1 May 2020

It’s Friday AM: I Am Already In The Weekend Wardrobe

It's Friday AM: Already In The Tracksuit on vickiarcher.com

The dressing up got lost today.

I didn’t mean to but it did.

Friday is my day to lose the tracksuit and frock up in something a little more interesting. Ok, so I failed. I couldn’t because my head is still firmly feeling the sweats. It’s a question of practicality – that’s what I tell myself. If I am going to be moving through a class and then out the door later in the day for a long walk I need to stay in the comfortable gear. So annoying to keep changing.

More the truth is I find contentment wearing these cosy pieces. My head swims from all we are facing (the big and the not so big) and wearing the sweats is my association with mobility – either an online class or a wander and listen with my current audiobook – it is elaborate escapism.

I don’t apologise for it: I need it.

One tracksuit is all I have in my wardrobe; I have never worn them. The thought horrified me. I loved dressing up and if I could wear one style over and over it would be a tailored suit. So DESPERATE to wear those again. Any moment now my weekend dress-ups will become pretend appointments in a full suit, white shirt and fab shoes. I wear the yoga gear and change, cashmere pants are too hot and impractical and I prefer the tight stuff for bend and flex but really to hold it all in. The sweat pants and hooded top were a recent purchase for a recent trip to Australia. The point was to transit hemispheres, stay comfortable and covered up. They worked brilliantly but we haven’t discussed the whole what to wear travelling situation as it sadly is not relevant right now.

Lucky for me I had this set; if cost-per-wear were my equation, I would be paying the manufacturers.

I need more. How life has changed? I should be advocating glamorous loungewear – apparently, that’s what the gorgeous ones are wearing – the truth is I want comfort and practicality right now. Yes, I will dress up on the weekend but the ration is about one day on seven right now.

A new wardrobe beckons. xv

Snapping Up These

sizes are patchy and choices limited – I am not the only one wearing these ;) – these are the best available right now

asos design tracksuit   ||  asos design with contrast trim tracksuit ||  nancy fleece hoodie  with valentine jogger pants

or miya funnel neck sweatshirt  and second skin lounge pants  and love this shade from top shop and this less tien

this feature contains affiliate links

image, anthropologie 2018

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Understand totally….it’s not the usal way most of us get dressed with tracksuit but the important is that we all feel comfy and happy presently. Enjoy your activities!

Linda B

I keep swinging back and forth too. . .Dress up, dress down. . . and mostly I have to admit it is the latter. The dressing down for me now is based on shorts. Or I go half way, and wear something beautiful on top, with the shorts, as I did yesterday–a lacy linen handknit cap-sleeve blouse. Today, it is a simple tank top. . . We are already in early summer territory weather-wise, with barely cool mornings and hot weather by afternoon. (By hot, I mean that the highs have been about 100 F this week.) I had to smile when I saw that lovely image above; that photo shoot was actually done on the outskirts of my city, but not in April or May!


It’s an oldie but a great shot from Anthropologie a few years ago, Linda…
Shorts and I don’t go together in London… not the right environment (or temperature) yet… :)


I put on a pair of pilate pants in the morning to work out but then I always change into “real” clothes. I need some normalcy in my life. I needed fitted pants to remind me if I’ve slacked and gained a few pounds. My jeans are my scales. My only concession is I don’t wear makeup.


Thank goodness, no scales here either… tomorrow I will, promise ;)


It’s much warmer here than London so this week I started changing over to the Summer wardrobe (what a job!). I love cold weather clothes the most – hot weather means more flimsy (reminder to get back on a sensible eating plan to wear those pieces!) and casual. I do love linen but perhaps still concern myself too much with the wrinkles. Looking at all my linen pants and tops staring at my from the ironing basket this morning – should I or not gear myself up for several hours at the ironing board!!!!!?
Vicki – have a good weekend dear.


Sezane has a lovely hooded mohair pullover sweater (jumper) in 3 colors. Warm, cozy, elegant (!), and every-appropriate. Date-night nice and will be great for chic travel too when the time comes again. I figure the hood will make a good soft “pillow” too.


I am looking very shortly, Jan… Thank you…
Couldn’t wait… found them… thank you…
For anyone else… there are some gorgeous ones here…

https://vicki.fr/3d1pdUw love the pacey sweatshirt too :)


Good morning Vicki!

Now that we’ve been doing Distance Learning/Teaching, all of us teachers have been wearing the same thing: either pajama bottoms, sweat bottoms, a fresh blouse/sweater when we go on Google Meets and some I believe may even be using dry shampoo to look presentable! All that to say that your thoughts here coincide with what I’ve been wondering: if we don’t go back to traditional school anytime too soon, I need to kick the habit of being sloppy!

I feel special when I dress up. Even as an elementary teacher, I need to go in with heels (yes, I can still sport a low, soft pair of fashionable pumps), a nice dress or skirt, pearls or any other embellishment. But teaching from home doesn’t require that and I’m feeling it. I need a new stay-at-home wardrobe!


I felt the same horror at wearing a track suit and now find myself wishing I owned one. Maybe two. This lockdown is changing so many things for me. Be well


St Agni has some amazing bamboo knit pieces that would be perfect for lounging (and then dressing up when the time comes). I’d eyed them off in person months ago and they seemed like such an extravagance but, as you say, cost per wear is looking different right now! Maybe it’s time to invest :)


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