8 Nov 2019

I Still Love The Jeans And Blazer


Jeans, blazer and a classic shirt plus shoes of choice; it’s a good look.

We can change the shape and fabric of the jacket, the length and cut of the jeans but I don’t think this style trifecta ever gets tired.

In Paris – and my first wander around the 1st yesterday- I couldn’t help but notice women of all ages wearing this combination in one way or the other. Fresh eyes are a boost for inspiration when it comes to fashion. Parisian fashion while classic is also braver for women. It feels as if fashion is about personality and style, not age. It was a quick tour but impactful. And yes, those lace-up boots are right on target.

The beauty of jeans with the blazer style jacket is the informality it offers; still tailored but with less structure than a suit. With lace-up boots or sneakers, it is very relaxed but with a pair of simple heels, it can take us to another level of dressing. Swapping weights and colours for seasonal dressing makes this look a no-brainer all year round.  As travelling companions, these three pieces are super versatile.

And if you really want to gear the jeans and jacket up a notch, wear this. So, so fabulous underneath a tailored jacket – contrasting styles are everything.

I hadn’t forgotten this combination but I have lost sight of my jeans recently favouring dresses or all black with pants, jackets and turtlenecks. What really looks fab are washed denim jeans and a jacket in velvet or tweed. It’s a splash away from a pinstripe but versatile in the same way.

I forgot my jeans this trip but they will be up and on as soon as I get home. xv

Don’t Forget These Three

my very favourite jeans for look, fit and comfort

**redone original high waist stovepipe  ||  redone cigarette jeans

these work – tucked in or out

**vince slim silk blouse  ||  everlane silky cotton relaxed shirt  ||  comme des garçons ruffle shirt

start here for a blazer

**suiststudio wool blazer   ||  **frame rose velvet blazer  ||  something navy plaid blazer  ||  chelsea velvet blazer

this feature contains affiliate links 

image, marian moneymaker 

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what a graceful, gorgeous and dignified look, Vicki. I still need to get myself a blazer because this is a winning look AND so is her hair. Thank you!


The ‘techie’ twist on this is to replace the blouse with a crewneck tee or thin sweater…add sneakers, Rothy’s, or Allbirds shoes.

Marsha Scott

Here in Houston we can wear jeans all year because of our temperatures. And, so so happy the longer blazer is back in style, as I really don’t like to show my backside (blight from being teased as a very young girl ! XX). Beautiful look! The gray hair is awesome on some of you guys, but I’m a Texas blonde and will be till the day I’m sown off the terrace at the Bellevue Syrene Hotel in Sorrento. hahahahahah


Love this look as well Vicki. I’m styling with cigarette jeans and some medium heeled boots and liking the shape these jeans give. In the UK we definitely need a jumper of some sorts as wet and chilly here at the moment but with a warm strappy vest underneath then a blazer can be worn. It does smarten the look up and the option for a cashmere scarf as well.
Good research Inspector!!!


I am a blazer girl, started with Ralph Lauren and never stopped..lol, so versatile and classic. Although now I have been enjoying the styles at Kooples. As always Vicki, enjoying your shoutouts to “blazers”!


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