16 Aug 2017

Institut Darphin: Behind Closed Doors

Institut Darphin: Behind Closed Doors on vickiarcher.com


love a secret but I love a surprise even more.

Paris is a treasure for what hides up cobbled alleyways, in charming courtyards and behind closed doors. Those massive wooden doors with their secret codes are home to many a private world.

Early in the summer Paris shared a secret or two with me.

I have long been a fan of Darphin skincare since my life-changing trip in 1999. This was the year when France and I became inseparable. I should thank Darphin.

I started using the cleanser and have never looked back. Darphin is its own French secret. A small beauty brand, with a strong and loyal following, that until recently was mostly known only to French women.

I want to share this treasure with you.

First, let’s talk Paris.

I know a visit to Paris is more about walking, soaking up the exquisite scene and people watching. Then it is museums, restaurants and a little or a lot of shopping. There is one other idea I have for you.

Take some time for you and experience French beauty first hand.

Last month, I went to Institut Darphin on rue Saint Honoré.

This was my first encounter and in all the years I have visited Paris and been a fan of this skincare I was not aware of their Institut. By the way, Institut is a very formal word for this beautifully delicious Parisian enclave.

This “behind closed doors” sanctuary is perfection to not only treat you but also to experience pampering in the French way. Institut Darphin is not like a hotel spa; the focus is very much about you and your skin. Is it relaxing? 150%. Did I learn more about my skin and what is required to keep it hydrated and in good shape? Absolutely.

And afterwards, I looked like a new person. Truly, ask the girls I was travelling with. I needed pampering and the truth is we all need to be pampered and never more so when we are on the road.

I wanted to tell you because so often we grab an hour to relax at the spa in our hotel, which is all very beneficial, but an hour or two at Institut Darphin is another world and a whole other league.

If you have an upcoming visit to Paris, add this to your list and treat yourself.

Let me know when you will be there; I need no excuse. Let’s make it a girls day out with lunch at Lou Lou’s. xv

Behind Closed Doors At Home

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Institut Darphin

350 Rue Saint Honoré,

75001 Paris, France

+33 1 47 03 17 70

image, darphin paris

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I love Google … I can’t see myself in Paris anytime soon so I did a store locater to find where to buy Darphin Products.
In Soho NYC which is a great place to spend a day shopping and eating and shopping lol … but I will be back in NY in a few months I am hoping so I can buy some Darphin !!

Vicki Ford

Reading your post this morning has just grounded me, thank you. I feel my soul replenished when reading your words and direction to take. I can think of nothing better than to visit this beautiful place. I have already taken a quick look at their website and I am delighted with the idea of an Eight Flower Nectar! As well as everything else…If we can’t allow ourselves to be nutured, how can we nuture the world around us? And it is sorely needed. Once again you have reminded me what it means to be a woman. Just knowing that there are companies and people who create for the heart, soul and skin in such a beautiful way has lifted my spirit. I shall sally forth and nurture thyself. And do some puchasing.

Brenda Welch

Sounds Wonderful!! I will be in Paris for Fashion Week the end of September & MUST take the time to visit the Institut Darphin!!


Many thank for the tip. Must try it next time we’re in Paris. Love having spa treats on hols in France – usually at hotel spa where we always stay in Antibes but staff there have changed this year and not quite as good as in past visits. But it’s still a must to have a massage there after long haul flights. Need to iron out the cricks in my back!
My pharmacist here in Oz has specially ordered in for me the LaRoche Posay Lipikar body balm for dry sensitive skin. Our local pharmacy in Paris recommended it – wonderful! Returning to Oz in middle of winter with the central heating on almost all the time to combat the cold my poor skin shrivels and itches with dryness. Have finished the two tubes I’d brought home and now can’t live without it. Chemist says it arrives tomorrow. Yay! Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

First of all, that photo…..swoon. The light, the green, the creamy white tone of the photo. Then, there’s Paris. Just the name evokes surprise. How I wish to go back one day.

Gayle Binstead

Hi Vicki ,
i just so love reading your blogs. I reside in Queensland, Australia and will be visiting Paris at the end of August with my mother. I am finding it impossible to email or make contact with the Darphin Institute on the rue st Honore , as it seems to only allow USA residents, please can you help as would love to treat my mum .



What a lovely idea..

It is probably best to call the Institut, Gayle as it does not have a booking option on the website.. (it is independent)… during their opening hours so you may have to do that very early your time in Australia. It is open to all from 10am -7pm.

The number is +33 1 47 03 17 70

Enjoy… you will love it :)

PS After your treatments have a cup of their 8 flower tea from Mariage Freres… heaven!

Jennifer Stoicovy

Vicki, I am coming to Paris next week for an entire week! My husband works for a French Co. so I am on my own during the day and Darphin sounds like a wonderful place to spend a day. Care to join me?!


I wish Jennifer!
Enjoy and have a wonderful time… I have work every day so sadly no delicious treatments for me this trip …
You will love it! xv


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