18 Sep 2016

Inspired By #62: Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin, Inspired By on vickiarcher.com

“I think one does feel more liberated and independent when one gets older.

More honest and open with yourself and others. But you still have insecurities—they’re different, but they don’t totally go away. But you reach a point and say ‘That’s OK.’ In the end, nobody’s perfect, and we’re all doing the best we can.” – Linda Rodin, Into The Gloss

boca cat-eye glasses   //  rodin red hedy  //  shimmer lights

image, linda rodin

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Taste of France

She looks fabulous. I love how she is changing the image of an older, gray-haired woman into someone who can be chic and edgy without being completely eccentric. Just eccentric enough to be interesting!!!


Wow, her style is so natural, yet so individual! I’ve never thought that white hair and aging can be this sexy. Aging was always about getting more relaxed, more independent for me, but I never dared to hope that it is possible to stay this feminine, this sexy. Her style is perfect. I just want to learn this attitude from her. Thank you, Vicky, it was a very important lesson :).


I find the older I get, the less I worry about what other people think about what I say.
I grew up in the South and was always concerned that people would 1- like me 2- that I never say anything offensive/annoying etc.
Now I am a Grown Up :) Those people who are offended by what another person says, tend to be the same people who are critical of everyone else.


I think that I have to be careful because my openness and freedom of speech has apparently put some people off me. I am too honest it seems lol .. I had always said I would let my hair go grey because my mom got grey/silver/white when she was in her late twenties. It was the most beautiful shiny white hair .. with dark eyebrows and blue eyes, she was a Looker.
I am blonde and my grey / silver hair has just made me look more blonde :) I like that !

Anita Rivera

So true. We will always have insecurities but we become more supple and able as we age to just let some things roll off as we carry on, experiencing this gift called life. And sometimes when something new hits us, we accept it and try to learn from it. That seems the best thing to do for me, instead of fighting and denying it.


L.R….fancy in one way but also elegant looking. Like her saying about
confidence, so honest and true.


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