23 Feb 2016

I’m Late, I’m Late For A Very Important Date

i'm late, i'm, late, i'm very very late, photographed by annie leibovitz for vogue, vickiarcher.com

I hate being late.

I really, really do. I prefer to be early rather than worried I won’t be be on time.

I often wonder whether “lateness” is genetic or a chronic disorder?

I am joking but I do find a habit of lateness annoying and if there were one easy way to help us it would be eliminating this quality. Yes, there are genuine reasons to be late when unforeseen circumstances rare their ugly heads and disrupt our days. I’m talking frequent lateness that is more about the ability to organise or a disinterest bordering on the insult.

It is so easy to become accustomed to a pattern of lateness.

When I am late it is because I have squeezed one too many activities into my day. I know that the diary is looking squished and I do it anyway.

It is so, so easy to add to the diary with the best of intentions. Popping another “job” in will free up so much more time later; I think you understand my logic. An over-scheduled day implodes pretty quickly and the side effect is not only lateness but also elevated stress levels.

Does being late make you feel stressed?

It does me and running the risk of being late and over-scheduling is not worth extra stress. If stress needs to be part of the day, it better be worthwhile.

i'm late, i'm, late, i'm very very late, photographed by annie leibovitz for vogue, vickiarcher.com



Constant lateness, the lateness that is given, is the type that makes me crazy.

There are people we know will always be late. It doesn’t matter where or when, they run late. It is the kind of late to set watches by.

There is no excuse for regular lateness because our time is valuable; theirs has no more significance than ours. Time is time.

I know it is so much easier to excuse their tardiness than fight it.

I have a few ideas how to eradicate the “late” from life, xv.


i'm late, i'm, late, i'm very very late, photographed by annie leibovitz for vogue, vickiarcher.com


I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late
  • * Start the day on time.

  • Sleeping in later and racing from the minute the feet hit the floor won’t help time management skills. Good sleeping is the cure for this.

  • *Be realistic in the length of time a task takes.

  • There is no point under-estimating as that only leads to trouble.

  • *Don’t schedule appointments you are half hearted about.

  • Yes, should only ever mean yes because you want to, not because you feel obliged. Commitments are either worth doing or they aren’t.

  • * Don’t be afraid to cancel, with notice.

  • It is better to cancel a meeting than arrive flustered and behind time.

  • *Be prepared ahead of time.

  • There is nothing wrong with a little free time in the diary. Procrastinating won’t make any task easier, especially the tough ones.

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My husband had clients who were perpetually late. After the 3rd or 4th time, you know it is a problem .. then he started telling people that they would be charged extra for his time spent waiting for them. It was amazing how many suddenly managed to be punctual. His opinion was , that when someone is always late, they are not hapless and forgetting the time, they are rude and disrespectful of Your time. When he said that , I looked at it a whole new way and I am proud to not be late for anyone any more ..


I like his logic and I agree.. of course there are exceptional circumstances and that happens to all of us… but mostly it’s poor time management or a lack of concern..
I should put his methods in the post.. ;)


I am verging on being paranoid about being late. My grandfather always used to say that keeping somebody waiting was like stealing their time. My father who was ex military used to tap his watch as he stood at the dining room table for Sunday lunch checking we were all on time. We very rarely were!! I have a reputation for arriving at an airport well before schedule. I would rather arrive early and read a book. I am becoming more relaxed about time as I get older.


I am always at the airport early… but that’s because I don’t like being rushed and in a panic… I have my book wherever I go.. and failing that I am on Instagram… :)


Oh Airports don’t count !We would have to be crazy not to try to get to an airport early – so we can sit / stand around for hours lol
I am usually early when it comes to flying or meeting someone .. My husband used to only fuss when we were driving around rush hours, when he knew traffic could spoil the best laid plans.
I liked living in Buenos Aires .. when dinner was around 9 pm … no one was ever late for dinner lol

Linda B

I also hate being late, and feel very anxious when it happens even if it is unavoidable. I have heard it said that when people are chronically late, it is actually very narcissistic and rude, and I agree, but I also wonder what happens to make someone operate in this fashion. I have a colleague who is one of these chronically late people, but in every other way is kind and giving as a human being. For the 20 years or so we’ve worked together, she has been incapable of being on time. If she wasn’t so terrific at what she does, we might have considered sacking her for her time mismanagement. I have given up trying to reform her. Any hints?


Does she over-schedule?
I find that’s where the problem comes from generally.. especially with people who are very capable.. it’s so easy to take on too much and never catch up!

Linda B

When I first met her, and for many years thereafter, a large part of this woman’s challenge with time was overscheduling. I was sympathetic–she was a single mom with no help from her child’s father, struggling to make ends meet with a lot of part time employment. But her time issue goes deeper. Now that the is an empty-nester and has just one full time job, she still finds it nearly impossible to arrive on time, whether it is first thing in the morning, or following the bell schedule at school. It is partly years of bad habit and disorganization, and partly that there is always just one more need to meet for one more student or colleague or friend. Someone right in front of her makes her lose sight of the whole interlocking organism of the school. Also significant–she refuses to wear a watch. In fact she is anti-technology in general–can’t bear to get near the internet. She carries an old flip phone, and it serves as her time piece. She is a medievalist at heart, and feels very out of sync with our age. It’s all very fascinating. In general, the rest of the faculty just have acknowledged her uniqueness, and they make adjustments accordingly.

Where do I come in on all this? As the faculty administrator, I am sometimes expected by others to “fix” our dear colleague, or at least reprimand her severely. I have no enthusiasm for this, but maybe I am using compassion as a cover for my own lack of will to confront people head on! One of those things that make me wonder if I am in the right position….


It sounds as if her positives truly make up for her unusual way of approaching life.. perhaps her lateness is about her authenticity and the unique way she sees the world.. I suspect by not “changing” her you are benefiting from her best self… It seems to me that your judgement is intuitive and there is so much to be said for that.
Rules, regulations and bells have their place but sometimes understanding and seeing the differences are what makes someone excel in their role.
The faculty is very fortunate to have you.. :)

Linda B

You have no idea how much your wisdom and support help me with this. Thank you so very much!


Oh, I have always hated the whole notion of being late – I do not want anyone waiting for me – ever. I’d rather wait for someone. Sometimes it is inevitable to arrive a few minutes late to an appointment due to some freakishly, heavy traffic – even if I have left early -and when that happens I am apologizing profusely when I do arrive to my appointment – I just find I feel so embarrassed that I am even 2 minutes late!!

Lesley Mclellan

If you frame your lateness habit from the point of view of the person waiting for you ..what message are you giving to that person ? Consciously or unconsciously? Are you actually saying you are not that important to me and I am more important so I shall make you wait to exert my power over you?I was a school teacher for years so bells kept me on time and you never had a class waiting unless you wanted mayhem. then I moved in to the commercial world and bells no longer rang and “I was a let’s pack another task in” or “I can’t extract myself from this conversation” kind of a woman. I was capable, so I justified myself . A fellow colleague kindly said the above to me and I felt really slapped …but gosh did I reform myself quick smart. He has told me ,years later , that I cried! I don’t remember that but I remember the shame.
I know I make people feel valued and treat them with respect by organising myself to be early or on time.

Taste of France

I hate to be late and usually am just a bit early because I plan on it. Of course, things happen–trains delayed, traffic jams, meetings run over the scheduled time (you can’t just get up and walk out). I have a hard time knowing how to react when other people are late for me. I think I forgive too easily, and probably should be tougher about it. But what to say?
BTW my mother was a notorious do-one-more-thing-first person, who was never, ever ready on time. Being organized is half the battle.

Angela Muller

Persistent lateness drives me crazy. I, too, would rather be early, wait in the car till the appointed time, than be late. Yet, I’ve had friends who are always late, and I mean LATE! I’ve discussed my feelings about this with them, and when the reality remained the same, I no longer planned dinners or activities with them.

Anita Rivera

Talk about LATE…here I am again being late to your post! My school schedule doesn’t allow for me to get here before you post later in my day, but I sure love coming here anyway.

I CAN’T STAND TO BE LATE. I simply don’t understand those who are chronically late as well, like my DEAR HUSBAND and a friend of mine. Oh well, everyone is set to a different rhythm!

Sleep well, be prepared, that’s the key. Enjoy your day Vicki! Anita


Hello Vicki
Serendipity working for me here, we were only talking of this exact same thing yesterday and specifically about MD practices; to be charged for lateness per ones hourly rate!!
I too had a work colleague who was very elastic with her time with clients. One may take two hours, one ten minutes some wait three hours… She is worth the wait but patience is the key.
I personally do not like to be late.


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