7 Aug 2016

Inspired By #56: Champ de Bataille

Chateau de Champ de Bataille , Inspired By on vickiarcher.com

“I’ll tell you a simple thing: I had a lot of bad ideas, but to have excellent ideas you also have to risk having bad ones.

As for my advice, if you want to live a tranquil life, don’t buy a château. But if you want to have an extravagant life — one that will bring you joy others won’t have — restore a château. There’s a phrase of Talleyrand: “No one who did not live through the last years of the Ancien Régime can ever know how sweet life can be.” – Jacques Garcia

jacques garcia: twenty years of passion  //  french tole planter  // french armchair

image, champ de bataille, Jan 2009, intérieurs, collections privées, salons. propriété de jacques garcia. photographer : eric sander 

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Anita Rivera

What a gorgeous room. I would imagine that restoring a château could be so costly that it could bring more worries and woes than pleasure! BUT….if you can swing it, I say, GO FOR IT! Oh how I love a château to dream in.

Enjoy your Sunday Vicki!

Taste of France

Well, as a friend says, excess is not enough!
This is beautiful. I can’t imagine having to dust it. I realize that châteleines delegate dusting, but somehow reality creeps in on the dream.
Lots of good ideas here, all the same.


Believe all the work, including the mammoth work for the landscaping/gardens, cost squillions! Must have provided employment for many and lined the bank accounts of many antique dealers. Amazing it didn’t tip him into bankruptcy! I’m guessing his consultancy fees went up astronomically to pay for all this.
Spectacularly beautiful results of course. Wonderful what will become of this estate after his death? Perhaps left to the State as another house museum, like the Nissim de Camondo or the Jacquemart-Andre? Best wishes, Pamela


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