use some nights. I’m using my phone as an alarm clock these days but previously I never brought it into the bedroom.


Exercise is the big game-changer isn’t it? Although if I am too “over-worked” then I don’t sleep either…balance is the hard part, but the key to all :)

Linda B

Thank you for all these reminders! I have had sleep troubles since hitting menopause, sometimes better and sometimes worse. I have had some success (but always) with lavender and not looking at screens at bedtime, and limiting caffeine after lunch. I need to try other suggestions that you have given.

This past half year (+!) has held many anxieties that have interfered with sleep for me, especially with the recent changing of homes (and the election here in the States.) Now that I am finally settling into my new space, I am starting to sleep better again most of the time. We splurged on a beautiful new bed and a great mattress, for one thing. Another is that my life is returning to some sort of normalcy and daily routines are getting established in this new place.


Routine is very important for sleep… and anxiety the worst.. which we all have to deal with right now. I am going to follow my list and see how I am tonight… and leave the screens in another room! Try to at least :)


Good morning Vicki
Well it is 2.16am and guess who is looking at her computer?….
I have to be the worst sleeper in the entire world, so thank you for the tips which I shall desperately try to
adher to…
Wishing you and your family the best during these crazy times…


Oh dear Vicki there is nothing worse than wanting to sleep and not being able to. I seem to sleep well most of the time especially after yoga and usually do some deep breathing when I get into bed after a yoga class. I also won’t have a television in the bedroom and leave my mobile outside of the room charging. I do agree a good book is helpful too. I have also found Clary Sage oil to be very good for me with a couple of drops on my pillow. I do seem to resonate this smell with relaxing and sleeping. Hope you manage to have some good nights of long deep sleeping.


Thank you Janet… It’s a good idea to leave the mobile outside… for sure… I get guilty and bring it when when I know I shouldn’t!


Thank you so much Vicki, very timely advice. My husband has an awful routine, going to be at 8 p.m. and getting up at 1:30-2:00 a.m. to go to work. Tried Melatonin but even that doesn’t work anymore, and I don’t want to resort to sleeping pills. Your suggestions are most welcome.


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