21 Mar 2014

James Dean… Blue Jean



Just a quick note to say…

That right now, this very minute J.Crew have the best selection of jeans.


I am loving the Point Sur vintage x rocker … and the stretch Reid crop in white

(click on the image of each pair if you would like to get all the details)


Have a fabulous Friday… xv


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Love them Vicki – great styler you are.

There’s a great selection at Adriano Goldschmied – my daughter into’d me to the line and there’s a lot for her age group (early 20’s) however a few wonderful choices for the rest of us as well. The stretch jeans in fine white corduroy and worn with long black sweater is comfort and style itself.

Have a great weekend, xo. spring is here!!!

Linda B.

Great choices, Vicki! I do love jeans so much–just wish they were work appropriate so I could wear them even more than I do! (I know they work for some jobs, but not mine.) I so look forward to weekends when jeans are what I live in.

I am trying to remember if you have addressed the question of the destroyed jeans, for those of us not so very young but still vibrant! It has taken me forever to get into this aesthetic–it seemed silly to me at first. We used to wear our levis until they looked that from real wear and tear, right? But gradually, I have come to appreciate a certain rough and ready artistic quality to the rips, threads and tears. I just ordered a pair. I can’t decide if they are appropriate for a 56 year old! What do you think? With a moto jacket. . .or even dressed up with a silk shirt. . .


I think if the rips aren’t too dramatic… is that an oxymoron or what… ;) then they can look great.

56 is prime fashion age, so never think otherwise… We can own it, wear it and look fabulous in it… it’s just a question of adaption… adapting the latest to what suits us. Taking the key features and working them in…

I like denim dressed up… especially with a classic silk shirt and I tend to wear my leather jacket with my simple skinnies… I like to contrast the pieces…

How to wear denim… great idea for another conversation… Thank you Linda…

Linda B.

You are welcome, and thank you for your response! I would love to hear more of your ideas on how we wear our denim.

The jeans I got have relatively simple/few rips. I woke up today thinking about my lifelong love of texture, in general, and my artistic/sartorial interest in garments with holes and spaces the past three years or so. (This started when I began knitting a scarf whose pattern was aptly titled “Swiss Cheese”; then I designed and made a tunic vest based on that idea of a pattern of holes.) So perhaps my growing fondness for these destroyed jeans is an outgrowth of all that. It makes me think I will find a way to wear them! The key will be, as you said, HOW to wear them, with what….

Elizabeth Eiffel

Looking good – there’s a style for everyone in our household here! Enjoy the weekend. (We are having wonderful autumnal weather her in Melbourne.)


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