18 Jun 2018

In Step: Looking After Our Feet

Are you in step?

With the summer upon us, I have been thinking about feet. Largely forgotten for most of the year and suddenly forced into daylight for a few weeks over the summer months, our feet put up with a lot.

Feet are such an important part of our bodies, getting us from A to B every day, forced into all styles of shoes and keeping us generally upright – it’s time we gave them some attention. My solution is a medical pedicure at least twice a year to give my weary feet a full health check. Margaret Dabbs,  the celebrated podiatrist and foot expert, has the answers.

According to Margaret, there are several points to note.

1. Foot pain shows on the face, and all the beauty products in the world won’t help if your feet hurt.

Feet are very much like teeth, and any niggling pain that may appear periodically will come back with a vengeance if it is left.

2. What is the one thing we should pack in our suitcases for holiday feet care?
Foot Hygiene Cream – it has incredible powers and is brilliant for anyone who thinks that they have the worse feet in the world.

3. What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to looking after their feet?
The biggest mistake people make with their feet is to hide them away rather than dealing with improving them. It is absolutely liberating to have feet that you can show off at any time.

Looking After Our Feet

Try Dr Kimoto foot peel socks – pop them on and leave them for 2 hours or so, then rinse feet – over the course of 2 days, your feet will shed the dead skin leaving skin softer.

A foot file is best used on dry skin once a week.  A quality foot file will last years, so best to invest.

Fill a bowl or bath with hot water, add some of your favourite bubbles and have a relaxing foot bath.

Give them the once over with a gorgeous salt scrub – try the Laura Mercier almond coconut milk scrub.

We use toners and mists on our faces, so why not our feet. A simple rose water spritz or similar will feel fresh and smells great, I make my own with rosemary and mint from the garden.

Use a good body cream, or specific foot cream and slather it on. I particularly love Kenzoki barefoot fantasy massage balm, which smells fresh and powdery.

Apply a drop of solar oil to each nail and massage in, or almond oil will do just as well to nourish and protect.

At home foot care works wonders and feels restorative: a bit like a facial but for our feet.

Like the skin on our faces, the skin on our feet ages and so a simple skincare routine will help them keep step with the rest of us.

Now all you need to do is choose the nail colour.

In Step: looking After Our Feet

dr kimoto socks  ||  deborah lippmann file  ||  pursoma soak  ||  laura mercier scrub  ||  kenzoki balm  ||  gehwol oil  ||  smith & cult lacquer

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