22 Nov 2019

It’s Puffer Weather: Are You Puffed?

The Puffer Jacket: Are You Puffed? on vickiarcher.com

There are days when nothing but a puffer will do.

Maybe not these very creative Moncler versions designed by Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli but nevertheless the padded and the puffed makes great sense.

Coats, when you live in a cold climate, are probably the wardrobe’s essential that ends up growing. The winds, rain, hail, shine and snow options are all different. Biting cold, pouring down with rain or a bit of everything means my wardrobe closet is constantly expanding.

When I first moved to Europe I was excited to wear a puffer; they are not necessarily essential in the sunny Australian climate. I adored rugging up, like the Michelin man, boots and umbrella at the ready; over the years my joy at the freezing cold has subsided and the novelty has worn off. Like raincoats, they are a wardrobe essential and part of everyday life.

This year I need a new puffer.

I like them knee-length or longer, so they make a statement. Super puffy and over-sized is not a problem if the shape is good.

Wear them over the casual and wear them with the dressed up and heels; that’s my motto. Mixing and matching the fine with the “every day” is a look I like; it’s the unexpected that shows unique style and personality.

A puffer, like the faux jacket, does not need to be an investment piece; good quality and style prevail but it does not need to be a hold-the-breath purchase.

Try a puffer over a dress and opaque tights or stick it on top of the all-black turtleneck and slim ankle pants. It’s practical and flattering.

It’s also ageless. The right puffer looks fabulous if you are 18 or 80.

I’m feeling puffed and in this case, that’s winning. xv

Puff Up In These

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Robyn Kreymborg

Hi V xx
I purchased a fabulous puffer coat on my recent trip to Europe, in Harrods actually.
Never thought I’d wear a puffer coat as I thought I was way to short but the longer length actually worked for my height.
As you liked, mine is below the knee, with another favourite of yours a detachable fur collar and is super warm goose down but not Michelin like at all, super stream line because of the quality of the goose down filling.
I wore this coat everyday on my last sojourn in the autumn European weather even to the gym and out walking. Sans the fur collar for arrival at the gym !!
You are the ultimate style queen VA 💖as this coat is hanging ready for the Bathurst chilly weather next year and was super glam and warm for my most recent travels.
Do yourself a favour ladies and get a fabulous puffer coat !! 💖💖


Thank you Robyn… they are the best.. and I remember, Bathurst can be very, very chilly ! x


We live in puffers here in Minnesota! Ours are not as elegant and elaborate as these here, but they do the job!


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