22 Oct 2016

It’s A “Wrap” In Venice

It's A wrap In Venice on vickiarcher.com

It is a wrap in Venice.

In more ways that one.

I’m home and in that pinch me mood where I am thinking about whether I was actually in Venice at all; it feels like a long ago dream. Thankfully the photographs transport me and remind me it is all very real.

An observation about Venice – for all the strength of the terracotta, there are an equally abundant amount of pastel shades.

I see in ‘colour groupings’, I am not sure when and how it started, but when I am out and about that is how my brain works. I notice colours, how they relate to each other and the placement of them against each other. It is the same for the exteriors as it is the interiors.

When I edit images I combine them in colour ways rather than subject matter much of the time. I like to mix the decorative photographs with the architectural shots and then relate them to fashion. I am not sure it makes much sense but visually I find this blend appealing.


It's A wrap In Venice on vickiarcher.com



As pastel and pretty as she was, Venice was chilly.

The skies were crystal clear most of the time but the days and particularly the evenings were cold.

I want to tell you about my next best piece; after the sweater dress I have a crush on the knitted wrap and the poncho style wrap. It was never an item I held in much regard. Don’t ask me why; I have no idea. Now I can’t wrap up or wear these woollens enough.

Maybe I am late to this particular poncho party but better late than never, right?

As an aside I have had a residual resentment towards the poor wrap; it wasn’t the wrap’s fault. Adolescent memories of a not particularly kind art teacher who was renowned in the most part for her wearing of the poncho style wrap left me vowing never to wear anything without armholes, ever.


It's A wrap In Venice on vickiarcher.comIt's A wrap In Venice on vickiarcher.com


Times have changed and I have finally managed to overcome my phobia ;)

This season the woollen wrap is being worn with much and makes a practical change from a tailored jacket. I wore mine over the sweater dress and with the pants. I even wore it over a puffer vest and leather leggings. The layering looks super cute and it is easy to pull on and off when inside and outdoors. I received so many compliments I started to wonder whether the “challenging” art teacher was onto something. I wear these wraps at home and I am wearing them as outerwear in London with the whole cashmere casual look or with the more formal outfits.

All I know is I am never going anywhere without one again; talk about converted. xv


It’s A Wrap

**eileen fisher ombre alpaca  poncho  //  eileen fisher viaggo serape  //  **eileen fisher merino wool poncho

**madeleine thompson cashmere wrap  //  madeleine thompson wrap  //  madeleine thompson cashmere poncho


images of venice, clementine davis

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Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, I so enjoyed your Venice trip and you have great memories now! I particularly loved seeing YOU in your sweater dress and fabulous sunglasses! Oh these chandeliers, TAKE ME NOW!

david terry

Dear Vicki,

I’ll be the first to say that a lot of women (tall ones, in particular) look great in those “Wraps”/ponchos/whatever.

Still?….I can’t help but recall the time I (who at the time was living on a gradstoodint budget and regarded this purchase as a major expense) bought a big, merino-wool “wrap” in New York to give to my mother. Predictably enough, she made a big fuss over it when she opened the box…….but I noticed, by a year later, that she never-ever actually wore the thing.

I broke the rules and asked her why she never wore it. She followed the rules (at least Mose’s law regarding lying) and said “Oh, I’m sorry….I wore that thing once or twice, but it just made me look like a lumpy old couch. Slipcovers aren’t the answer to EVERYTHING, you know…….”

She is, after all, only 5’1″ and, at age 78, well-past her slim&trim, youthful days.

That said?…I’d wear one all the time in the Winter, if I could….just as I would, if it were allowed in this country, spend the Summers in those waist-to-knee sarong-y things that men wear in various parts of Africa and Asia. “Wraps” and sarongs seem infinitely more comfortable than bulky coats and pants.

Well….just sayin’….

Level Best as Ever,
David Terry


They are so great… I am quite the fan at the moment and they are the best when it’s chilly and you can cosy up in one… Try one.. You will love it :)

david terry

Oh, I already do, Vicki. I don’t wear them around town……but I do keep several large Irish “shawls” by the front door and the back doors. It just EASIER to throw one over your head and around you in the Winter, when I have to go out and fill birdfeeders or try (at 10 pm) to figure out where in the hell the dogs have run-off to, as I try to close up the house for the night.It certainly beats bundling up into a coat and scarf…….although I end up looking like some lost, old lady from the Arran Islands……






The wrap is the most versatile piece in any wardrobe! I have used a wrap throughout my life. My first recollection was when I was a young girl. My mother took plaid wool baby blankets and put a slit in them. Fast forward to living in London in the 90s where I bought a proper one which I continue to wear to this day. Thrown over jeans, over a skirt and sweater, over my patched up waxed cotton coat, the pairings are endless. Fashion trends come and go but the wrap is timeless. That said, it may be time to refine my look with the cashmere wrap!

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki,

I love your images of Venice and the texture and light. Tell me did you purchase a murano glass chandelier? I am still dreaming of one I left behind many years ago.
I do like a wrap too. I wear them and also love the warmth when worn over a coat on a cold winter day. I find a cross body bag is necessary when wearing one.

Hope your weekend is special

Mimi Gregor

I remember that my favorite aunt made me a poncho back in the early 70s. Sure, it was cute, but I find them very impractical. I wear shoulderbags, and carrying one under a poncho makes one look very “wide load”. I know some women carry clutches to solve this dilemma, but to me, that’s just trying to solve one impractical fashion choice with another impractical fashion choice. I like my hands free. I’ll stick with things with sleeves in them.

Leslie in Oregon

I haven’t worn a wool coat or jacket here in Portland for, probably, 20 years. Wraps do the trick for me in our temperate weather, over a raincoat or under an umbrella if it is pouring rain. My favorite wraps are the flowered, wool Russian shawls I purchased in Moscow in the early 1970s. They are indestructible, beautiful and, although light, very warm.


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