23 Jun 2015

In Love With Lace: Always And Forever

valentino is the master of lace

In love with lace, always and ever since I can remember.

I still hold dear the delicate lace handkerchiefs given to me and still adore the first lace skirt I ever bought.

I use and wear them both, often.

valentino is the master of lace

Lace is the fabric that never dates; it makes us feel super feminine and really adds that extra to the wardrobe.

It is about now that the wardrobe feels ready for summer. The big shopping is done and all that is needed are sunny days to wear those kaftans and venture out in espadrilles. Colour and pattern come to mind and the sombre textures of winter are relegated to the back of the cupboard.

I still like to make adjustments and build in pieces that make me feel I have a brand new look. Adding a new jacket, changing hues or mixing in textures can really make the wardrobe come alive and feel fresh.

That’s why I am in love with lace. It does all that and more.

valentino is the master of lace

The lace pieces I have invested in are probably my greatest successes. On a cost per wear basis and feel-good-in-what-I-am-wearing mood, they are the outright winners.

Lace is a collectible and something that I plan on adding piece by piece to the wardrobe every year.

I have no excuses; I am in love with lace, xv.

In Love With Lace

something special skirts

***rebecca taylor fluted skirt  // miguelina scarlett pencil skirt  // rebecca taylor cream dye cut  //  ***lela rose skirt

irresistible tops and tees

***alexis tati button front // nanette lepore crew neck  // vince camuto tee  //  ***gibson tee


in love with lace too? there is lots of lace loveliness in the monochrome shop.

images valentino campaign


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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I had the most darling lace skirt; it was almost like the old Spanish Flamenco skirts, you know, layered….it was layered in colors of dusty pink, graduating in hues to a lovely brown. I wore that skirt for about 11 years with a pair of suede cowboy boots! I just gave it to a charity shop, but I wore it with much joy.

Lace IS never out of style. I love wearing a lace scarf around my neck with a black velvet fitted jacket and pearl studs. GORGEOUS.

Have a magnificent summer day, Anita


Vicki I love the surprise of adding a lace top in with tailored pieces! Adore!

The Arts by Karena


Ditto on adoring lace. I have two lace pencil skirts, one in beige and one in black. I also have two sleeveless lace tops in the same colors. Vicki, you’ve inspired me to get them out and wear them! I also have two identical linen dresses one in gray, one in black, with lace inserts in the neckline and hem. They are my go to’s for summer weddings. The Valentino photos are wonderful. He was one of my absolute favorite designers. I always felt that his designs truly flattered women and were very wearable. I haven’t followed the house much since he retired, but it looks like the new duo are doing beautiful work that is in keeping with the master.

Victoria Brien

I couldn’t agree more! I am just about to don a pair of lace flares with a silk t-shirt and Greek sandals for an evening by the harbour in beautiful Chania, Crete. Kalispera!

lisa thomson

Well, I must get me a lace skirt. Actually, I have a long black lace skirt that was handed down from my mother a few years back. I’m not sure it’s in style (the length) but I keep it for the off chance there would be an occasion to wear it. It’s very formal. I love cream lace for summer.


I adore lace. I’m not really a girlie girl, but I find that my lace jacket is the perfect balance for some of my more classic, tailored Chanel pieces. I wear a white lace tshirt with my black pants and long skirt, and have a lace scarf that adds elegance to any outfit. The Valentino designs with lace are always exceptional. Love.

Leslie Sinclair

This is the so-true statement that I will carry with me: ‘Lace is the fabric that never dates; it makes us feel super feminine and really adds to the wardrobe.’ Thank you!! xo Leslie


Agree, love lace too. There has been lots of beautiful white lace in the windows here in Paris.
But the sales started officially today so the windows are now full of signs showing 40-70 percent off. Fabulous. Am a registered Sonia Rykiel shopper so was able to get in a day early yesterday and found a fabulous handbag and supersized silk carre with the trade mark stripes. Bag bleu marine, scarf same with the occasional dark green single stripe and orange and white fine striped border pattern – 40 percent off. Today found a great Vanessa Bruno small cabas in leopard pattern bleu marine with lighter blue sequins. Parfait! And a beaded bangle in navy and orange. All 40 percent off. So happy. Looks great with chunky silver jewellery!
Didn’t see any lace in the sale – but maybe just wasn’t looking properly. So many great designer dresses and shoes too, including Victoria Beckham and Dries van Noten, 40 percent off. Best wishes, Pamela


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