23 Aug 2015

Inspired By #25: Hotel Endsleigh

afternoon tea at the hotel ensleigh in devon

“When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is a fantasy. There is a comfort. There is a reassurance.” Diane von Furstenberg

image hotel endsleigh

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Anita Rivera

What a perfect photo, letting in just the right amount of light to mingle with the roaring fire. Perfection.

Karen in VA

This is your room? It’s seriously charming.

I think it’s always great to escape to the country for the weekend.

Karen in VA


hotel inspired… totally ! just finished our bathroom reno that was inspired by our hotel visit to The Palliser here in Calgary, Alberta while we were doing our kitchen reno….
so so nice to get into the shower every morning and feel just like we did at the hotel, exact tiles used on the walls and floor…. just nothing much better

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki! Thank you for the inspiration, for the beautiful quote, and for your visit and kind words. They mean a lot to me, and we all have to remember to listen, watch and be human every single day!

You are such a lovely friend and I adore you. Bonne journée!


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