7 Mar 2015

This Interior Has Nothing Do Do With Essie

interior-architecture-platinum - pearls - vicki-archer

Platinum and Pearl continues to dominate my thoughts this week.


This interior shot has nothing to do with what I want to chat about today except that the shades of this bedroom felt right and illustrated the feel of where I’m going.

Grey, platinum, pearl, simple, elegantstylish and of today. Words that can not only describe this beautiful space but also my current accessories crush.

I realise that it’s not only my hair and wardrobe that have taken on the platinum and pearl hues, but also my accessories.

For the last month or so I have been wearing 50 shades of grey on my nails.

How nails, like hair, can give you a lift and make you feel well groomed. I am crazy about Playa del Platinum and Power Clutch from Essie. I don’t use gels as these really play havoc with my nails and with Essie polish, my manicure lasts a good week.

I’m hooked.

The other accessory I am really having fun with is the bar earring. One of those tiny little accessories that give you an up-to-date look, whatever your age. Like the Mise-en-Dior style pearls they are perfect for every day and especially for travelling.

I have been alternating the pearls with the bar earrings, to change things up just a little. The bar earrings are less obvious than the pearls, an almost invisible nod to jewellery and yet I really love them. It means that when I wear a larger drop style earring I really do feel all dressed up.

Nails and earrings; it’s the little things that make all the difference… xv

Polish Them Grey

playa del platinum  // **power clutch  // smokin hot

Pretty Lobes


** ryan storer pearl bar earrings  //  olive yew bar earrings  //  alexa leigh bar earrings  //  jennifer fisher bar earrings

image source unknown

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I look terrible in grey. sucks the natural color right out of me. But my hair is getting grey ! yikes ! actually, it is very white so I am faking it and still calling myself a blonde.
I do love pearls and silver though .. besos, C


Vicki, even if it is the only jewelry I wear, I always have on earrings.
These bar and pearl earrings are the perfect accent!
The Arts by Karena


They are lovely, aren’t they… nd I agree, Karena… earrings make a big diference… :)


Just back from India. Young, old, rich,poor, fat or skinny all fabulous. Comments don’t have anything to do with the photo. Which has fabulous composition. The answer is colour!!! Sorry but how many people live with this number of items in their wardrobe? Elegant but sorry, dull. Colour makes us happy. Enjoy. Yes I am an igoramous. Thinking of going for the green hair! Grey with colour is totally fabulous. In your beauty photo, delicious red lipstick. Super gorgeous.


I’m sure Vicki can pull off the grey minimalist style and look fabulous. But like you I love colour. Have a few greys or blacks but mostly feel that colour lights me up – not so much in appearance but in emotions. I just feel happier when I’m wearing colour, it can really affect one’s mood.
I saw some of these latest nail polish colours on Rachel Zoe’s blog but thought the girls looked as though they had their fingernails dipped in cement. My fave colour is OPIs “Italian Love Affair”. Strangers actually stop me and ask what is. It’s not eye catching, just a lovely flattering soft pink and works with so many colours, even other pinks and red. Have a great weekend! Pamela

Marsha @ Splenderosa

Vicki, I love the grays, always have. Right now I have a French manicure on 8 fingers and 1 finger on each hand is black. I love the black! And, I’m surprised by that, but it looks edgy and fun. You are fashion-forward so you totally get it!!!

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! Late again…..but last night, my husband and I celebrated a platinum moment: our 33rd wedding annivesary! I know that traditionally, platinum is reserved for what, 60 years? 50 being golden? But the shine of platinum is also on my mind, always, and has been for a few years now.

The soft greys and whites and the greyish appearance of platinum make my heart sing. I am so happy to hear you are embracing these hues in all areas. There is a peace and glow with this color! Love it all dearest Vicki! Anita


Happy Anniversary Anita… and a huge congratulations… We must have been married in the same year… :)

Madame Là-Bas

Since I stopped colouring my hair, grey and silver have been my basics. I’m in Mexico for a few months and yesterday, I bought a Mexican polish in the mercado, “plata” of course.


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