10 Nov 2016

Icebreakers: The Big Chill

Icebreakers: The Big Chill on vickiarcher.com

I need THESE today!

The big chill has hit London and the mules and sneakers are feeling a little frosty.

I don’t know what it is about warm weather footwear but I love the heavier textures and the snug look. These kind of flat boots look super cute with jeans or even tights and dresses; they are a kind of cuddly version of a sneaker.

These days I tend to wear flats most days and leave the heels for the evening.

It’s not only because I am a little lazy and looking for comfort but also because I think these boots, are a great look. When it’s feeling like ice outside the idea of a cosy, warm boot is the best thought ever.

I have this thing about tights.

I don’t know why but I have gone off wearing them with shoes; a totally irrational feeling but it is definitely alive and well. Tights with boots and I am completely comfortable.

Are you uncomfortable wearing tights and shoes? Especially tights and flats; this is one combination I can’t get together.

Icebreakers: The Big Chill on vickiarcher.com


The ‘big chill’ plus my idiosyncrasy with the tights means I am switching over to boots in the day time and snuggly ones at that.

The warmth of the linings makes them an even better option; warm feet means happy feet.

There are three Stuart Weitzman “big chill” styles I have my eye on.

The must have WINTER BOOTIE, the FURNACE BOOT and not to want to seem impractical, the LUGE BOOT. The WINTER in suede because it has my name written all over it; I love it. The FURNACE because I want to be the girl in the camel cape with those fabulous legs and tie boots; you know I am crushing on capes. The LUGE, for winter walking and the weekends; I don’t have a practical but stylish pair of lace-ups, so these are it.

I am champing at the bit to visit the new Stuart Weitzman shop in Regent Street; it is opening on Friday the 11th.

Let me know if you will be in London next week, I’d love to swap ‘shoe chat’ there one day. xv

Icebreakers: The Big Chill


thank you stuart weitzman for partnering with, ‘icebreakers: the big chill’

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Taste of France

Do we really have to think about winter? I’m in flipflops right now though I spied the first snow on the mountains the other day.
The top ones look like the love child of Vans and high-tops. Which is a good thing.


We do here!! It’s freezing here..
I love your “love child” comparison… Never thought I would need a “love child” ;) ;)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Slightly jealous of your chill, as today it’s going to be warm enough to wear summer clothes. I’m off to Santa Barbara for a short holiday and antique show, and had high hopes of wearing my own tights and boots! Never mind, hopefully the weather will be cold enough next week for my Stuart Weitzman boots which I love.

Booties are the perfect thing with tights, I know what you mean about the tights and flats combo, somehow I can’t get it to work for me, either. Enjoy your Big Chill! Xoxo Lidy

Mimi Gregor

I wear tights with any sort of shoe, from ballet flats to boots, right on through pumps. Possibly the fact that I tend to dress in monochrome makes it look right. Tights are not quite as dressy as hosiery, which is sometimes just what I want.


Thank you, Vicki. I just bought the Luge for my trip to London next week and my favorite Scottish beach in March. Reckon I will re-think the skirts and tights I was planning to wear and go back to pants….Stay warm.


Hi Vicki, here in Australia of course we are gearing up for summer (bit of a slow start unfortunately) but I know what you mean about the shoes and tights thing. I thought it was just me but this past winter if I was wearing a skirt and tights, it had to be boots on my feet. I would try the shoes but it just didn’t feel/look right! Sometimes I think we have an instinct about changes in fashion before it actually happens!

Brenda Stimpson

Tights and shoes? Nooooooooooooooo…… I’m very much with you on this one.


Living in Canada tights are our norm..the heavier and more opaque the better..Did someone say Woolford? Those tights are awesome..It depends on the shoe I believe. Dainty ballet flats look a bit silly, nix anything in patent..but suede or leather, flat ankle boots, all look great! I agree with the monochrome look. When I wear black tights its always black shoes or boots as it gives a longer leaner line….and black pantyhose are not tights..opaque, opaque, opaque. Good tights should look solid with no skin see thru or shine..if you’re really hip then black leather Converse can look very cool with tights and a short(er) skirt. Just watch long(maxi) skirts, tights and flats….not a look everyone can carry off:)

Esther George

Hi Vicki, when I think of tights, I think lace up shoes, which was part of winter school uniform. I never wore them again. I love the cape and the boots. Thank you for sharing beauty. PS I don’t think I would survive your winters.


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