22 Sep 2013


The temperatures are dropping and moods are turning.

When I say goodbye to summer and start thinking about the winter, warm and ambient interiors come into play…

Slick, bright and contemporary leave my mind… luxurious, textured and worn fall into place.

I’m ready and waiting for…

Collage -Vicki Archer/Pinterest

Snug  evenings and cold climate thrillers… murder mysteries set in the northern hemisphere… where the landscape is as large a character as the main protaganists… I’m ready for Camilla Lackberg and her Swedish chills.

Hearty meals… slow cooking and experimenting with recipes… re-tasting winter goodness… learning to trade the salads for the root vegetables…


Burning those scented candles that remind me of family nights around our French fireplace. Nothing smells as warm and as inviting as Feu du Bois or Ernesto Tobacco and Leather.

I’m ready to get out the cashmere throw and snuggle up…


Dare I mention that the Uggs will resurface and be worn in private… (I’m Australian… I am allowed) and the PJ’s will be pulled out from the bottom of the drawer.

The computer will be out and I’ll be browsing the vintage and market finds on One Kings Lane


Have a cosy weekend… xv



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Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, I am here dreaming about the romantic season of fall, but our summer is being extended in a weird way. Hot days and sweltering classrooms is my life at the moment, but as soon as the air turns cool, I’m with you in this idea of cozying up!

So good to see you! Anita

rosalie carmichael

It is still cold here in Oz and the pressure cooker served up a good old fashioned stew this evening. We were hoping that Geelong would win the footy tonight but Hawthorn beat them at the post. Our Fremantle chance tomorrow to get through to the grand finals. A beautiful early evening at the sailing club for drinks, still a chill in the air but the whiskey took care of that. We will be in front of the television tomorrow. The Flower Designers Club of Bunbury opened our Spring Blooming Art Exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery yesterday. Amazing results with stunning creations from club members and other invited artists. We generally have about 800 people view the exhibition during the weekend. I managed a Highly Commended for one of my pieces of which I am very proud. Have a wonderful weekend Vicki.


I was just commenting on someone else’s blog about the same thing Vicki ….. my husband doesn’t like it when Summer ends and the days start to turn chilly but, I love all of the seasons and, when Autumn arrives, I can get my jackets, coats, scarves and boots out to cover up some of that saggy old flesh that I had to expose over the Summer !!!!! haha
Sorry, I’ve lowered the tone …… I just love that Autumn smell of bonfires, the beautiful coloured Autumn leaves falling, those wonderful early morning mists and, often, a hot air balloon gliding slowly over our house .
I welcome every season because, they all have a charm of their own and, there is nothing that we can do about it …. they will arrive whether we like it or not ! XXXX

karen in ct

… oh yes, we can feel “cozy” coming .. hooray … books to read are lining up, so excited … I agree Feu du Bois my favorite .. have a great weekend getting ready for “cozy” ….

Karen in CT .. now VA

Sophia Home

I adore the changing of the seasons Vicki……it’s been a wonderful summer weather wise in the UK as you know, but I am looking forward to all the comforts that Winter has to offer now! Looking forward to lighting that first fire soon…..and have just relit my Aga, which is a joy to cook comfort food on!

Have a lovely weekend!


La Contessa

Speaking of UGGS……..do I DARE take to VENICE and PARIS in the middle of OCTOBER?Comfort is key and warmth.I have to admit I couldnot stand these young girls in them all the time!I finally broke down and got a pair last CHRISTMAS.GREY……….because I saw an older beautiful woman in them and she had a grey pair on and was dressed all in grey!i thought I can do that!I don’t think they came off my feet for three months VICKI!!Do tell me ………….would they be okay if its cold to walk around in or is that a complete NO NO!!!I promise to be EUROPEAN LIKE the rest of the way up!


Elizabeth, I don’t think it’s cold enough in October … and they will just be ‘big’ to carry around… Regular boots or flats should still be warm enough… :)


I, too look forward to some cooler weather to wear my boots, scarves and jackets – but this Southern California weather is not cooperating with me at the moment….haha….Hopefully soon! I do adore the cozy evenings with wonderful smelling candles and a good book – I love the murder mysteries too, will check out Camilla Lackberg. Happy weekend, Vicki! xxoo


Hi Vicki- I love this time of year too and have already put out all my fall decorations. I live in FL so it is still warm but mentally I am right with you. Also, thank you for the movie and book recommendations. I like reading books that tie into the season.

Anita Rivera

Chère Vicki!

Good morning and thank you for coming by for a visit! Yes, school is really getting under way and I am loving it. The only thing I really don’t like is all the stress of trying to learn new computer systems, all the emails that fly your way, and rushing! But the kids? Adorable. Middle school age to seniors in high school, they are good kids that really do want to learn and that makes me happy. But I am so ready for the weekend and your ideas here for le week-end are just fine with me. A good book (CHECK!), un bon feu and a cashmere throw (not quite yet..still too hot!) will be in order in a few weeks.

Enjoy your wonderful weekend, Anita

miss b

I’m sad to say that summer has slipped away in the UK too but I’ve accepted it and I’m now looking forward to all that is autumn. The ankle boots are on and salads have been swapped for warming vegetables here too. What a lovely selection of images – perfect for the new season.

Chichi Furniture

I so love the summer, waking up warm and enjoying long, light evenings, but there is something lovely about autumnal mornings, snuggling up (and yes donning the UGGS – i generally only take them off for July/august!) It’s funny how seasons affect our home decor, I love white rooms, but in winter you definitely have to add brown/rustic tones – more lighting, maybe a big chandelier to drown in light and sumptuous upholstered furniture to sink into – happy days :O)


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