19 Aug 2013



French actress Léa Sedoux is the beautiful face in this season’s Rag & Bone advertising campaign. Do you remember her in Woody Allen’s, Midnight in Paris?

I have been meaning to chat about Rag & Bone for a while now but somehow other ideas have managed to get in the way… This weekend I am shopping Rag & Bone for an upcoming holiday at the end of the month…

I need some new casual bits and pieces… ‘Need’ probably isn’t the appropriate word here… but ‘would’ really like’… ‘am in the mood for’… ‘could do with a fashion fix’… is how I’m thinking… and Rag & Bone is one of my favourite go-to brands when I want something that’s of the moment and casual.

The daughters introduced me to Rag & Bone some years ago and what I like about their design is that it not only suits their age group but also mine… and you know the one I mean… the ‘not so easy bracket’ to find something that works… not too young and not too old…

Their jackets fit… not too small and not too large… the styles aren’t so edgy that they look ridiculous but not so classic that I feel as if I am wearing granny’s gear.

The pants don’t hang too low nor are they too ripped and they are generous enough in the hips when they need to be… The sweaters are cute… with a little difference here and there to make them fun

The tee-shirts are my very favourites… they wash and wear well… loose enough to cover what needs to be covered, with enough sleeve so as not to feel over exposed and a high enough neckline to be flattering. I know a tee-shirt is a simple item, but finding the right one has always been a challenge for me…

Last season I stocked up on black, navy and white tee-shirts and I found a fantastic khaki jacket… I have worn that jacket every day before the temperatures climbed… and the tee-shirts… they are never off my back… As for the Newbury boots… along with The Acne’s and The Isabel Marant’s… I don’t look any further…

You may have gathered… I am a Rag & Bone fan… xv


    moto jacket / ollie pants / brigade pants / becca sweater / renelle v neck / brando tee / newbury boot


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Anita Rivera

I LOVE Léa Sedoux; her simple yet chiseled features make her the French example of fine beauty kept to a subtle minimum. And for the fashions at Rag and Bone? I WOULD LOVE, I COULD GO FOR A FASHION FIX with them right now. I need new clothes, simple….period!

How I enjoyed your Petit Bijou post, Vicki; I had your photos on my mind all day yesterday as I moved things around in my own home, capturing the Provençal look that I love.

Thank you again for the inspiration! Anita


I love Rag & Bone jeans and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. I don’t think I will wear my J Brand’s again. Everyone I refer them to always thanks me and says the same. They fit like a glove. Bon weekend! xx, B


Dear Vicki, can you recommend a short heeled, comfortable boot, probably not suede as winter weather here can change on a dime!?
Oh and It IS difficult to find the perfect Tee!

2013 Designer Series

D. A. Wolf

Rag & Bone doesn’t quite fit my lifestyle, but I do enjoy browsing all the same…


Huge sigh of relief… Not “no” work, but less work… and more heavenly strong coffee!

lisa thomson

Oh, yes bring on the Rag and Bone. I do not own one piece of R & B but I would like to start! I just love those boots. The French actress pictured was the one he fell for at the end of the movie? She worked in a tiny record shop that looked a little like a flea market. She didn’t wear a drop of makeup.


Well, lovely items on their site, but $325 for a basic t-shirt is a bit costly!
I love the casual styles. I do like clothing that has some little extra something which distinguishes it from everyone else’s, such as texture in the fabric, cut – as in on the bias, stitching, placement of unusual pockets perhaps, and I love something different in back – unexpected buttons, pleats, tucks, ties etc.

I know you will have fun picking out your new pieces for Autumn Vicki – and those boots are beautiful! Me? Going soon to ‘shop my closet’ as I daren’t buy anymore clothing unless I can discard a lot already lurking there! I now have far too many boots, bags, tees, cardigans, jackets. I want my life to be less complicated by stuff, including clothing, so just want to pare down.

Happy weekend en Provence – hope you have sunshine, we don’t!
Hugs – Mary

miss b

She is such a natural beauty and I like brands which are able to successfully cater for a wide age range. It’s that time of year when we are all looking for a few new items for the new season ahead. By the way, I enjoyed the tour of Le Petit Bijou – it’s looking lovely with so many well-chosen details. I look forward to seeing more!


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