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Anita Rivera

And I think I can say the same thing. I love my life. I am merely a teacher, and on the spectrum of high paying jobs, I am on the lowest end. However, I am a FRENCH teacher, and I’m doing what I LOVE. Therefore, on the spectrum of happiness in your job, I am on the pinnacle of this range, enjoying every moment I have to encourage young people to see with new eyes and speak with new tongues. Life is pretty fabulous. Happy Sunday, Vicki!


this photo of J.M. is awesome. Doesn’t b/w bring out the best of a face or a

Nan Jenkins

Yes, life is crazy, but we must be thankful for the wild ride. The alternative is not so enticing.


I was blown away by these photos of Ms. Moore and all the women in the calendar. Can anyone buy this calendar? Where? I was searching but to no avail. Amazing photography!!

Michele Bellows

St. Remy is special tranquil place in the world. We all must cherish and protect these wonderful places. Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes to everyone to win!


So happy I found my way to your blog. Enjoying it immensely, and even bought those beautiful Jimmy Chous! Thank you!


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