18 Jun 2019

Inside The Wardrobe: What’s The Best Shape?

Shapewear, of course ;)

I have admitted before and I don’t mind admitting again, I rely on shapewear most days.

It is not an alternative for regular exercise and good diet but as much as I work on those, I still want the help of my shapewear.

Shapewear is a wardrobe imperative.

A necessity I refuse to live without. These undergarments have come a long way and are no longer unattractive and uncomfortable; they earn their keep.

There is no one piece of shapewear. Lingerie like this is determined by the outer garment and as such, I have a “wardrobe” full of pieces. Most essential is a collection in nude and black, they are the colours I find most useful and especially the blush pink side of nude.

When I buy a new dress my first thought after committing is what do I need to wear underneath.  Shapewear is about so much more than the illusion of lost pounds, it is also about the line a good undergarment makes. Underwear should be an enhancement, not an uncomfortable nuisance. The kind I am talking about; invisible magic.

Inside my wardrobe, I have a drawer dedicated to these pieces.

It is within easy reach and I think there is almost a style for every eventuality.

Weather also plays a part and obviously, summer is a harder one to play right. Shapewear has to work hard to appeal when it is 100 degrees outside. I have lighter and heavier pieces to sync with the relevant dresses or trousers. This one is my go-to in summer.

My best shapewear?

I can’t live without an “enhanced” brief, the bike short style and an all in one. Seriously, these make all the difference and particularly on days where I am not feeling as svelte as I would like. Those days happen and as ridiculous as they are, I think we all have them.

It is an effort sometimes and so much easier to wear the old bra and comfy knickers. A streamlined look is worth the effort and whether you are a tiny shape or on the larger side of life is irrelevant. Smooth is where it is at.

Shapewear needs regular updates and refreshes, especially around now. Like any stretch fabric, it loses puff after loads of wear. I change mine a couple of times a year if needs be and if a special occasion is coming up I’ll match the underneath like the shoes, bag and jewels.

They Deserve a Drawer Of Their Own

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Good morning Vicki! As thin as I am, I may still look into this because this just may be what will help me feel more comfortable with straight cuts of dresses or skirts with my hips. Hmmm…..you always get us to think outside of the box, or the wardrobe closet!


These pieces are game changers, Anita and once you try you won’t look back.. promise :)


Greetings from the States,

Thank you, Vicki, for this post. Although I am not overweight, there comes a time when we all need some ‘lycra on our thighs’ (Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias), I ordered the brief after reading this post and it is wonderful. Comfortable and holds things firmly. I trust you because of one thing you recommend a few? years age, Eyeko. That is the best eyebrow product I have ever used. From then on, I trust your judgement….you are not just selling things. Thank you, again for an excellent product and yes they have a drawer of their own.

Warmly, Kathleen


Thank you Kathleen,
That’s very kind of you and it’s true.. I never recommend anything I don’t use, have or desperately want myself :)
It’s the only way.

Melanie Comins

Oh my goodness Vicki – I am so in the shape wear camp! I’m naturally petite and pretty toned but still they are essential for a smooth look. For me there is nothing worse than bumps and lumps …even small bumps and lumps are just that bumps and lumps. If you’re weighing up whether to give them a go or not…go for it you’ll never regret it. xx


Hi Vicki,
Thanks for your posts as I appreciate your thoughts on everything you write about. I have lower back issues and realised that a couple of years ago, when I wore a strapless Nancy Ganz slip underneath the caftans I wore all year round (with tights & coats in winter) that I didn’t have any back pain. The physiotherapist said it was because it kept my back/spine straight at all times! Who knew shapewear has medicinal purposes??? I’ll check out the bodysuits you’ve recommended as I wore the slips as it allows me to tuck caftan under the slip if I wanted the caftan to be shorter at the front. Thanks again


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