2 Feb 2009

It Was An Extraordinary Day In London


To wake up in London and find myself in the midst of a winter wonderland. London doesn’t really do snow. There are the occasional flurries or an inch or two that hug the pavements for minutes rather than hours, but generally London is more about the rain than the snow. Not today.


When I woke up and looked out I could scarcely believe my eyes. I called a friend who lives close by and we arranged to meet asap and risk our limbs to walk the streets and take some snaps. There was such an atmosphere outside; everyone was so excited, clicking away with their cameras and talking like long lost friends – we forgot that we were in a sophisticated metropolis where strangers stay strangers. We walked towards Hyde Park and couldn’t help but stop every few seconds to take another shot. It wasn’t that seeing snow was a surprise but London, London covered in snow – it just didn’t compute.



Everything has ground to a halt – shops closed early today, the West end cancelled their performances and bus and tube services were suspended. More snow is predicted so who knows what tomorrow will bring. xv


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I am SOOOO jealous. I heard from a bunch of friends in the UK about all of their snow fun!

Doesn’t a covering of snow make everything look beautiful?

carrie@ bloomacious.com

that’s beautiful – it’s supposed to snow here in Connecticut tonight.


First Provence, and now London in the snow? Are you sure the snow is not following you? if it were the case you could come visit us in L.A where we could use some. It is the most summery of all February 1st, ever.


Absolutely gorgeous! I’m terribly envious too. We’ve just suffered through three consecutive days above 43C (109F) in Melbourne, and cannot wait until Winter again!

Many thanks for your beautiful book and inspirational blog!


These photos are gorgeous! I have had London on the brain for a while and would LOVE to be there right now. Enjoy!


Yep, top story in all the news reports here this morning Vicki. Still 39C. here in S.A. today & getting very tiresome I can tell you!

Heard last night that Australia had a 31% increase in migration from the UK last yr. So the sun & surf may still be the winners over the snow for the Poms. Fabulous pics too – love your work girl! Stay warm.
Millie ^_^


WOW! I got goose bumps looking at these amazing photos. It must be absolutely beautiful there with the city covered in snow. Enjoy the ambience and please do snap up some more pics for us.
These are stunning!

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs

sigh. london is always stunning but i love the peaceful, serene scenes of London in snow.

Paris Atelier

Oh Vicki, such beautiful images! It should snow in London more often it is gorgeous! Lucky girl to be there today! Stay safe and warm!

Pamela Terry and Edward

OH, I’m with Pigtown! It is so difficult to tamp down the envy! Thanks so very much for posting these photos…some of my favourite London places…all covered in snow!

High-Heeled Foot in the door

Wow! What beautiful pictures. I love the snow when it looks like that. All white and pure like a blanket is covering the ground.

Totally jealous of your great pictures and that you are in London. It’s always been on my lists to visit, but I have yet to go.



Wow! London covered in snow.. what pretty pictures. I remember London as being cold and wet with lots of rain!!

mondo cherry

I think this is the prettiest I have ever seen London look. It is hard to imagine it affecting the transport and other services so much though. Thanks o the beautiful photos.


I love how Mother Nature has the ability to bring strangers together! When we have earthquakes here people who would never speak to each other congregate and discuss all aspects and potential aspects of said event. It always makes me smile and laugh a little. Your pictures are beautiful! At theparisapartment.wordpress.com we are working on convincing Cande Nast to keep the Domino website up as a subscription site so that we don’t lose Domino magazine altogether. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please check in at Claudia’s blog to see what you can do. Thanks!


How absolutely beautiful, Vicki. I am thoroughly enjoying these photos and imagining how cozy it must be with the snow.

Callie Grayson

fantastic photos!!!
what fun you must be having, snow in London!!
It is supposed to snow here again tomorrow. I love it when it snows, it’s just so pretty!

enjoy your time in London! be careful.


As I’m sweltering in 40 degrees plus heat in Australia I’m so jealous! It looks like paradise. Love that photo of the red telephone box with snow! x

Porchlight Interiors

Looks absolutely magical! Would love to have been there to see such beauty – you are so lucky! Would love just to escape our humidity right now so these pics were very refreshing! Tracey xx


it took me 3 hours to get to work but at least i was able to. the snow looked so beautiful! it’s all turning to ice now of course but it still looks winter wonderlandesque

Cathy Louise

Oh so pretty!!!! With Australia having heat wave conditions we are all very envious of you!!! I have only seen the snow once in my life so I always oow and aar about any photos of snow….Thank you for sharing….Take care C xx


Ahhhh! Just georgeous. I miss snow! We now live in the desert southwest US, where it is going to be 75 degrees today. It’s just not normal.

Erica Lee

My wondeful London, I love you!!!
…Thanks for your beautiful pictures!
Erica Lee from Italy

Miss Kris

What a lovely day! Spending it with a friend and enjoying the beauty that winter snows can bring.

I really love the snow up against the London tele…booth. So pretty. May you enjoy while it lasts Vicki!

~Miss Kris~


Vicki, such gorgeous pictures! I’m thinking if I were in London, I could handle the snow! LOL! Here in Buffalo, I’m just ready to fire up the heat torch in my yard! I WANT TO SEE GREEEEEN! Happy Tuesday!


wow your images are amazing! it snowed quite heavily here in Bath too! (first in 2 years!) think it’s supposed to snow again on Thursday!



That must have so much fun- a winter wonderland. I LOVE the snow-covered telly- the red in the snow- really special photos Vicki.


These photos are amazing!! I especially love the phone booth ones! As beautiful as the snow is, I will say that I’m ready for the summer anytime now!

hello gorgeous

So beautiful!

The only bad thing about living in places where it rarely snows is it has the effect of shutting the place down.

Although maybe that’s not such a bad thing…


I feel as though I’ve had a walk in a “winter wonderland”…beautiful. I especially like the red/white contrast. Glad you had an unexpected free day!


Beautiful shots! That sounds like a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Wow, I am so inspired by you and your book and I’ve only just started reading it! I’m so captivated by the farmhouse…
Thanks again!


Oh what beautiful pictures. Just lovely. It’s snowing in New York again. I’m totally over it now.

J ..de Santa Fe

Vicki – Magical images … . thanks for braving the cold to allow us to share your experience – from the warmth of our homes. Though, I must say – there’s nothing like that special silence created by a fresh coating of snow . And the crunch of untracked snow underfoot.
I’ve left you a small thank you gift on my blog – Judith


Hi Vicki, isnt snow wonderful, love your pics, enjoy it as the forecast predicts similar weather until the weekend.hugs Margie.

paris parfait

Ah, so now I am homesick for London. When I last lived there (nearly nine years ago), any time it snowed, practically the entire transportation system shut down. Guess that part hasn’t changed. Thanks for posting these photos capturing the quiet beauty of the city, looking serene for a change (rather than the usual hustle and bustle).


Hi there, I come by way of Judith’s blog and I have to say these are so beautiful. London in the snow, who’d a guessed it? They almost look photoshopped…Thanks for sharing!

Blue Muse

Your photos are amazing, Vicki – it all looks so otherworldly! I could stare at this for hours – the colors, the faint twinkling, the soft blanket of white, the beautiful skeletal trees… I wish I liked the cold!
Have fun in it and thanks for sharing such amazing pictures.
xo Isa


Talk about a perfect picturesque day…you sure do know where to go! Please take me with you on your next destination ;)
-maries marche

Renee Finberg

great shots !!
doesn’t happen often there.

really good shots , love the phone booth and post box.

be safe

Cote de Texas

I never realized it didn’t snow in England! Your pictures are gorgeous, but the last one, with the red phone booth is wonderful!!!!!!!!!


Lucky you catching London in the heaviest snow in 20 years! Loving your images – they should become collectors’ items because London landmarks are so seldom captured snow covered.

Thanks for sharing these with us Vicki. We have a little snow falling tonight here in North Carolina!

The Pink Poodle

How beautiful the snow looks..I have never knew that it could actually snow that much in London..

Just the EXACT opposite to here in Melbourne…was 43 & 45 degrees all last week (115 farenheit)..and more on saturday..
we are MELTING..

xx andrea


Corine is right , snow is following you. Your snowy pictures looks great ! I wanted to invite you to a crepes party on saturday but I guess you will not be in Provence.
Have a good time

~CC Catherine

I’ve only seen London in spring and rain…so this was a lovely tour to visit while snowing! How lovely…a once in a lifetime event for you…what a lovely memory this will be! And your pics have captured it all too…very nice to see! ;) ~CC Catherine from “Catherine de th`e Cups”…stop by for a warm cup of tea and a visit when you come in out of that cold! ;) ~CC

~CC Catherine

I’ve only seen London in spring and rain…so this was a lovely tour to visit while snowing! How lovely…a once in a lifetime event for you…what a lovely memory this will be! And your pics have captured it all too…very nice to see! ;) ~CC Catherine from “Catherine de th`e Cups”…stop by for a warm cup of tea and a visit when you come in out of that cold! ;) ~CC

~CC Catherine

I’ve only seen London in spring and rain…so this was a lovely tour to visit while snowing! How lovely…a once in a lifetime event for you…what a lovely memory this will be! And your pics have captured it all too…very nice to see! ;) ~CC Catherine from “Catherine de th`e Cups”…stop by for a warm cup of tea and a visit when you come in out of that cold! ;) ~CC

~CC Catherine

I’ve only seen London in spring and rain…so this was a lovely tour to visit while snowing! How lovely…a once in a lifetime event for you…what a lovely memory this will be! And your pics have captured it all too…very nice to see! ;) ~CC Catherine from “Catherine de th`e Cups”…stop by for a warm cup of tea and a visit when you come in out of that cold! ;) ~CC

Linda at Lime in the Coconut!

Wow….one WOULDN’t see that in forever! How gorgeous and quiet and clean it all looks!

Beautiful shots!

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries

Hi Vicki…how beautiful…and so cooling to visit. Enjoy the winter wonderland!!!


Stunning pictures. I am so Jealous!
I hope to go to London for 2012 olympics:0) Keep warm. gina

vicki archer

I am afraid the snow is rapidly disappearing and I can only think these images were in my dreams. More snow is predicted but I don’t think I will see it like this again for a long time to come, xv.

Anne in Oxfordshire

Hi Vicki…the snow in London was so unreal..I had to phone my mother-in-law to make sure she was OK. She lives in North London not far from Muswell Hill.

Just a Plane Ride Away

Did you luck out!! Beautiful photos. It was a magical world out there for one brief moment.


Oh London is even more beautiful with freshly fallen snow. Lucky you to witness it and lucky us,
we get to see your photos!

Great post!,


How incredibly beautiful; London looks even more enchanting in the snow!

When I was in college, there was one time it snowed a serious snow– not by standards of places with serious winters, but it was a snow that stuck and accumulated. It was the most incredible thing to experience as everyone suddenly seemed like long-lost friends, and people shared make-shift sleds with total strangers!

Thank you for sharing your photos and for reminding me of a great memory. xx

Piper Jacquelyn

Absolutely beautiful photos! Makes me actually like snow a little bit {even after a winter full of the stuff!}. Thanks for sharing…


London in winter is gorgeous, I haven’t yet had the privilege! Great photos, I especially love the red phone booth against the brilliant white snow.

Really enjoying your blog!


Wow. I’ve never really thought about it..I guess I always assumed London=England, which must mean snow. The photos are spectacular..really makes me want to go visit!

The Lil Bee

I really adore these photos. The people just look like they’re enveloped in white, cozy fluff. Beautiful.

The Red Velvet Shoe

I loved these photographs~~I spent way too much time on line looking at the infamous snowfall! My favorite is the Red Phone Booth in the snow~~we rarely see phone booths around here and when we do they are not anywhere near as savvy as the London ones! There’s something romantic about ducking into a phone booth to make a call. . .


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